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The Guide to PurplePort Lists

By Russ Freeman, written 1365167960

What's a List

A PurplePort List is a list of people or profiles. It's a useful tool to be able to gather together anyone that inspires you, anyone that you would like to work with, or people you plan to message.

How to add people to lists

Adding people to lists is quite easy and can be done in two ways basic ways;

  1. When viewing someone's portfolio you'll see a button called Add to lists - simply click it and a popup will appear with your lists and check-boxes. Click a check-box next to the list to add the person to the list.
  2. When viewing the mini portfolio popup, when you hover the mouse over a link to them somewhere, you will see a similar Add to lists button as above that works in the same way.

How to remove people from lists

View your list, from your portfolio, and then move the mouse cursor over the person and click the little that appears.

How to remove yourself from a list

View the list and then move the mouse cursor over your profile and click the little that appears.

How to see the lists you are on

View your profile, click the grey cog and select Lists.

Public vs Private

On PurplePort you can have public or private Lists.

A private List is viewable ONLY to you. No-one knows about it, they can't see it, to all intents and purposes it simply doesn't exist.

A public List is exactly that. Anyone, even non-members can see it. Also, when you add someone to a public List they get an email or notification for it. Often it can be flattering and can lead to a message exchange and hopefully you both working together :-)

Want To Work With (WTWW) Lists

A WTWW List is a fabulous way of sending a message to the other person to say you'd like to work with them with none of the potential negativity associated with sending a message. It's a simple and easy connection between the two of you.

Making a List from search results

When you search and scroll all of the way to the bottom you can easily make a PurplePort List, or add to an existing List, by clicking the Grey Cog selecting the appropriate option from there.

Using Lists when searching

The PurplePort Search makes use of Lists in several ways:

  • You can limit search results to only people in a list. So, if you have a list of people you want to work with then you can ensure that your search results only include those profiles. Select from the Must be in section.
  • You can exclude people from the search results based on a list. So, if you have a list of people you'd like to avoid then you should select from the Not In section.
  • You can search based on only people that wish to work with you too. Select from the WTWW me section.

What should I do if someone adds me to a List?

If it's flattering then send them a message and thank them...it may lead to a shoot and hopefully to you both creating awesome images!

If it's not flattering and you think the List breaks PurplePort rules then please contact us via the Get Help link on the Purple Cog near top right - please do include a link to the List so we can investigate.


There are no real limitation associated with Lists. They can have as many people on the list as you like and you can create as many lists as you like. It's cool like that :-)

Do not do this

  • Do not create a public list of people you don't want to work with or that you want to avoid. It sends all of the wrong messages.
  • Do not create negative lists at all! One day there might be a bug in PP such that everyone can see it...think about!