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What an amazing model...Toveskna was great to talk to the moment we started messaging to arrange shoot..The pre comms were excellent.

This was my first location shoot and was slightly nervous but with Toveskna by my side it was the most fantastic productive day.. She is an absolute joy to work with, very professional in her posing with the most minimal of input from me..!

She paid great attention to her appearance and turned up early looking fantastic..

Cant wait to shoot with Toveskna again..An absolute joy...One happy Photographer..!!

Thankyou Toveskna..

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I had a great shoot with Tovey at Fareham Studio. On time, lovely makeup, worked through numerous outfits all with good humour and a smile. I enjoyed the shoot and would happily work with her again.

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AJ Charlton

I had the pleasure of working with Toveskna for a second time on the weekend, at one of Kris Karl's workshops.

Toveskna is a fantastic model, she knows how to pose like a pro and is easy to work with. Very friendly and a joy to photograph. Definitely a pro model - highly recommend Toveskna, she makes a fantastic fashion and portrait model.

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I've just returned from a fantastic shoot with Toveskna and downloaded my images into Lightroom, I have to say, that considering the amount of setups we ran through (in 4hrs), she's nailed each look perfectly.

She's a very professional and friendly model who looks the part in every way. She arrived with everything I had asked her to bring and posed with grace and skill, her ballet training showed through in every image. My only problem is choosing which ones to process.

I highly recommend her to other photographers, she has a unique and interesting look and will be a welcome addition to anyone's portfolio.

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Green Sash

I had the great pleasure of working with Tovey at a Kris Karl workshop yesterday and I would not hesitate to recommend her to professional and amateur alike.

She is easy to work with, has a repertoire of incredibly strong poses and infinite patience.

Thank you Tovey, I look forward to working with you again.


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Fork & Fedora said...

Having attended Kris Karl's workshop over the past weekend with Tovey as our model, I found her a delight to work with. She needs very little direction and is in constant motion. Her cheekbones are to die for! I recommend her to anyone. Having looked through her images, she is a true chameleon and can adapt to any theme. Thank you Tovey! I'd love to work with you again someday.


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Evie Scott

Had the pleasure of shooting Tovey today during a Kris Karl workshop, and she was fantastic. Very patient, brilliant at posing herself, and very good fun! Highly recommended! :) Hope to work with her again soon!

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I had a great time working with Tovey - she is very friendly, very professional and strikes incredible poses without needing any direction. She is a fantastic model and a lovely person!

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I was lucky enough to work with Tov recently and I pass on sentiments from the whole team involved - she is just the best.

Friendly, creative and lots of fun to work with - highly recommended!

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Tovey and I arranged an underwater shoot. These can be notoriously difficult and exceptionally hard work. However she pulled it off beautifully even though the chlorine in the pull was making her eyes sore. Lesser models would have given up long again.

On top of all this Tovey is a lovely person to work with, easy going, and a real pleasure to shoot.

I would highly recommend her.

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Lau said...

A very excellent model, fluent posing for three hours, good for both amateur and professional photographers to work with. Aside from that, she is a very easy going person with determination to create the picture you wanted. Highly recommend.

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R McCormick

Stunning was the word that we both said when we met, and I still believe it

Fantastic Model, punctual, creative, let her be and you'll get amazing photos.

I really hope we can make it more often :D

thumbs up !!! its just great.

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Simply Look Photography

Tovey was an absolutely delightful person to work with. Shooting with her is effortless as she is extremely friendly and knows exactly what she is doing.

Throughout the shoot she had great ideas that really helped to bring out the best possible shots.

I would definitely recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future

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I was glad to finally shoot Tovey at the Scarlet Door during the Kris Karl workshop. She models well without direction and takes direction and adjustment to poses without falter. Be sure to angle the lights right to get those wonderful cheek bones or you'll be missing out.

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KK Faerber

Tovey has become an incredible model and very dear friend over recent months and I cannot recommend her enough.

Following a disaster with models for one of my recent workshops, Tovey stepped in and delivered on every level. So much fun, amazing physique, beautiful and such a strong poser. Just an all round winner!

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Creative Instincts Photography said...

Met this incredible young lady finally, after chatting with some time. Her port is awesome, especially everything she does with Kris Karl and i was excited to work together on some ideas. We were both crazy busy and didn't get to organise ideas as much as we would have liked and due to an angry owner in a 4by4 we didn't get to shoot at a waterfall as intended. However, we did manage to capture some awesome shots on a massive tree (hollow in the middle) and Tovey was one of the bravest models i have had the pleasure of working with - not only climbing the tree to the highest point, but also handling the freezing cold conditions! I honestly can't wait to work with this young lady again as we share no secrets now hahaha (personal joke). Would love to collaborate with her and Kris karl at some point too. If you haven't worked with her yet then do it as she can literally do anything!

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I worked with Toveskna on a Kris Karl workshop in August and found her a superb model. A complete natural in front of the camera needing little direction. A great model and a lovely person I look forward to working with her again very soon.

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Jimmy Deas

I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Toveskna yesterday at a Kris Karl natural light, location based workshop. Despite the wind and the cold sea Toveskna posed seamlessly and effortlessly, exhibiting an extremely professional attitude with heaps of patience. I came away from the workshop with a great set of images and would have no hesitation in recommending Toveskna to models and photographers alike......Thank you and look forward to shooting with you again....:)

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Picha Photographic

Worked with Tovey today during a natural light workshop. A beautiful and talented model with numerous poses and total commitment. The shoot went flawlessly with Tovey changing fluidly and effortlessly between poses. I can highly recommend her to all photographers without hesitation. Would definitely love to work with her again.


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A brief shoot for a light set up while Tovey was shooting at the studio, She is absolutely delightful, extremely strong at posing with or without direction and I honestly do expect her to go very far in the industry.

I certainly hope that I get the opportunity to work with her one on one very soon.

Would I recommend ? 100% yes !


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