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How to get the most out of Share a Shoot post

By Zac Photography, written 1463018693

This is just a quick guide for those who are still not sure how to make their images click-able in a share a shoot forum.

The easiest and more appropriate way to Share a Shoot is to make your images click-able so other members can easily hover their mouse on your images and share their love if they wish to.

Please not this will not work on mobile devices and images that are posted from outside the site as there is no way for any member to share the love on it.

Often now and then we will see that share a shoot images are not click-able and even though we may like to share the love on those images, some members maybe in a rush and so it may not be possible to go to the poster portfolio and look for those images as it can be anywhere on their port.

So to make your images click-able in a forum or specifically for the share a shoot post where you can take the benefit of the site facility that other members can hover over the images and instantly share the love if they wish to, is to simply follow these steps below.

Step 1

Go to your portfolio and right click on images that you would like to share and open them in new tab. If there is quite a lot then just open images in new tabs up to say five.

Step 2

Go to where you would normally write a post about share a shoot then the image tabs you have already opened up select any image you would like to be the first and copy the link from the address bar, close the tab and past it in the post you are writing up, press space and it will instantly become click-able. Repeat same procedure for all the images you would like to share, but if you have a limited tabs as you want to share quite a lot then from the last tab of the image you can go back to your portfolio and open new tab for the reminder of the images.

This will also work in other forums where you would like to share images from your port for example some games forum.

By doing as above it will be helpful for those who maybe in a hurry but, would like to share some loves on your images instantly in the share a shoot post rather then going to your portfolio and searching for those images.