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This week I had my first shoot with Zephyre. It must have been in our calendars for 3 or 4 months, as I was due to visit Plymouth with work, thus allowing us to shoot. I'm pleased to report that it was well worth the wait.

As is often the case for me when travelling, we were night time shooting on location around Plymouth, I think a first for Zephy. It was a rather cold and windy night (fortunately dry), but this didn't phase her as we did our best to stop my light stands blowing over, and catch some beautiful bokeh :-)

Zephy had arranged for hair and makeup artists to help her prepare before the shoot, and arrived nicely styled with a edgy look and some epic eye make-up, really looking the part. We shot for a couple of hours, and managed to create some decent images - I was really pleased with the results.

Many thanks Zephyre - Hopefully we can shoot again sometime warmer :-)

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Fought her way to us through dreadful traffic and hot weather.

We had some straightforward ideas to try and got on with them, unfortunately time was a little limited due to the road-delays.

Distinctive look, a pleasure to work with, I hope to do so again.

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I had a great shoot with Zephyre in a Country house and Gardens. It was easy to arrange.

Zephyre is a pleasure to work with. She's very chatty and she brought along a good selection of outfits, We shot inside the House and then in the gardens and nearly fields. The time did fly by.

For once, the weather was photography friendly and I'm sure we got some great pictures.

Highly recommended :-)

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Abz Mystery

I had such a pleasure to work with the Lovely Zephyre. Finally done the shoot after planning for a while now. Your such a laugh which didn't make the shoot like an actual photoshoot. It more like having a mess round and taking pictures and chatting. But we got some amazing images down in Plymouth where we done the shoot.

It was Challenge due to the Sunny & Hot weather and the time of day doing the shoot. But she was patient and we have taken our time in capture in the images. She was amazing. We got on straight away and she knew what I was going for and the look. She work hard to make it happen. She is a wonderful model to work with. She will not disappoint you guys when working with her.

It was a great shoot. I would recommend her 100% she is very hard working and listens to what you need to capture that amazing Image. I was a pleasure in working with you. I am surely that will do another shoot soon.

Thank You.


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Lovely model to work with - adjusted the shoot for us by a day when it became necessary. Great communications. Highly enjoyable first shoot - superb posing. Would recommend highly and really looking for to more before too long. Thank you, Zephyre!

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I thoroughly enjoyed the half day with Zephyre today, I loved working with her and it was a pity that we were time constrained on the day as the shoot just flew by all too quickly,

Zephyre is delightful, graceful, dedicated and fun with excellent communications before the shoot. She takes direction well and also naturally self-poses.

I hope we can work again very soon. Highly recommended!!

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What an absolutely gorgeous day I've had today. We had planned to head to Dartmoor but the forecast was not good so we changed plans and went to a deserted church and a beautiful beach instead. As it turned out the sun shone beautifully for us and Zeph was fantastic. I love working with her , she is a really beautiful model and so dedicated to creating a great picture. I would definitely love to work with you again Zeph any day , thank you :)

PS anyone else reading this you should definitely be wanting to work with Zeph too!

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Wendy A

Miss Vintage Rose is an excellent model who demonstrated a lot of understanding and experience with Vintage style pictures. She is easy to work with, very flexible and willing to contribute ideas. I would strongly recommend her for this type of work. A pleasure to meet her and I look forward to the next session Wendy

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James Webb

We had been trying to arrange a shoot for weeks and when the day finally came, our plans were dashed by torrential rain and high winds! Despite this, Miss Vintage Rose was still happy to meet on the off chance we could get something. In total we only shot for about 30 minutes, yet in that time I still managed to get a couple of lovely head shots. Zephyre is hard working, has excellent comms and is a delight to photograph. I only wish the weather had been better as we didn't scratch the surface of what might be possible. I'd thoroughly recommend shooting with Miss Vintage Rose and I very much hope I'll get another opportunity sometime! :-)

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Had a recent studio shoot with Zephy.

She is a charming young lady and very easy to work with.

Zephy had no difficulty creating the vintage look that I was after, and is recommended.

Bruce Westbrook.

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Eleanor Stobbart

Miss Vintage Rose has been on my 'want to work with list' for some time now and we finally got to shoot!

It was supposed to be a sunny day, but the sky was full of bright cloud which added an extra challenge to our shoot but we worked through and I was really pleased with the images.

Miss Vintage Rose's pre shoot comms where brilliant, she arrived on time with a good selection of clothing and full of enthusiasm. Really friendly and easy going, open to ideas and she brings her own to the table too, she is a breath of fresh air with a great presence in front of the camera.

A fantastic model and stunning lady, creative and great fun to work with, I would definitely recommend her and hope to work with Miss Vintage Rose again!

Thanks for an amazing shoot! :)

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After several attempts to set up a shoot that got aborted by the weather, the sun finally shone and we managed a super quick shoot out on location. Have to say it was brilliant from start to finish, Im so pleased with the results, this is definitely a case of just transferring straight from the camera! Would love to work with you again , a real talent at looks, styling and posing!!

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Alan Lockhart Photography

Had a fantastic shoot with this beautiful Lady,the whole day was an absolute joy,and I did not want it to end,and can't wait for our next shoot together ( already in the planning ) I cannot recommend Miss Vintage Rose highly enough she is amazing !!!!!!!!!

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Liz Coles Photography

I had a very creative and fun shoot with this fab young lady. She is very easy to communicate with, we had been planning previously to the shoot to collect ideas and styles.

I was very pleased with the outcome and highly recommend everyone to work with her such a fab person we are now planning our next shoot so guys and gals get booking this very highly recommended model .

;-) girl you rock

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I was blown away by the quality of Miss Vintage Rose's portfolio even though she has only been on Purple port a few days, so I was very excited when she asked me to work with her.

The shoot was arranged quickly and her pre communications were spot on.

MVR is pure class, she is very beautiful, she poses effortlessly and her creative styling is second to none.

Even though it was a sunny day, it was also very cold. We worked quickly to get through a few sets of shots and she produced some wonderful images. Nothing was too much trouble for her.

MVR will go very far on here, I can only give her my highest recommend and hope I get to work with her again soon.

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Marcus Hodges

I have had the pleasure to shoot with MVR on a number of occasions over the past 18 months. She has a wonderfully creative flare which makes every shoot a dream. We have discussed ideas and shared our vision before each shoot. The resulting images are some my most favourite to date. MVR has a great vintage look. I hope to collaborate more with her in the future and would definitely recommend her as a model and a stylist.

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I've worked with MVR twice now. A very enthusiastic and professional model with a great personality and a very creative mind. Also a stylist which helps immensely.

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This is the 2nd shoot I have completed with Miss Rose. A multi-talented creative genius Zephy is fantastic at modelling and styling and is a delight to collaborate with. We have shot more traditional portraits and experimented with fun ideas included levitation and multiplicity. I look forward to further shoots ahead :)

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