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Valid reasons for taking communications off Purpleport

By Sensual Art, written 1467139081

All over Purpleport there's advice saying that we should always keep all communications on the site, using the site's messaging system.  There are many benefits of doing this, which are rehearsed over and over but which boil down to

  • Keeping things tidy and organised in one place
  • Keeping things tracked in case of disputes
  • Safety in not giving out personal details

However, there are also valid reasons for taking communications off the site, and which have on occasion saved the day for some people, including:

  • Being able to exchange messages much more quickly (e.g. facebook messaging or, on rare occasions, phone call)
  • Being able to stay in contact even when away from internet access (e.g. text messaging, when low/out of 3G credit, or no 3G signal)
  • Having a second (or even third) line of communication is good for when Purpleport is unavailable (perhaps down for maintenance)

It is always advisable to bring any messages exchanged back onto Purpleport as soon as possible if you do this, to retain the first two benefits of keeping comms on the site, and being respectful of others' privacy and right to choose when (or even whether) to reply, but the mantra of "keep comms on PP" is definitely too simplistic.

Aside from anything else, exchanging mobile phone numbers is invaluable when you need to let the other person know that there's a problem on the day, and you can't guarantee that they will even get the message in time.

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