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Pete Roberts

I had an excellent shoot at New Upper Mills Studio. The studio is well equipped and laid out and Glenn was always available to move things around when needed but unobtrusive the rest of the time. He also lent me a tripod and saved me going out in the rain to fetch mine from my car! New Upper Mills Studio is highly recommended.

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New Upper Mills Studio is exactly what I would expect from a well equipped studio, and exactly as it is described here. Cleanliness was paramount and Glenn was helpful whilst we set up the equipment, whilst being very unobtrusive, but easily on hand, during the shoot. The contact arrangements were very clear and we met in the car park as the studio itself is unmarked.


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MGH Photography

Another perfect shoot at Upper Mills. Although I was 30 mins early for the shoot, Glenn wasnt far behind me , which meant by the time the model arrived (Mel Bond) the heating was on, and the coffee was made.

This shoot was a gels shoot, and Glenn was happy for me to just experiment as I needed to to get the lighting I was after, and basically left me to it which was great, but he was always available to ask daft questions when I needed to (and I did :) ).

Upper Mills is very well equipped with lights, modifiers, outfits, gels and backgrounds.

Glenn is a real gentleman, who is happy to help or leave you to it as needed. I 1005 recommend Upper Mills and Glenn to anyone, and Ill always shoot there.

Thanks Glenn

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I had a full day shooting in Glenn's studio yesterday, which was a great experience. It is very well equipped, and Glenn is really helpful, even allowing me an hour beforehand to set up before I went to collect my model. He looked afters really well, and set up the lights and drops for me exactly as I wanted them. he has loads of useful tips, and was very patient with our needs for odd items for props and the many scene changes we managed in the day. And there was an never ending supply of tea and coffee to keep us going.

I highly recommend his studio if you are in the area, and even if, like me, you are not very close by it is worth the journey. Glenn & his colleague Tim are really great to work with and very knowledgeable. I will be going back.

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I had a really good shoot with Skye at New Upper Mills Studio.

The studio has everything a photographer could want.

Glenn is always very helpful and very easy to work with.

I would easily work with Glenn again and would recommend him and the studio highly.

Always a good photographic experience.

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Glenn booked me a second time for a studio day at his studio last month and I had a very good time, again. The studio is very well equipped, there is plenty of props and outfits. Glenn is always available to assist photographers with light if needed.

During this pandemic, Glenn respected the safety procedure very well. Everything was in place: hand sanitizer, everything cleaned after every use etc

Highly recommended!

Bou :)

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Thank you to Glenn for organising a studio day with Boou. As ever the perfect host and I always look forward to my visits at Upper Mills.

Highly recommended

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Images by Iceni

My first shoot at Glenn's studio, working with Eirwen Kreed, and what a shoot!

Glenn couldn't have been more helpful, sorting out parking, helping me carry in armfulls of props, assisting me during the shoot (with some pretty nifty orange-wrangling and washing line-holding) and providing a steady supply of Jaffa cakes and tea.

The end result - a set of images that I am very, very pleased with. I couldn't have asked for more. Glenn obviously loves photography and has created a great studio space that had everything I needed.

Once again, thanks Glenn!

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MGH Photography

Once again a great shoot at Upper Mills. Glenn as always was welcoming, and had the kettle on before we walked in the door. The concept for my shoot this time was new to me so after some discussions about lighting etc we set up and just started playing around. Nothing was too much trouble for Glenn, and was happy to move lights to any location, if only to prove they were in the wrong place.

Glenns advice as always was spot on, but also Glenn had no problems when I (foolishly) ignored it :).

The studio is full of outfits, and a model could easily turn up with nothing and use studio outfits for almost any theme and you wouldnt be disappointed.

100% recommend

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NTN Photography2 said...

I had my second shoot at New Upper Mills Studio today,

Glen met me at the entrance , switched on the heater to warm up the studio, whilst the model changed into her first outfit. Next came a welcome cup of tea for both myself and Elle Hunter which continued through the day. Glenn changed the lighting and props for each setting and worked tirelessly all day, even a trip to McDonalds for the model at the lunch break. Music supplied, tea, coffee and props appeared as required and helped the day run smoothly. I thoroughly recommend Glenn’s Studio if you want a relaxed day with all that you need for a successful days shoot.

Thank You Glenn, I will definitely return for my next project.

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Krystal Cole 01

My favourite studio... love all the props available for anyone to use, range of different backgrounds to choose from too! Main room is nice and spacious (there is a smaller room with a large window to use too) Glenn is also the best host! Tea and coffee offered all the time , he’s very welcoming and is there on standby if you need help with anything such as setting up etc. Lovely xx

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Inspire Me

This was my first shoot at New Upper Mills Studio and as I’ve only shot at a few studios I was a little nervous. No need to be as Glenn was really welcoming, offering assistance and support when I wanted it, but otherwise leaving me to it.

Tea or coffee was on offer from the moment I arrived and Glenn talked me through what was available, being chatty and warm. There’s also a good range of backgrounds, shoes, outfits and props too.

Glenn - many thanks and I hope to shoot at New Upper Mills Studio again soon

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MGH Photography

My 5th shoot at Upper Mills, and as always it was perfect. Glenns a perfect host, being happy to let you get on with but is ready with great advice and ideas if needed. The studios well equipped with pretty much anything you need. 100% recommended.

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Josie Lauren

I love this studio and Glenn is the perfect host!

He helps out where needed, gives tips and randomly pops up with the outfit/prop you just said you wish you'd brought along.

He also supplies endless tea/coffee and inserts jokes/silliness every now and again.

The studio has everything you could need and more. Including an inflatable zimmer frame...! It's well heated in the winter and has an array of backdrops, outfits and props for every style you could think of.

Thanks for having me...again!

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MGH Photography

Its been a while since I last shot at Upper Mills, but it felt a little like returning home. Glenn is so friendly and helpful, and is always ready to greet you at the studio door as you arrive, with willing hands to carry all sorts of props etc, this time being 2 guitars and an amp. There always a ready supply of coffee or tea and the amount of outfits/shoes/props etc you actually dont need to take anything, as the studio will cater to all your needs and its well heated in winter. Thanks Glenn.

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Ella Rose Muse

I'm not sure why it had been so long since I'd been to Upper Mills Studio, but it was lovely to visit again. Glenn is a wonderful host, kind and helpful, and the heater is powerful enough to make the space feel really cosy, even when part of the shoot involved wearing soaking wet fabric (this is a real test!)! No complaints whatsoever and happily recommended - hopefully I'll have cause to return soon.

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Eirwen L'amour Creed

Had a great shoot at Glenn Studio upper mills in Stonehouse with David m22o As always he was very helpful and happy to answer any questions.Was very happy to be flexable due to a last minute change of plans due to unexpected circumstances, out side our control.Had a abundance of props and various teas etc I would highly recommend Glenn and his studio.

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Dave GT

As always had the most fantastic photoshoot at the studio, this time with two fantastic models, Joy Draiki and Ella Rose, Glenn was fantastic as usual, helping with lighting, technical knowledge, the studio is so well equipped, props , lighting and studio space, refreshments and all the facilities you could want, so without doubt I would recommend 100% Glenn and the studio,

Thanks until the next time!

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Vintage Photography

The studio was easy to find with plenty of parking at a weekend. Glenn arrived early as agreed to show me around and kept the coffee flowing throughout the shoot. He was happy to set up most of the lighting and made my life very easy.

When I first arrived I thought the studio was a little compact, but there is really plenty of space, backgrounds and props to fill a half day shoot and more. In addition there is a separate room with lots of natural light, and a stairway with a large window that can be used. There are also lots of costumes available.

Glenn is very friendly and knows his stuff. Definitely recommended.

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Melanie Bond (Butler)

Upper Mills studio was a spacious, well equiped environment to work in. With a range of backdrops, lighting, props, outfits, shoes etc. You could shoot in there all week and still find new ideas to try! I found the studio a relaxing and fun place to shoot. Glenn was professional and courteous at all times and made me feel welcome. We are planning another shoot for the Summer and I would definately recommend both the studio and Glenn to work with.

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