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Issues with Microsoft-based email (hotmail / live / msn / outlook)

By Chris Cook, written 1377006390

Since we upgraded our main PurplePort server on 6th August 2013 Microsoft have started to block emails we were sending from the purpleport.com domain to anyone on their network. This includes hotmail, live, outlook, msn email addresses.

We have notified them directly of the situation, joined email safety and standards programs, complying with all manner of protocols and yet, they're taking their time in lifting their ban and causing issues that are totally out of our control.

What can you do?

a) You can fix it by using something like gmail instead. This is our recommendation.

b) If you're stuck with Microsoft email, then you can follow the instructions below to add us to your safe-senders list, if enough of you do it, it should send a message to Microsoft and let them know that we're okay and you want our emails.

1. Login to outlook mail online: https://login.live.com
2. Click the cog icon top-right
3. Select "More email settings"
4. Click "Safe and blocked senders" (in right column, second link)
5. Click "Safe senders"
6. Enter "@purpleport.com" into the box and click "Add to list >>"

We're sorry for the issues, and that we can't do anything to help right now, though hopefully soon enough Microsoft will start being nice about our emails again.

Kind regards,
PurplePort Team