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blonde belle

Had an amazing second shoot, this was our first outdoor shoot, it was amazing, again wbiggs made me feel comfortable, relaxed and gave me great direction.

It was a shame that the weather stopped us from doing more, hoping next time we shoot the weather will be on our side so we can get the full shoot we want to get.

I would recommend working with wbiggs over and over again, friendly, and treats you with such respect, anyone would love working with him.

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blonde belle

Amazing man to work with, fun and friendly, made me feel relaxed and talked me through everything we were doing, we had to change location of the shoot last minute due to weather issues but it didn't spoil the shoot that we had.

I really enjoyed working with him, one of the most professional photographers I've worked with his approach towards the work and models is fantastic 100% recommend anyone to work with him.

I look forward to working with him again soon.

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We met today for a pre-shoot chat. He’s really genuine, great to talk to and made me feel very relaxed.

I look forward to arranging a shoot with him and hopefully we work on a regular basis.


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I shot with Wayne during a group shoot at WN1 studio. He is quiet but super friendly and snapped away when it was his turn to shoot. I'd happily work with him again! :)

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michelle 1966

Had my second shoot with Wayne yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Hes very professional to work with but makes me feel totally at ease. hes so easy to get on with ive only met him twice but i now class him as a friend of mine.I would highly recommend him to any model! xx

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michelle 1966

Had my first shoot with Wayne today.I got a bit held up an extra half hour unexpectedly but wayne was fine about it.tried location shoot in woods but god was it it cold.decided to shoot at his house. He was great to get on with from the offset which made me comfortable shooting all the shots.I felt like id known him a long while and we got on great.Had a really good chat about a lot of things and he showed me the photos straight away. I was so excited to see every single one was perfect and portrays the real me! He even gave me a glass of the the fine whisky i was holding and then a carling zest too as we chatted over the pics. was an awesome shoot with a very talented photographer and cannot wait to shoot with him again as we have already ideas running round in head.highly recommend him in a breath.any model gets the chance to shoot with him do it do it do it! xx

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Nickii said...

Had a beach shoot today with Wayne...What can I say apart from how great he is.. Made me feel relaxed and comfortable right away. :)

Great to chat with and down to earth.

Had so much fun, even started with some fun pics to ease in to it which had us both laughing :D

Would never miss a chance to work with Wayne again with the amazing ideas he has...

His work is beautiful and I cannot wait to see the outcome of todays shoot!

Would 110% recommend Wayne to work with, dont miss the opportunity if you get it! xxx

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I had my first shoot today with wayne it was really great we did a few shots outdoors and they look good he was very good at directing me as only done a couple of shoots still he put me at ease. I highly recommed him and will definatly be doing another shoot with him soon

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Kristine S 🇩🇪

Had an outdoors shoot today with Wayne which was very enjoyable

Wayne is very chatty and comes with good ideas

Throughout the shoot we chatted which is great and had a laugh which I think is important

From what I could see from the back of the camera great images are to follow

Wayne was proffesional at all times

Very much recommended

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Second shoot with Wayne including location shoot this time. Wayne makes the shoots so much fun and produces great images. Highly recommended. Till next time

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My second shoot with Wayne. Preshoot communication and planning was great. At the shoot he was polite and professional. He provided a great location and good coffee which always helps in a cold place. Made sure I had everything I needed and was happy with the shots. Images back the same day and they are great. So happy. Would definitely recommend a shoot with him.

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Had a great shoot with Wayne.Lovely friendly guy who turned up on time. I felt at ease with him and had fun. Got some great images sent to me the next day. Look forward to working with you again, till the next time. Mazza xx

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Mysterious Locations said...

Absolutely delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Wayne, a very talented creative soul and perfect gentleman! Wayne was keen to share creative ideas so we were prepared before the shoot, he was prompt and up4it, despite the long journey, and keen to look after my welfare during our intrepid adventures along the river bank! A sensitive artist, Wayne is dedicated to bringing out the true *beauty* in you ... his work speaks for itself! Thank you Wayne ... can`t wait to work with you again! Universally Recommended!! xXx

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India Summer 💐

Wayne turned up on time. A very nice, polite and professional guy. The photos looked amazing on the laptop and can't wait to see the final versions of them.

We chatted and got along very well, made me feel completely at ease. Thankyou Wayne and look forward to our next shoot.

I fully recommend Wayne to all models x

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josieella said...

I had my first shoot with Wayne today he was so nice and charming I got to see some of the photos stright after although I was a tad nervous as I was just returning to to modelling we got some amazing shots looking to seeing them all online I would recommend Wayne 100% until next time keep up the great work 😄

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Roxy Issues

I can "Bigg" Mr Biggs up in many ways!!

Most Polite!! Respectful and gentlemanly during shooting, and an added bonus was his directing, which i like to receive. Chatting over lunch, Wayne was warm and friendly and i look forward to our next shoot.

I have received many pictures back, and I was thrilled with all of them! Time, effort and pride can clearly be seen to be attributed to his work and demeanour, and I recommend Wayne highly!

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Honour May

I had such a lovely shoot on Saturday with "Wbiggs" he was so lovely and chatty, he made me feel comfortable right away and had some great ideas. He was very professional but fun to work with at the same time. He took some amazing shots and get the photos back to me really quickly, I would love to shoot with him again. I would 100% recommend him to anyone!

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Had an absolutely fabulous shoot with Wayne. He was a wonderful mix of friendly and professional. It was my first shot on crutches and he was really understanding as to what was physically possible. Pictures back the same day and I love them will definitely be trying to shoot with him again.

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had a fantastic shoot with wayne today we had longer shoot we got some fab shots for art nude he brought his lighting today lovely guy we have a laugh and a giggle he is very proffessional while doing the shoot tottaly recommended look forward to work with wayne soon xxxx

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had a great shoot with wayne today he came on time he is very outgoing and friendly guy.

he puts you at ease we took some great pics. Didnt have much time but enjoyed it very much! would recommend him looking forward to do some more work with wayne.

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