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Replying To Casting Calls.

By Nigel Boulton, written 1459876742

Most of us at one time or another will apply for a casting either as a model, photographer or otherwise. It can however often be greatly improved if you just stop and consider a few points which can get  better results for your application. Below I have listed a few of the main things to consider when you are replying to a casting call.

There are for sure others but these I believe are the critical points.

When replying make sure you read the casting fully

Sounds obvious doesn't it but all too often people read the first couple of lines and hit that Apply button. The thing is often when you read the whole thing there are very important factors which may render your application either useless or at best not likely to succeed.

An example could be that the person posting the casting only has a certain time slot in which to shoot that you may not be able to attend. Read the WHOLE casting before you apply.

Only apply to a casting if you actually meet the castings requirements

Especially if the casting is for a Male don't apply if you are Female.

Again it seems logical enough but it happens a lot more than you would believe. It's not only the Male/Female thing it applies to, for example if the casting asks for a Redhead with pale skin then there's very little point in applying if you are dark skinned with black hair. 

The casting is what the person who posted it wants to shoot

If you apply don't expect to be able to change things afterwards

There is no harm suggesting a pose or an alteration to clothing or make up. However if the casting is for a lingerie shoot for example then turning up with the expectation of shooting swimwear "because its sunny" is not a big help and could ruin the shoot. From a photographers point of view, if you apply to a location based casting don't expect to be able to change it to a studio just because you feel more comfortable there. The CASTING makes the rules, don't apply if you do not intend to abide by them.

Don't include rates when replying to a TF, Collaboration or Trade casting

We all like to get paid, obviously, but a TF casting is just that and it is NOT a paid casting. You will get something out of it for sure but in this case it will not be cash. Including rates not only makes you look greedy but it also makes it look like you have blatantly ignored the castings criteria.

Many castings, especially from popular members, get a LOT of replies

You may not get an immediate reply. Please do not use this as a reason to block the poster. Many factors influence replying to people, work, time, illness etc etc.

Sometimes it's just laziness. Whatever the reason just take it that this time you were not suitable and leave it at that. Try again, it's not a personal slur so taking it personally and blocking the castings poster will just mean that any future castings from that person, no matter how good or suited to you will never be yours.

As I said, doubtless there are other points but just by following these 5 you will make the whole experience a great deal easier for yourself and the person posting the casting. 

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