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Tony Smith

Hollywood applied to a recent casting call I put out. She has a style and look that I'd not really shot much off, so I was excited to see if we could make it work.

Although today was only her second ever shoot, she took to being in front of the camera like a duck to water. She's a natural. Yes, she needed a little help with direction, posing, and where to place feet and hands etc, but everyone does when they start out, so that's not a negative at all.

She was easy to chat to, easy to get along with, and super easy to shoot with. Nothing was too much trouble, and that made the whole process nice and simple.

I did spend a little time with her in advance, going through the ideas, making sure everyhing was acceptable, and fully within her boundaries. I hope I started her off on a good path with my attitude and composure within the studio.

Anyone looking to work with someone who is genuinely wanting to model, really wants to get creative and make some images, and someone who really does go the extra mile to make sure we (photographers) get the images we want and need, then give Hollywood a go.

Help her along on this new career path, and who knows where it'll lead.

Hoping she'll work with me again one day, I'll do everything I can to make that happen.

Thank you Hollywood, you're an awesome lady with an amazing attitude, and it really does make my job easier. You did a fantastic job today, and I am very grateful for your patience and your time this afternoon, cheers.

Oh, and thank you for the bar of fruit and nut, it's going down a treat ha ha

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