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Evie Kedavra

Another fantastic remote shoot with Wallis, we always get along well and have a great laugh along the way.

The results this time had some phenomenal images and I'm thrilled with the edits I've seen so far.

Thank you again for another great shoot


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Georgia Brown

I worked with Wallis And what a pleasure it was, we worked great together on a last minute booking at Studio88 bounced ideas and created some awesome images! It truly was wonderful, I would highly recommend and look forward to working together again in the future, thankyou, Georgia :) this man is both polite and professional and ever so talented! We created a great atmosphere leading to exceptional photos!

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Brilliant shoot today with mark! He was chatty and very helpful with posing and lighting. I felt comfortable straight away and thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, we’ve already spoken about a second shoot and I’m so buzzing for it ! See you soon mark and thank you ☺️

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Evski Vicious.

Well first of all...what a diamond geezer !

Mark was an absolute delight to shoot with & we clicked from the moment we met.

We shot at my house using the natural light, we did quite a few different looks and had a real laugh throughout :)

He got my dog Ru's seal of approval that's for sure ! 🐶

Very excited to see what we created.

If you get the chance to work with Mark you should definately say yes !

I'd love to work with him again.

Evski x

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I had a fabulous shoot with Mark recently... We have shot before but an extremely long time ago! (8 or so years!!!) But this time due to Mark not being in the UK we had a remote shoot!...

Marks comms were fabulous!... We had a little plan but also went with the flow!... Mark put trust in me to think about where in my studio would work for the style of images we were looking to create..

The shoot absolutely flew by!... We got some stunning images and had an absolute giggle whilst doing them!...

I would happily work with Mark again either in person or remotely..

Therefore I would recommend him to other models!

Thanks again Mark!... Great shoot!

Arabella x

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Savannah Sapphire

I worked with Wallis for the first time on a home shoot.

He was friendly, respectful and open to discussing back of camera images. He was open about what was working and what wasn't which I appreciated.

Our shoot flew past and I felt we could have explored more with more time, but equally I'm pleased with the shots we created

I wouldn't hesitate to work with again or to recommend him.

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I have admired Marks portfolio for a long time, and was honoured to have a shoot with him at last. It was a fantastic epic first shoot, our diaries finally aligned after which seemed such a long anticipated shoot.

Excellent ideas prior and we planned the theme sets so made a productive shoot. Loved what I saw boc, truly pro, lovely and easy to get on with and had an enjoyable day.

Highly recommend and look forward to working with Mark again ! 😊

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I had yet another superb shoot with Mark at my place. I could shoot with him again and again! We always have a laugh, lovely conversation and capture some great images.

Mark is one of the loveliest photographers I have shot with. He is kind, considerate and always makes me feel comfortable during the shoot.

Add to this that he’s brilliant at what he does and it’s pretty much the perfect shoot!

Can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Mark 😊

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Brilliant remote shoot! Wallis was a laugh to work with and made it a very relaxed, shooting process despite the time difference. Also very respectful of the level we were working at and made me feel comfortable throughout. Was happy to let me get creative with poses and provided good direction where needed, which is definitely a feat when remote!

Can't wait for our next one and to hopefully shoot together in person ASAP!

Lila x

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I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Mark remotely last Friday.

We organized the shoot very last minute, but everything ran smoothly and we got some really lovely shots.

Mark is fun and easy going, he knows what he wants from each shot, but he is also open to suggestions and ideas.

I really had a lovely time and I hope to shoot with Mark again soon.

Thanks Mark!

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Evie Kedavra

I had an absolute blast of a remote shoot with this lovely photographer.

He was sunny in nature even if it was close to midnight his side by the time we wrapped up.

I'm thrilled with the results and hope to one day get to work together in person

Thank you again,


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Bad Dolly

It's always such a laugh to shoot with Wallis, we have a similar sense of humour and get on like a house on fire.

Wallis is always so easy to work with, laid back, creative and a good laugh.

I would shoot with Wallis 5 days a week if given the chance!

Thank you for a fun afternoon

BD x

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Vampire princess

I had a great remote shoot with Wallis. Fun to work with and we got some amazing shots.

Hopefully we can shoot in person one day

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This was my second shoot with this fantastic photographer. The shoot was even better than our first and he was a pleasure to work with.

It’s always lovely to work with a photographer who is considerate when coming to my place to shoot, has excellent communication and a great eye for light and angles.

Thank you for a brilliant shoot!

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I had a fantastic enjoyable shoot with Mark! He kindly pick me up from the station and got me some refreshments which was very welcoming.

The time passed so quickly as we worked on different ideas. I am happy with what we have created and Mark shared our images with me straight away that evening. I am looking forward to shoot again soon.

Thank you Mark :)

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Mark is such a delight to work with! He kindly came to pick me up, bought me refreshments and took us to Fareham Studio.

Mark is really open to ideas and the whole shoot felt like a two way flow. I've already seen the raw images and they are *incredible*.

If you're thinking of booking a shoot with Mark, I say do it! Kind, creative and professional, and an outstanding photographer 👏

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I had a fantastic first shoot with Mark at my home. We had been planning a shoot for some time and it was definitely worth the wait! Mark is creative and knows what he wants to shoot. The sets flowed well and we collaborated ideas to create some wonderful images.

Thank you for a great first shoot, I look forward to our next!

Alisha x

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Sinopa Rin

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I last worked with the lovely Mark! He had a cancellation at Fareham Studio this evening and I was able to step in. We had very little time to plan but nonetheless shot some stunning images and it was a pleasure to catch up with him. Mark is such a gent - unassuming, respectful and polite. Highly recommended by me and I hope it isn't another 4 years before we shoot again!

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I worked with Wallis for the first time at Fareham Studios and we both had so much fun! Wallis is very creative, passionate and a lovely guy! The photos that I received were amazing and I loved them!

Thankyou so much! Hope to work with you soon!

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Had my first shoot with Wallis at Fareham studios this evening and what a amazing first shoot it was!

Mr and Wallis have been wanting to do a shoot together for ages now and tonight we finally did the shoot! Pre coms before during and after were spot on!

Not only is he professional and such a talented man he is so lovely and makes you feel relaxed right from the start of the shoot till the end!

From the shots on the back of the camera were beautiful and can't wait to see the finished results!

I 100% recommend him and look forward to shooting again! 🤗

Thank again! Katrina x

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