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Sailormoon Artist

Today i had my first shoot with Jules..it was planned just 2 days ago when Jules answered to one of my castings but pre comm was so good that i knew exactly what he was expecting ..he came to pick me up at 6.30 am in order to get the best light in Avebury henge site..we were lucky for the light ,the sun and incredible !! Just a couple of dog walkers..we got incredible images and after that we went to a forest nearby ..another great location that i ll promote in my future castings ..time flew by with Jules..a very good , professional and respectful guy ..we had also lots of laugh when i tried to jump with my high heels ..after that we went to the last location on the canals ..recently i have bought a narrow boat where i live when work in london and it s always a pleasure for me visit locations promoted by the rivertrust..also in this location Jules had great ideas to get the best images on the path as awaiting the arrival of a charming narrow boat ..i really enjoyed during this long shoot and happy for the result of the pictures we got..thank you Jules ! I hope to work with you again..highly recommended to every model

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Toxic Innocence

I had a really wonderful shoot with Jules, our communication was excellent. He is very friendly and we got along really well. He takes beautiful images. We had so much fun and I really look forward to our next shoot.

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Jules was very pleasant, chatty and easy to work with. Jules has a professional attitude with great pre-shoot communication with all shoot details agreed beforehand. Jules easily puts you at ease and is professional at all times. He always acts appropriately and NEVER boundary pushes. I would not hesitate to work with him again or recommend him to any models who wish to do glamour work :).

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Had another great shoot with Jules, Always a pleasure to work with, He knows what he wants out of the pictures, gives good direction, friendly, easy to get on with and always a gentleman. Thanks jules, look forward to working with you again in the new year. thanks ellie x

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Had a good shoot with jules today, Got some cracking images. He knows what he is looking for. Easy to get on with and would recommend working with him. thanks ellie x

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☠♥ JayneStar ♥☠

Worked with withdrinkimages today for the first time, a very nice man and very easy to talk to and get along with our 3 hour shoot flew by. Withdrinkimages knew upfront that i had a male chaperon and he was fine with this as chaperon was not even in the same room. We had a very fun shoot and got on very well chatting and having a laugh during shoot

He Also left a deposit for the shoot as i explained to him that i took deposits for shoots.

Very good communication before shoot.

I really hope to work with withdrinkimages again x

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Lizzie Bayliss

I shot with Julian as part of my Kent tour in May, he was friendly, considerate and gave great communications during and before the shoot. He's very experienced and knows what he wants, and how he's going to achieve it. Great input and directions as well as encouraging my own.

Lovely guy, hope to work with him again soon and fully recommend him.

Fawna xx

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Clare Cream1

I had my first shoot today with Julian, it was a real pleasure working with him. He is such a nice guy, Consummate Professional. He works hard and makes you work hard to get the picture but he does it in such a way as to not seem like work at all. He had booked me for a 4 hour shoot but it seemed like only half an hour had gone by when we stopped shooting. I highly recommend him to others

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Saracen House Studio

Julian has been shooting here for a few years now, as always he's the perfect gentleman with a superb attention to detail and planning before and during each shoot. Highly recommended photographer and looking forward to seeing you again Jules.

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twinkle_toes_ash said...

Had a fab first shoot with Jules, friendly, fun plenty of ideas. cant wait to see the images look forard to working with him again. Pre and post shoot communication excellent. arrved on time.

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esme-jade said...

Had my 2nd amazing shoot with Jules today he has great equipment always shows up on time great communication as always down to earth easy to get along with always does great images cant wait to see them and use them on my profile look forward to working with Jules again :) xxx

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was pleased with our shoot today,the time went quick and we got some great images! jules was on time (well early) and worked hard to get the images he wanted.see you soon and yes i do recommend XxX

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Martin Chivers-1

Jules was here yesterday. He hired my studio, for a 3 hour shoot , with TiffanyT. They got along like a house on fire!

He is extremely experienced & shot a lot of variety. Has a very good technical knowledge & artistic ideas. He didn’t attempt to push the model’s limits or shoot beyond the agreed time frame. He is a real gentleman! He had VERY good equipment & some nice ideas of what he wanted to shoot. He also listened to advice & took it on board. I very much look forward to seeing him here again soon.

Well-done Jules!

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esme-jade said...

Had amazing 1st shoot today with Jules.He is an amazing photographer and an amazing guy great communication before and during the shoot very professional cant wait to see the images and working with Jules again i would recommend every model to work with Jules xxx

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mjwc said...

I had a great time shooting with Jules today!

He is charming, polite and very professional photographer. I just cant wait to see the images...-)

I`d love to shoot with Jules again.

Highly recommended to all models x Monis

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TiffanyT said...

Jules is a great photographer & person! I have had many shoots with him, & they have all been fun & relaxed. I always look forward to shooting with Jules. Thank you. TiffanyT xx

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Carla said...

Have shot with Jules many times now on a regular basis. Fun to work with, good communication at all times, particularly before shoots with ideas for clothing & lingerie to suit the location. Carla x

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