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Studio Fifty Eight

So glad to see Victoria back at the studio for her duo studio day!!! Such a lovely girl and a good friend. Victoria has an amazing bubbly personality and always brings joy to a shoot with her amazing wit too. Not only at that but a great model too and looks incredible. Looking forward to my own shoots together so thoroughly recommended by me!!! Thank you, Andy x

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I have followed victoria for YEARS on social media and always wanted to met her and of corse shoot with her. When I found out that she was gonna be shooting at the group shoot in the evening I had to meet her. She turned up and when she came in she lite the room up. We decided that we would love to do a duo shoot together. Had my first shoot with Vic and she's an angel she lite the room again. Her personality is just the best you will never have a dull moment with her she just a bungle of joy. I feel so comfortable with her I even farted and I dont do that with alot of people 🤣🤣. You are a beautiful model with a unique look and a body to die for,dont let anyone dull your sparkle. I have made a friend for life. Thank you for coming in to my life love you Vic. 110% recommended cant wait to see you again

Love Miss C ❤ xxx

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Rod Short Photography

I had an unexpected shoot with Victoria on her duo studio day with MissC. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying, but she’s as mad as a box of frogs, but such a wonderful personality, the three of us laughed from beginning to end.

Having said that Victoria is totally professional in every way, she understands what the photographer is trying to achieve and works hard to achieve that end.

Would I shoot with Victoria again? Well of course I would and will, I would also highly recommend her to others.

Thank you for a great shoot Victoria.

Rod xx

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Whilst I have shot with Victoria on previous occasion, this was planned to be a duo shoot with MissC. I haven’t much experience shooting with two models in one scene. However, I needn’t have worried as Victoria and MissC worked together brilliantly as a pair, choreographing and posing with limited input required from me. This allowed me to concentrate on the sets and the lighting.

Victoria is very outgoing, bubbly and great fun to shoot, all rounded off by being thoroughly professional. She also went to the trouble to bring along coordinated items of clothing for use during the shoot such is her enthusiasm and commitment to her modelling.

Fabulous fun & highly recommended.

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Another excellent Group Shoot with Victoria, she is brilliant at posing, with ideas accepted willingly, however crazy they seem eh? Victoria has a great banter with the tog, and enjoys the fun of a good shoot, she knows how to communicate with togs and is always totally professional.

Victoria bought enough outfits to last a week of shooting, so there was plenty of choice. She is a master of the fast change and didn't hesitate to provide a fabulous evening.

I would certainly advise any photographers to shoot with Victoria as she is so patient and understanding and all the pros out there always know they are going to get cracking images when they shoot with her. One of the hardest working models and always great company to be around. Totally recommended, you would be mad not to shoot with her!

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Had another great shoot with Victoria.

Victoria is brilliant to work with and I would highly recommend to anyone.

She turned up with a suitcase full of outfits and the enthusiasm to match. She is fun and bubbly but at the same time, very hard working and professional.

Victoria poses with ease and delivers the pose you are looking for every time and sometimes the pose you didn't know you were looking for. From quick changes to crazy poses, Victoria took it all in her stride.

All in all, a fantastic model who i would highly recommend

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Victoria was our guest model for our group shoot evening at Studio Fifty-Eight. She arrived full of energy and enthusiasm and maintained it throughout the 3hr session barely pausing for breath. She has a great sense of humour and has plenty of banter to keep a bunch of eager photographers under control!!😊. Victoria clearly enjoys her modelling assignments, and this shows through her great posing and ease in front of the camera. A fun evening was had by all.

Highly Recommended

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jim richardson

Had a great shoot last night with Victoria, great model takes direction really well, poses naturally always looking for that extra va va voom.

She loves her job and it really shows, she arrives with an extensive wardrobe and has got pretty much everything you would want. Great personality great model looking forward to shooting with her again.

Would thoroughly recommend her to all togs whatever level they are at she is fun enthusiastic and her pre shoot communication is second to none.dont change Vicki you are great just as you are see you soon you are a star.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this young lady.

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I had a brilliant shoot with Victoria, she is a great model to work with, following direction really well as well as adding her own flair. She was full of energy from the minute we met giving 100% throughout the shoot.

Victoria had an outfit for every suggested set and much much more. She was great fun to shoot and joined in with the banter, her sense of humor just as great as her modelling.

I would totally recommend working with Victoria.

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I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting the fabulous Victoria at a group shoot organised at Studio Fifty Eight in Kettering. Victoria is a very enthusiastic, professional and highly skilled model that poses without instruction, giving each tog time to capture the shot with ease. Her ability to work to direction is also superb. Vicky had more outfits than we could possibly ask for and changed outfits quickly when asked. Her comfort in front of the camera shows in the resulting images that surpassed all expectations as did the banter between us all. Vicky loves what she does and it shows! I cant wait to shoot again soon.

Most highly recommended!

Thank you Vicky.

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Danny Hill

I really do not know where to start. An amazingly fin shoot with an amazing lady. The practical side of her being a fantastic model, easy to work with and bubbling over with enthusiasm does not cover this creative, inspirational lady. The most telling thing was the fun, the sense of joy that she brought to the shoot.

Pre shoot communications were excellent, she was ready to rock and roll as soon as I arrived and settled the mood with a cuppa which was so needed after the drive. We chatted and started to shoot, rattled through sets really quickly, instant outfit changes and make up top ups. Interspersed with plenty of tea and coffee. The styles, and variety of sets within the shoot was like 5 shoots in one and so far I am loving the results.

But the most memorable part of this shoot was the fun, we laughed, joked and got along like a house on fire that had been doused with petrol. One of the funniest days I can remember. I have found a new friend, comedian and partner in crime - a fantastic lady, a wonderful model and more fun than you could wish for. I cannot recommend highly enough, if you get the chance to work with this beautiful lady, pay your money and expect a warm, professional model that will make you laugh and smile whilst giving you the most fantastic results

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Luke Ellis

I saw an opportunity to get engaged in an anti-bullying campaign that she was advertising and knew I had to get involved with it and Victoria was amazing!

She guided me through exactly what she was going for and managed it superbly!

She was entirely professional, supportive and is everything that a campaign organiser could ask for!

I’d be absolutely more than happy to work with her again!

Book her now and you won’t look back.

110% Recommended!

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First shoot with Victoria & I am sure it won't be the last! :-)

It was so much fun, & Victoria is an absolute joy to work with.

Great comms, excellent posing, & as mad as a box of frogs, what more could you want on a fun shoot? Pure joy! :-)

I would most definitely recommend Victoria to any level of photographer, so easy to get along with & you would certainly not regret it. The images we produced are just awesome!

Thanks again, Victoria, for a fabulous shoot, you are a STAR!!! :-)


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Clo Devito

Victoria is an experienced and very professional model. She is amazing to work with and such a nice person. I am new to the industry so took her own time helping me! Cant wait to work with Victoria again.

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The Northern Explorer

I went to my first Shoot Fest and had a lovely time meeting and working with Vic, She made me feel very comfortable and is such a brilliant person to work with.

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I had the pleasure of working with Victoria on a group shoot at the weekend. She was fun, professional and very easy to work with. She poses naturally, either with or without direction.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to arrange a shoot.

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Loved seeing this girl again. Victoria is such an amazing and professional model! Would highly recommend everyone to work with her

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We had a group shoot full of charliez angelz and well it was a pleasure to shoot with victoria. If you're looking for wild fun and professional model this is the model for you full of energy and just a good laugh to be around.

I 100% recommend everyone model and photographer to shoot with Victoria. Can't wait for our next shoot.

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Phillipa Babooshka

I had a fantastic duo shoot with Victoria. It was simply a joy to work with her. I can't recommend her more.

Thank you and I'll look forward to shooting with you again in the close future 😁


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Got a chance to work with Victoria this weekend, she is such a brilliant person to work with, very talented, so beautiful and an all alround amazing model to work with!

100% recommend!

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