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Naked Classical or Jazz Music - NSFW

bad john is looking to pay a model for this casting. The casting is only open to female models. Added 1498502631.

This casting is based around...
Gloucestershire, UK which is Get directions
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This casting has expired.

As you can see from the wide date range, this is not an urgent requirement but more something that I hope to achieve someday.  There is no rush so I will wait for the right opportunity.  

An interest of mine is nudity and music, I started the Naked Music group and I would like to contribute more to it myself.  This group is not restricted to classical music or female models but that is the area that I would like to concentrate on.  Jazz is also an interest or mine.  

I won't be recording video, just stills, so the ability to play is not required but knowledge of the instruments would be valuable so that you can hold them realistically.  Someone that can actually play would be ideal.  Owning or having access to suitable instruments would also be highly attractive.  I have a violin, clarinet, tenor sax, a couple of guitars, and some other stuff.  

Location is negotiable.  It could be a mutually convenient studio in or near Warwickshire or the model's house if that was suitable.  The Old Chapel Studio in Gloucester is a consideration as they have a violin and cello.  

I would be particularly interested in shoots involving pianos.  Obviously, these are not portable so these are only possible if you have access to one that could be used.  I have a piano but it is not especially photogenic and the room that it is in is rather small.  

Other instruments that would interest me are:

Viola - see string quartet below.  

Instruments that are used in classical or jazz music but have not appeared in Purple Port yet: oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, . . .

Other instruments that are not easily moved if you have a suitable location e.g. harp, double bass, timpani, . . .

I am not particularly interested in guitars as they are well represented already but you may still reply and try to tempt me.  

I would like to create some ensembles e.g. a naked string quartet.  In my dream world, this would be a single shot of 4 naked models and the instruments.  In the real world, it would be a composite of multiple shots of the same model.  Violas are even less common than violins and cellos so I might need to cheat and have a violin pretend to be a viola.  

My budget is not very large so, unless your rates are particularly good, it would probably be just a two hour shoot.  Feel free to suggest alternatives, you might tempt me.  

For the model, here are my preferences:

Willing to do art nude (not just implied, topless, or lingerie). I would be interested in a TF music shoot at any level and I would consider a part pay shoot at intermediate levels.  

Slim with small breasts. 

No tattoos. 

No piercings except ears.  

Most other aspects, e.g. skin colour, hair colour, and age are quite flexible.  

I may compromise a bit on the requirements in the case of actually having a relevant instrument and being able to play it or at least hold it realistically.  

To give you some idea.  

Anna Rose and a violin

Carla Monaco and a violin

Kate and a clarinet

Natalia and a clarinet

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