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Victoria....it's all been said except she is a national treasure and the best model I have ever worked with in 40 years....All levels she is; breathtakingly stunning,human,immaculate, punctual, professional, intelligent, persseptive, telepathic and genius!...thanks for all your hard work and dedication Miss model.(stinky Pete.)

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John Askey

What can I say about Katie that hasn’t already been said?

I’ll start by saying that not only is she a talented, professional and beautiful model, but also a beautiful person…very friendly, engaging and a real pleasure to work with.

She poses effortlessly and takes direction too, ensuring you get the shots you are looking for.

Katie is a hardworking, professional model who is fun to work with and I very highly recommend her to any photographer, new or experienced…book her you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again Katie, you’re a star 🌟

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Mick Payton Studios

This was the second time Katie had been our model for a sell-out 3 days of workshops, return by demand! Totally beautiful person, she stayed with myself and my wife for the 3 nights and spent most evenings playing with our German Shepherd who already misses her! A very accomplished and professional model she works hard to help you achieve great results, very highly recommended! See you next year!

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David Dacres Photography

Had a second shoot with Katie, she is a great model to work with as she come to a shoot well prepared with lots of outfits and lots of energy and styling ideas which makes for a wonderful shoot. I look forward to working with her again in the future.


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Nick Sisca

I had the pleasure to work with Katie for the first time ..as I suspected she is brilliant and a absolute professional ...looking forward to work with you again

Thanks a million Katie

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Katie flew back from Spain with a huge suitcase full of clothes that must have had the Ryanair bank rubbing their hands with glee, it weighed a ton!

Katie was obviously very well prepared for the two days of shooting fashion at our Annual AGM weekend photoshoot.

Everybody at the shoot was blown away by Katies stunning looks and posing ability, they all commented on the excellent quality of the images that they were able to get.

Katie was a delight to work with and has a bubbly and easy going personality. I for one definitly want to work with her again, so you will all just have to get in the queue.

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Katie modelled at a group shoot and was wonderful. Katie was keen to try out new lighting and new locations, even though we had to wipe down damp benches to remove recent rain. Katie was equally friendly to everyone in the group, helping each one to capture the images they wanted. I hope to work with her again.

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Patrick Barnett

Fabulous ⭐️

Awesome 🤩

Very happy with results 🥳

Fun, friendly, professional and highly motivated too.

Working with Katie was a pleasure from start to finish - I hope to be working with her again in the near future.

Highly recommended by me.


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My 4th full day shoot with the gorgeous Katie Royle was, as always, amazing. Katie is the epitome of a professional fashion model. We had a lot of fun and Katie poses like a machine. I have only praise for this amazing model and she just shines on camera. She loves modelling and it shows. Bright, bubbly, intelligent and always keen to make the resulting image fantastic. We had lots of outfit changes and even then ran out of time... She has great input into the creative process too. I just love working with this girl! Can't wait for the next time which I hope will be very soon. :-)

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Gateway Photography

Had my 3rd or 4th shoot with Katie. As usual, Katie was a dream to shoot. We got some amazing images from the shoot and had several outfits changes. Already looking forward to my next shoot with Katie

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Had a studio photo shoot with Katie at Hallam Mill studio in Stockport, Manchester. What a beautiful model ! Super smile and gorgeous body. We really had fun. Katie is a delight to be with. She came up with many ideas for photos. A real professional. Plan to have an outdoor shoot with her next year. Highly recommended.

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Zeus photoshoot

Katie is a truly outstanding model.

Her posing is flawless, imaginative and wide-ranging. She works hard to achieve high quality images and makes the most of every location, which makes her ideal as a travelling model.

I shot with her for two days in Santorini and although I hadn’t met her before, we got on really well and managed to create a variety of beautiful images, some shot at early morning, some during the spectacular sunsets at Imerovigli and some on the volcanic sand beach.

Katie arrived with a suitcase full of top notch outfits and a head full of ideas. She is highly professional and at the same time great fun to be with. Can’t wait to shoot with her again - already making plans for our next destination.

Highly recommended.

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Katie entered leaden down with a trunk full of wonderful costumes. Katie is not only cheerful and chatty, she is also very professional and has some very good ideas. There was a good mutual cooperation which delivered excellent results. I would gladly work with her again the next time she is in the country.Highly recommended...

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Had my third shoot with Katie recently and she never disappoints. To add to her stunningly good looks and sublime figure, she is so much fun and full of energy. We had so many costume changes, during which time the clothes 'came alive' when Katie wore them. She is easy to work with and it is an absolute pleasure to be in her company.

She is the ultimate professional, full of great ideas and I recommend her 100%.

Than you Katie for yet another great shoot.

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Where to start ? !

Katie had long been in my "Want to Work With" list so I responded quickly to her casting call. It was evident from our pre-shoot comms I was dealing with a well organised and highly professional model.

Katie had chosen a lovely location for our shoot which suits my style of photography. Katie was ready to shoot when I arrived with bags of enthusiasm. We worked well together bouncing ideas off one another and was patient when I was faffing about with lighting.

A fantastic shoot, with utterly stunning results. Its shoots like these that keep my interest in this type of photography so I can't thank you enough Katie.

Highly highly recommended.

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Roy M

Just did a great shoot with Katie on her trip to London. She has been on my radar for a while, so when I saw that she was coming down south I had to try to get something arranged,

Katie is an amazing model, stunning looks, very professional and easy to work with - what more can you ask for (Oh yes the location was pretty cool as well)

The results are brilliant and I certainly would love to work with her again. Highly recommended.

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North Gate Photography

Katie and I had been chatting for a little while on Instagram regarding the possibility of shooting, so when she said that she would be down in London, I leapt at the chance to book a shoot.

Pre shoot comms were excellent - detailed, relevant, timely... We discussed outfits, ideas & the location

On the day of the shoot, Katie was well prepared and had brought everything that we'd discussed, as well as plenty of other options. Katie was a perfect host, giving me a guided tour of the location and a cup of tea prior to the start of the shoot. Once the shoot was underway, Katie was amazing - professional, thoughtful, full of ideas and working well with the light. Her poses flowed naturally and continuously and she was more than happy to redo poses when I messed up or when I wanted to change the framing of an image.

Whilst I was a little rusty and made a few technical errors, Katie was fabulous and incredibly patient - she even put up with all of my random ideas.

The shoot was excellent - I'm very pleased with the results - and it was an absolute pleasure to meet & work with Katie. I would love to work with her again (assuming that she'd put up with me again)

Absolutely no hesitation in recommending Katie - she's fabulous to work with, and the results will be stunning.

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Promo Photo

I was lucky enough to work with Katie durring her recent London tour, it was a bit of a last minute booking but Katie took it all in her stride. We worked at a venue Katie had arranged which had a range of settings and we worked through a number of set durring the shoot.

Katie was relaxed and easy to work with, we chatted while we shot, Katie able to pause mid conversation for the click of the shutter and then straight back into chat until the next image.

Katie came prepared with a selection of outfits and was prepped and ready to shoot in no time.

An easy recommend to all and I would love to work with her again when she next tours 'down south'

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David Dacres Photography

I booked a shoot with Katie on Sunday, shooting in the Apartment she is using a base while in London. Although the shoot was a impromptu booking on my part, pre comms by Katie was excellent. The apartment was great, she had a wide variety of clothes for our shoot. She is very professional but easy to get on with, which made the shoot relaxed and productive. She is an awesome model to work with, always open to ideas and adding her inputs which produce some excellent images. Looking forward to working with her again in the near future.

Highly recommended.

David Dacres

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I cant compliment Katie enough! Worked with her in London today, suxh a beautiful lady, brought lots of outfits, always happy to add input to the shoot, easy to direct, perfect package! Book her!

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