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Absolutely lovely shoot with uncle Trev!

It’s always a pleasure working with Trev no matter what we do. He’s always trying to push me into being a better model and forever grateful for that. As always, he makes me feel safe and comfortable which still goes a long way.

I have never laughed as much before as what I have done with these past few days.

It has been an absolute pleasure and looking forward to seeing you in the new year.



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Round 2 with Trev and It’s still not enough!

We had an a lovely shoot yesterday - to no surprise. Just like the first shoot, he was very respectful, full of humour and the banter was just the same if not better, he’s to quick to keep up with lol.

We did a bit of beauty to begin with, which I hadn’t done before. He gave a lot of tips to create the best shots within this style and was very patient with me. He also went above and beyond to create a specific shot that I had in mind and managed to capture exactly that.

I really couldn’t recommend him enough and already got our next shoot planned. Thanks again Trev and on to round 3!



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Where to start Trev!

I had an absolutely amazing first shoot with Trev yesterday and I hope it will be the first of many.

Trev’s got an awesome sense of humour and even better roasties to be honest. Hes very respectful which always goes a long way, the moment I mentioned a quick outfit change he instantly turned his back and covered me to stop anyone else from seeing anything. Ive never felt so safe and comfortable with a photographer like I did with Trev.

We worked quite well together, with Trev giving direction as and when needed. Not only did he give tips on posing and explain, he would also explain/show technical sides of photography as well as lighting, which really helped create a better shot.

I’ve not had that much fun on a shoot since day 1! Although everything in my body ached after our shoot… it was worth it!

I hope hes getting used to us northerners because he’s just gained another one.



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Worked with Trev for the first time at Antwerp Mansion during the group shoot organised by Ellie Mae.

Great guy, who was very happy to listen to my suggestions when it came to choosing what to shoot, and did everything I asked of him - very nice of him to let me do so since we've never worked before!

Recommend Trev to other models.

Hopefully until the next time,

Xenia :)

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Met Trev at a studio day in Manchester. Really enjoyed working with him as he knew exactly what he wanted and communicated it excellently.

Had a great laugh together and felt completely at ease and relaxed the whole time.

Would 100% recommend Trev 😊

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Jenny Tarasova

Worked for the first time at the Antwerp Mansion in Manchester. He was relaxed, very helpful with directions and the photos we created turned out great. Would definitely recommend to all the models if you're looking for someone with a good eye and personality. Thank you so much.

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Such a fun and fabulous shoot working with Trev for the first time at antwerp mansion. On a group shoot organised by the lovely Ell Mae!

And did he come prepared, bursting full of creative ideas he wanted to shoot. But also happy to let me pose freely, throwing in my own ideas. And working equally to create the best images possible from the day!

Highly recommended to any level of model. The images turned out fab! His attitude towards shooting was 1000% professional and relaxed. And remained extremely respectful throughout. Making sure I was happy and comfortable with the levels we were shooting.

I will definitely in sending a cheeky message next time I'm down South in hopes for a second shoot 🤫🤪

Thank again for such an enjoyable first shoot :)

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I worked with Trev for the first time yesterday and what can I say! It was absolutely fantastic!

Communications were fab from start to finish the shoot was booked and organised so easily!

From the communications I had a good feeling that the shoot would be good and I was absolutely right!

Trev collected me from the station and I was greeted with a very warm welcome! We were shooting on location and we never quite got shooting to his studio because we were enjoying the location! His studio is absolutely lovely though!

Trev’s hospitality is second to none and I was always being asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink and always so caring checking I was okay throughout the shoot.

Whilst shooting Trev is professional, respectful and polite and on top of that he takes a bloody good photo too! Excellent talented photographer! We shot all day and the time flew by! I honestly left on such a high we shot so many beautiful images and the day was full of laughs! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would jump at the chance to work with Trev again! 200% wholeheartedly recommended!! If you get a chance to shoot with Trev you must, a lovely lovely guy and a fantastic photographer!

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I had a really fun day shooting with Trev and Jamie(Lensworks) they make a great team and honestly they crack me up, such a funny pair.

We shot in a really cool derelict location they found. We explored around and had such a laugh with the material throwing and getting rid of spiders webs hahaha

Then the beautiful Phi Rose joined us for studio shoot and Trev set up some fab lighting and we did a couple hours shoot in his studio

We got some cracking shots on this shoot I am really happy I came down it was a lush day and I had a great time

I would definitely recommend ♥

Thanks so much for inviting me, I look forward to shooting again in the future

Lana xx

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Ell Mae

What can I say that I haven't already said?! Literally feels like home being at Trev's now; I love working together, I couldn't recommend highly enough. Always look forward coming back down south.

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Ell Mae

What can I say that I haven't already said?

Over the years Trev had become a friend more than a photographer I work with, so I guess a reference is very biased now but every word true.

One of the most trustworthy people to work with, respects models to the highest degree. Couldn't recommend highly enough. ♥

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I had an absolute pleasure to shoot with Trev and Jamie (Lensworks) the other day in central London and let me tell you... I haven't had such an amazing fun in such a long time! :) The pre comms were brilliant and we managed to get all ready with such a short notice as I applied to the casting call just a day before. Trev is an absolute gentleman, an amazing photographer and fun person to be around with. He was so kind with covering me while I was quickly changing in between the sets as we were shooting in central lol Also Trev helped me out with some behind the scenes and I really appreciate his amazing input with all wonderful ideas! The three of us had so much laughs and I am beyond happy with the whole day experience and what we have achieved! I cannot recommend Trev highly enough! and I'm so much looking forward to our next shoot!

Thanks so much once again :)

Koneko xxx

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Always pleasure to work with amazing Trev. He is friendly,kind,talented,creative, good host and good stylist.Love his sense of humour.

He is absolutely brilliant photographer and retoucher and lovely person to shoot with.

Highly recommend.

Thank you so much for amazing shoot!Absolutely love it!And photos are brilliant!See you soon :)

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Ell Mae

Another stay at Trevvie towers, as always an amazing time. It's slowly becoming a second home lol. Says it all really.

Cant recommend Trev enough, see you soon.

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Phi Rose

I’ve had three more shoots with Trev since my last reference left 😃 not going to repeat alllll the same great things about Trev… everything still stands. He’s a great bloke, has so many awesome ideas whether that be in the studio or on location and if working alongside another photographer he’ll always find a way of making his images different to theirs which is so cool, wether that be with jewellery or accessories or a simple clothing alteration. He’s super generous and really respectful, and he’s always keen for your ideas. I love working with him and always look forward to the next time!! 😊 I’ll 100% always recommend Trevvie to anyone thinking of working with him 👏🏻 Book him, you won’t be disappointed.

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Phi Rose

Making up for a couple of late references here!!! Same as always, I absolutely love shooting with Trevvie! Won’t repeat all the same things as before, scroll down to see my previous references for him, which I have now lost count of lol!

See you again soon Trevvie 🥳

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Phi Rose

An overdue reference for the fabulous Trevvie! I’ve said it all before but I love shooting with Trev, in the studio, out of the studio, duos, fashion, lingerie, implied… you name it and I enjoy shooting it with Trev 😀

Highly recommend this lovely man!

As always can’t wait till the next one

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Irida S

Shoot no3 with Trev ! It was team shoot with Lenswork and this time we went down to Ramsgate and shot by the beach using the cello , fashion , bikinis and nude !

Trev is extremely chilled and easy to work with ! I enjoy our shoots because of the relaxed and productive environment!

Very professional, great photographers and always some amazing results !

Very happy to highly recommend to all models !

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Trev let me stay at his place before shooting with him the next day. Trev made me feel comfortable and at the ease and is a super lovely guy and we had a good laugh and I enjoyed his company and I enjoyed shooting with him too! I love his style and the way he works with his lighting. We got some awesome pics and I can’t wait to see them. I would highly recommend Trev and would definitely work with him again 🤟🏻🤩

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Trev is always a fantastic host and such a good laugh, and a very easy person to shoot along side, we both respect and appreciate each others styles but have our own styles so even though we are shooting at the same time we come away with some uniquely different photos. I have been wanting to move into flash lighting little more and Trev has been fantastic with this, showing me different lighting set ups and keeping it simple which is how i like it, also spoiled us with the biggest bag of biscuits and treats :-)

Trev will never big himself up but he's a very skilled photographer who frankly knows his shit, I can say this both as a model and now as a photographer

Book a shoot with Trev, have a laugh and get some fantastic photos in the process

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