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Another shoot with Lisa, this time at mine.

Easy pre-shoot comms.

As always, arrived early looking amazing with perfect hair and makeup.

Brought a bag full of outfits, everything mentioned of which I think we only used a few items.

Lovely to chat and have a laugh with.

Posed with ease needing no or little direction.

Please, please book this very talented and versatile model.

Lisa really hope we shoot again soon.

Thank you Lisa :-)

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Jason Reading Photography

I had a great shoot with Lisa today. Pre-shoot comms were really good and she let me know when she arrived at the meeting point shortly before I arrived.

Lisa was friendly and fun which made the day really enjoyable.

She came well equipped with a large bag that looked really full; I’m not sure we used even a quarter of what she had with her and she even shopped for new items just for the shoot.

She was happy for me to direct but even when I didn’t give direction she posed really well. We reviewed the images after the shoot and saw many great looking shots.

Thanks for a great shoot Lisa. I look forward to working with you again.

I fully recommend any photographer to work with Lisa. You will get a great shoot and a great fun day.

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Sexy Miss Santa

Great pre shoot comms.

Third shoot with Lisa, this time at mine.

Arrived on time looking fabulous, brought everything asked, which looked great on and even brought yummy treats.

This was with another model that Lisa didn’t know but she just joined in, was very sociable, fun and as always gave loads of encouragement and even made drinks.

Needs no direction, flow poses with ease, full of fabulous ideas.

Recommend this very creative, beautiful and versatile model to photographers of any level. Please, please book this amazing model.

Thank you so much Lisa, hope we get to shoot again soon :-)

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To the Moon Photography

Did a group shoot with Lisa as the model and she did really well and helped out fully

would really recommend Lisa for group shoots

5 stars



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David Austerberry

Had an excellent outdoor shoot with Lisa. She’s easy to work with. She didn’t mind tramping up and down muddy slopes, a consequence of recent heavy rains.

She is good company during the shoot, and patient while I assessed the locale for suitable places to pose.

Would definitely like to work again with Lisa.

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To the Moon Photography

Had a shoot today with Lisa

Due to the weather we decided to shoot in a local prison

Lisa gave her all and worked well plus gave ideas to that worked well and time pass very fast

I would recommend Lisa fully for any Photographer to work with

5 stars


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Had a great shoot with the lovely Lisa today. Lisa is fun to work with and very easy to get on with, she also likes to have a giggle.

Lisa was a little nervous at first, but soon relaxed and grew in confidence. This was Lisa's first Boudoir type shoot and she was brilliant, posed with ease with only a little direction needed.

Really happy with the images we got and look forward to working with her again soon.

No hesitation in recommending her.


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Greg Hardy

Had the pleasure of shooting with Lisa and Cat today. The two ladies are very striking individually but work very well together. Lisa has very piercing blue eyes and a slim figure, with an almost elfin like quality, which contrasts with her piercings and several interesting tattoos. She was a little nervous at first but soon settled into the shoot, thanks to a relaxed, unrushed atmosphere, which help us get some really good images of her solo and with Cat, some from my direction, others suggested by the ladies as their confidence grew. Am more than happy with the results from the day and would love to work with her again soon. Recommended.

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Lisa is beautiful inside and out it was great working with her. She follows direction very well ,but she is also very creative. It wasn’t the best of weather , but Lisa was very patient . I would definite recommend Lisa and I look forward to working with her again.

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Chaz Photographics

The first shoot with Lisa today weather wasn’t on our side so had to cut the shoot short BUT with Lisa being so positive we get a good few photos done Thanks Lisa hope to work with you again soon.

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I can’t speak highly enough about Lisa.

I had the great fortune to spend an incredible day in her company. Lisa has great depth, personality, extremely talented and creative. Lisa has the ability to bring out the best in others, not to mention stunning looks. Lisa appreciated direction but is very capable with freestyle and spontaneity. We made some beautiful photographs and I look forward to my next shoot with her.

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Had my first shoot with Lisa today and what can I say. An absolutely fabulous person to work with. Pre comms were great and she arrived on time with several outfit changes.

Her confidence grew throughout the shoot to the point she felt comfortable to do her first art nude images with me.

Can’t wait to work with her again.

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Fun fun fun

Second shoot with Lisa this time at a local beauty spot with a friend.

Again easy pre-shoot comms.

They arrived early looking fabulous in 1950's style clothes, something I always wanted to shoot.

Did everything asked with a smile, never complained, even when getting muddy and stepping into cold water,

great facial expressions, sang and danced to classic Beach Boys music, such fun.

Thank you Lisa, can't wait till we do it all again

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Although I have known Lisa on a personal level for a few years, I attended my first ever shoot with her by myself. She made the experience so calm, relaxed and fun. She gave me words of wisdom but also let me take the spotlight when needed and stood silently in the wings for support.

She known her body so well and has a natural instinct. Recommended!

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Had a really nice location shoot with Lisa.

Brilliant pre-shoot comms, arrived early looking fabulous and ready to shoot with perfect hair, makeup and nails.

Brought everything asked which looked wonderful on.

Lovely to chat and have a laugh with.

Very brave as we shot in a very public place.

Did everything asked with ease, a joy to work with.

Highly recommended and already planning another shoot.

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Shawn Spencer-Smith

My first shoot with Raven at the Yeovil based studio Inperpertuum'

I was also the first photographer to shoot her in Lingerie and she handled the pose's with lots of care and thought. we had a great time and we have some great images

highly recommended others to shoot.

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Knight Vision Photography

Great pre shoot communications and was punctual at the place of meeting. Although new to modelling took direction well plus adding her own input which added to the shoot. I went for a Steampunk style this time as Lisa liked the costumes.

I would strongly recommend Miss Raven to any photographer looking for a portfolio build.

I look forward to adding to Lisa's portfolio when ever she is free

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There was a local casting call and I enquired, glad I did. Raven was great to work with, she's very laid back, listened to directions given and fun. She was focused while shooting and helpful in suggesting poses and shots. I would happily work with her again and hope to do so soon.

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Luca Monti said...

Shooting with Raven today was an absolute pleasure - she made my job really easy. We workaround couple of simple ideas and we immediately create some very consistent images... I have already processed few of them and I really pleased with print. Miss Raven has a great look and she is a lovely person. I hope to shoot with her again later in the year.

Fully recommend to any photographer !

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