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Uniquecapture Studio has 47 references; 46 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 3 no-show.

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I've had the great pleasure to be shooting at Uniquecapture Studio for a fitness/yoga brand. It was an amazing studio to shoot in with loads of different set ups, backgrounds and great lighting system.

The shoot was well organized, pre communications were spot on and everyone working at the studio was super friendly and helpful.

Thank you again for the great opportunity and I hope to be working with you in future again!

100% recommended

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I really enjoyed my day shooting at Unique Capture studios! Chris has such a fantastic studio and he is such a professional yet friendly guy. He was super accommodating and made me feel right at home. He is extremely helpful when it comes to assisting with shoots.

I would jump at the opportunity to shoot here again! I had such a fantastic time!

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i got to the studio and i was made to be welcome , very professional and organised

the studio was very good, different backdrop to add the images

very good for commercial product shoots too

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Tania Aresti

Had a great shoot at uniquecapture studio. Great space! Home style studio available as well as classic backdrops with a great private space for the Models to change. Very friendly, helpful staff as well. Would recommend and would shoot there again.

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I got to meet and work with Chris for the first time down at MAP studios last week.

Was super excited to meet Chris after hearing really good reports about his photography! Chris was professional, super creative and great to work with.

Chris has a really good understanding of lighting and knows how to get a great shot.

Really enjoyed working with Chris from Unique Capture and can highly recommend him to other models who wish to update their portfolio xx

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M London

Had a lovely shoot at the Unique Capture studio. Chris was a delight to work with very helpful, ensured we were all happy and everything run smoothly. Spacious with a beautiful dressing room and well equipped. I would love to shoot at the studio again would highly recommend.


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Unique capture studios is a very well equipped easy to find studio with highly professional staff, very helpful, they are clearly experienced and know what they are doing. if you need a studio in this area I would definitely recommend

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Unique Capture studio is beautiful and well equipped with props, lighting, backdrops etc. Chris and Jo are really lovely, and Chris was very helpful throughout the shoot. I look forward to my next shoot there. I highly recommend Unique Capture.

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Highly recommend...one of the best studios I have shot in...I was greeted with a really warm smile from Chris, there is a coffee machine, brilliant sound system, very spacious, clean, tidy, the dressing room is really warm and the studio is also very warm. Chris is also more than happy to help the photographer with the lighting and he says "just call me if you need me".

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DY Comics

I had my first shoot at Unique Capture Studio yesterday. It was a fantastic experience. The studio is well equipped and has amazing backdrops for every scenario! The lighting is also amazing too. Chris was on hand to help throughout the shoot and was very friendly. I loved shooting there and would hope to be able to shoot again there very soon. Incredible studio. Highly recommended!

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Helen Saunders

What a superb facility! Uniquecapture is a well equipped studio with an extensive range of set-ups, backdrops and lighting options. The dressing room facilities are luxurious, and Chris is always on hand to provide assistance and advice when needed.

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My first time shooting at Uniquecaptutre.

The studio is brilliant plenty of space and nice variety of sets to work in ..

Chris is so lovely and makes you feel very welcome. plus endless supply of coffee.

Definitely will work here again :-D

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Nice to return to UniqueCapture for a whole day shoot. The shooting area has changed somewhat since I was last there but the welcome and help is still up to superb standard. Very productive day shared with Jon Williams, shooting with the lovely Amy Rose. Highly recommended.

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I worked at the studio for the first time last week. Chris was very welcoming, making sure I had drinks as well as allowing me to pinch some parma violets (apparently nobody else likes them, shock horror!) The studio itself has a large changing room, with a great make up and full length mirror, as well as gowns provided. It has lots of great set ups and backdrops in the large space it provides. Chris was a great host, helping the photographer with lighting and making sure we were both okay for drinks. I would happily recommend this studio to others :)

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Joleen Turner

I shot at Uniquecapture Studio last week for the first time, and can only echo what others have already said.

Fantastic facilities - a large number of sets to work in and a comfortable changing room.

Very professionally run - everything was set up on arrival and help was available throughout the shoot.

Extremely friendly and welcoming - Chris went out of his way to make our shoot enjoyable and successful.

Really couldn't ask for more. Highly recommend.

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Shot at Unique Capture last month with Rudy Reid.

Chris was really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about lighting set ups (and a great photographer himself)!

The studio was well equipped, and easy to work in with a variety of sets. The changing room was also spacious and well lit!

Definitely recommended, and would be more than happy to shoot there again

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A Scorpion Residence

Uniquecapture shot here for the first time yesterday (21st July) and are thoroughly professional, friendly, polite and respectful of the facilities on offer. They are certainly more than welcome to shoot here again.

– Highly Recommended

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I visited Uniquecapture Studio yesterday with Rudy Reid for a shoot. It is a fabulous place, huge and incredibly well equipped. The studio owner Chris and his lovely assistant could not have been more welcoming and helpful.

Very impressed and would recommend it to anyone wanting a superb studio experience.

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Hazel Rose

I recently worked in this studio with another Photographer and the space was absolutely fantastic! Such a large studio space to work with and experiment with. There are many sets to work with and a fantastic changing room and makeup area. Chris was a delightful host. He was very friendly and ensured that myself and the Photographer were okay throughout the shoot. I highly recommend shooting here, it really is a fantastic studio to use!

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Em Theresa

I was booked by a photographer to shoot at Unique Capture last weekend. The studio is huge with lots of sets, great makeup/changing room and great coffee! Chris was polite and very helpful during the shoot when help was needed setting up lighting. I hope to work there again some time :)

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