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How to get your images in the PurplePort Front Page Image (FPI) Collection

By Russ Freeman, written 1363419654

Front page images, or FPIs, are images displayed on the homepage of PurplePort to visitors.

FPI's are chosen by PurplePort Staff and PurplePort Community Team (PPCT) members of which there are currently around 110. The PPCT team is built up of models, MUAs and photographers with varying backgrounds, image styles, and preferences. This pretty much ensures that we get a wide selection of images in the PurplePort Front Page Image collection.

Below are some guidelines and suggestions for how you could get an FPI award for some of your images.

What is the criteria for images added to the front page?

There is no particular criteria.

Although we mostly don't add images marked as Adult images selected for the FPI can be practically any style, shape, genre, gender, colour, whatever.

We also don't just pick images from the latest uploaded images.

Often one of the team will browse a portfolio just as anyone else does, or follow a link to an image from someone's image collection. There is no rule that says we must pick new images or old images. It's whatever catches the eye for whoever saw it. It's one of the many benefits to having many people selecting images.

It doesn't matter whether you are a free member or a VIP member. Your images are still eligible.

Is there anything I can do to get an FPI?

Getting a Front Page Image (FPI) award isn't as difficult as it may seem and because there are quite a few people adding them there is little, if any, chance of negative bias.

An FPI award is an accolade to be proud of. At the time of writing we have ~1.2m images on PurplePort and around ~30,000 have been added to the Front Page. If you don't have an FPI then it's something to aim for!

If you want an FPI or two then you should be more active on the site, upload generally good quality, well lit and well-processed images that have been cropped with an eye-catching thumbnail.

What to do

  • Be active on the site, especially in the groups, we'll likely see your portfolio and have a browse - which may result in an FPI award. Being active includes following people, adding their images to collections, commenting on images, giving images some love, posting in the groups such as share-a-shoot, portfolio review or single image critique...anything that might attract positive attention!
  • Good thumbnail crops are essential! No matter how great an image is if the crop is not indicative of the image, or doesn't suggest it, then we will likely pass it by when viewing your portfolio OR we will see your great image but be dismayed that due to the thumbnail crop it won't look good on the Front Page.
  • Adult images very rarely make it to the front Page so ensure you have marked your images correctly.
  • Work safe images are twice as likely to be added to the front page.
  • We obviously only add good quality images. Because there are a few people doing it, and "good quality" is subjective, we get quite a wide selection of images BUT all of them are good quality. This doesn't mean if you haven't got an image on the Front Page that your images are not good quality - it simply means that none of us have either seen them or deem them FPI material.

What to avoid

  • A Big logo will put us off adding an image to the Front Page. We want the Front Page images to essentially be a fabulous example of awesome images on the site, to show off how creative and talented PurplePort members can be. Having a large logo on an image is a distraction and it will put us off adding an image to the Front Page.
  • A distracting logo. Whether the logo is big or small, if it is distracting to the image in any way then this will put us off adding it to the Front Page. 
  • Logos for competing sites are a definite no-no. Instead of simply taking your images from a different site please remove the logo and upload it to PurplePort.
  • Images that are small will rarely be added to the Front Page. It's often very disappointing for us to see a great thumbnail only to see a small version of the image. PurplePort allows quite large images so please do take advantage of that.
  • Adult images are rarely added to the front page.
  • Images in private albums are never added to the FPI collection and if you add an FPI image to a private album then it will lose its FPI status.


Do I need to shoot a particular style?

No. We'll add landscapes, colour, nude, clothed, sports, whatever. Just focus on creating really great images.

What kind of shots are most likely to make an FPI?

A work safe image is twice as likely to be added to the FPI - other than the caveats above it's pretty open.

Are images chosen from a particular place such as recent images?

No, images are chosen from all over the site. All it takes is for a PPCT member to see it. Being active helps as mentioned above.

The PPCT will use the popular images section, random images, suggested FPIs, and will see portfolios randomly. There is no fixed place they use to choose images.

What should I do if I get an FPI?

Please do go and shout about it on Facebook, Twitter and any social media you like :-)

Can I suggest images to be in the Front Page Image collection?

Yes, you can. You can't suggest your own images or images you are tagged in though (obviously). When viewing an image just select "Suggest this image for the front page" from the grey cog near the top right. That's it!

Can I pay to have my image included in the FPI collection?

No, that would be silly.

If I don't have a subscription can my images still be included in the FPI collection?

Yes, of course. We want fabulous images so we don't care if you don't support the site by buying a subscription.

Are "members only" images excluded from the FPI collection?

No, but they won't be included when a non-member views the collection.

Can I be on the team that selects images?

Yes, you most certainly can. Create a collection of around 20-30 images that are not currently selected for the FPI collection that you think should be and then contact us by creating a support ticket here and send us a link to the collection. We'll take a look at your collection and let you know if we think it's along the right lines.


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