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Add a Bit of Punch using Gradient Maps in Photoshop

By FBW-Retouching, written 1466166227

I do a little PS workflow tuition now and again and I am frequently surprised by how many PS users dont know they have this feature....you just need to know where it is and how to load it

@nerro posted asking for a critique in this thread and I thought this image would suit this technique.

Not everyone will like it ...and...I do like the soft muted tones of the original.  Swings and roundabouts

Anyway....just in case ya don't know


Start with an image (kindly reproduced with @nerro 's permission)



At the bottom of your layers pallette select "Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer" and select GRADIENT MAP.

That's the half black and half white circle icon in the middle (ignore the red arrow for now)




Make sure the PROPERTIES window is open - if not go to Window along the top and tick Properties.  If you havnt changed any of these yet then there will be some pretty cruddy gradients in there that are no use to anyone

So click on the drop down menu which is displaying the current gradient being used (see red arrow above)

and then click on the grey cog and scroll down to PHOTOGRAPHIC TONING and select it




With the new gradients loaded select the first one: PLATINUM



You'll notice a new layer has been added on the right.

Change the blending mode of that layer to SOFT LIGHT



You can reduce the OPACITY of this layer to taste now. Sometimes I take it down to 10%

In this case I like it at 75% but for the examples below I left it at 100%


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