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Competition Rules, etc.

By Russ Freeman, written 1363428257.

Official competitions will accept entries - at the end of the last day of voting a winner is automatically chosen. Since there can be only one winner in the event of a tie then the first entry will be the winner.


  1. One entry per account - it doesn't matter if you have multiple accounts, feel free to enter using all of your accounts.
  2. If you enter you must vote. If you don't vote then you will be unable to win no matter how many votes you get.
  3. You can either upload a new image or select one of your existing images.
  4. In the voting stage by all means solicit votes from friends and colleagues (twitter and facebook is fine too) BUT if you create shill accounts purely for voting purposes then your entry will be removed from the competition and you will not be able to enter further competitions.
  5. You must have the rights to use the image you enter.
  6. The usual no porn, 900 pixels wide maximum, 3MB file size maximum. Check the Image Upload Guidelines.
  7. Once an image is submitted it cannot be edited or changed, it can be deleted and a new image submitted though.
  8. Since PurplePort is primarily aimed at model photography try to upload model related photos.
  9. We reserve the right to remove entries that breach our image upload guidelines, don't match the theme or for any other reason.
  10. If you voted wisely and correctly chose the top 5 in the competition we'll add some PurplePort VIP membership to your account!

Good luck!

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