Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 32yr old Female model
  • Stats(in/USA) 30B-26-34
  • USA dress size 2
  • 5'5" tall
  • 106lbs
  • USA shoe size 4
  • Gray eyes
  • Short dark brown hair
  • Pale white skin
  • I have a single tattoo

Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Pinup, Promotional, Sheer and Swimwear



About me:

To start, I am a hard working, enthusiastic model from Manchester, who thinks that creating images is not all about being business like and proper but also having a laugh and creating an experience that is alot of fun. I'm a giddy, smiley, bouncy little thing with alot of personality. Being a bubbly, upbeat person, I am always ready to have a laugh and to do something different. Finding new ways of entertainment and experimenting with new life experiences. I like to treat everyday differently. Most people would describe the way I look as 'a porcelain doll' or 'an english rose'. I have a very pale complexion, dark hair and grey/blue eyes. To put a downer on things I am only working on Paid shoots only, unless the subject of the shoot interests me than I shall arrange a shoot just based on travel expenses. E-mail me to find out my rates. I am mostly into my creativity, studying art. I am also highly interested in tattooing and trying to follow my dream in a career in the industry. Which is much more difficult then it seems.  I don't really have a style, I like to just do anything and see how it does and how I like it.  I will do classy lingerie  I DO NOT DO NUDES. I just like to experiment with anything really. I mostly love creative shoots and high fashion shoots. I love getting different outcomes and really trying to create something either not done or a little bit different. "You don't have to be tall to model. It's the models job to strike the pose, and the photographers job is to shoot it from the right angle" -GD Whalen

Experience/Published work:

Vogue Italia Website - April 2012 Portrait in Manchester University - Noveem Khan Artwork by Sophie Ogden Model of the week - 8th October 2012 Flyers for The Vintage Boudoir Website: [url removed] Website: ModelMayhem - Pinterest Wedsite: [url removed] Bookcover: Sans Visage - Pekka Hiltunen Bookcover: La Dentelliere de la Brume - Anne-Marie Castelain Bookcover: Gated - Amy Christine Parker Bookcover: A debt from the past - Beryl Matthews Bookcover: Under You Skin - Sabine Durrant Bookcover: Tainted Angel - Anne Cleeland Bookcover: Die Vergessene Frau - Tara Hyland Bookcover: La terre du bout du monde - Tamara Mckinley Bookcover: Hasta La Vista - Judith Visser Bookcover: Wild Awake - Hilary t. Smith Bookcover: A Plague of Lies - Judith Rock Bookcover: The Duchness of Drury Lane - Freda Lightfoot Bookcover: Flyaway - Helen Landalf Bookcover: Le Gantier de Jourgnac - Sylvie Anne Bookcover: La Donna con l'anello di rubini - Jane Corry Bookcover: Uma noite de amor - Mary Balogh Bookcover: Un Mariage de Convenance - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Bookcover: Die fabelhafte welt der Harriet Rose - Diana Janney Bookcover: Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte Bookcover: Les Soeurs Lockwood 1 - Julie Anne Long Bookcover: Emma - Jane Austen Bookcover: Maeve - Haran Bookcover: Mariee a l'ennemi - Terri Brisbin Bookcover: Simmarbruden - Marita Conour Bookcover: Temoin Hostile - Rebecca Forster I have been modelling from the age of 19. With every photographer I have learn't different techniques and experiences. Here are just a few of the wonderful photographers, muas, models and stylist I have worked with over the years.


Ade Jones, Afsha Siddique, Alison Bailey, Andrew Appleton, Andrew Mcculloch, Andrew Whittaker, Bartlomeij Staszowski, Christian Scott, David Goodier, Eddie Cheng, Francis Pierre, Gary Hill, Georgia Bryan, Graham Binns, Iain Mcnally, Ian Newton, Jade Neale, Jen Brook, Jo Rutherford, Joanna Briggs, John Clarke, Johnathan Clover, Kevin Dorgan, Lucy Ridges, Marcin Tabaszewski, Martin Hillary, Mohamad Itani, Nick Price, Noveem Khan, Paul Fessey, Rehan Siddique, Sophie Odgen, Tony Wright, Vinny Vessy, Zak Tyler, Zeeshan Siddique


Anna Baxter, Asian Creations, Beth Halliwell, Catherine Therlfell, Christine Singleton, Danielle Davey, Donna Graham, Dorota Poplawska, Farah Khan, Isma Khan, Lubna Nazir, Martine Goldman, Mirka Suchankova, Naila Aziz, Nafisa Sultan, Roseanna Velin, Shameela Islam-Zulfiqar, Sidra Iqbal, Sophie Battersby, Uma Saeed MODELS- Alex Outhwaite, Anika Ahmed, Danielle Secker, Ella Haziera Woolley, Hannah Evans, Mariam Shokeye, Monica C, Natasha Jayne Heard, Nisha Parshad, Olivia Williams, Paige Paris, Raimi Salami, Rhian-B, Rodwan Mrh, Safeena Baz, Samia Ali, Simran Chadha, Sophia Bhuj, Tessa Lee Burton, Zahriah Evitt


Emmanuel Esteban, John Johnson


Sadauf Hussain

CLOTHING DESIGNERS/STYLISTS- Samreen Wasseem, Dee-Everlasting Boutique, Kimberley Howard, Matilda Warr, Tara Nicole Mckenzie, The Vintage Boudoir, Vintage Twists, Ze'faith Creations

Contact me: Facebook- [url removed] Facebook Page- [url removed] Twitter- [url removed] Modelmayhem- [url removed] e-mail address- [url removed]

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