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Had an excellent first photoshoot with Topher yesterday when he kindly travelled up to London for me. Organisationally, everything perfect with super communications, turned up in plenty of time with outfits and accessories.

We worked though a long and detailed shoot list and Topher delivered at the highest level throughout. Lots of great images evidencing the wide range of artistic abilities this model possesses.

Topher is a delight to work with and is highly recommended.

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Phillip Palmer

Topher and I have been wanting to shoot for a few years but COVID scuppered our original plans and it took us until now to arrange getting together.

I was always sure a shoot with Topher would be successful, which was proved correct during our time together.

The day of the shoot threw up a couple of problems outside of our control.

My arrival time was delayed due to cancelled trains, however, as communications with Topher were spot on we were able to adjust easily.

The weather was another issue. We knew at this time of year it wasn't going to brilliant but unfortunately the overcast skies and breeze made the temperature uncomfortable. However, Topher didn't let that get in the way and he posed without complaint and we got some great shots.

I can easily recommend Topher, he is a confident model with a great look and a shoot with him will benefit any portfolio.

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Topher is a talented model!

We had great communications before the shoot and Topher arrived with pleantry of outfits and lots of ideas. We shot a range of images and Topher posed very well and made some great shapes! He is motivated and creative.

I would certainly recommend Topher.

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Not strictly a shoot but online, Topher is engaging and adaptable and our session went well even while we were (are) at opposite ends of the country. We've got plans for an in-person shoot as soon as we can arrange to get together. Looking forward to it already!

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Our third shoot, Tophers long silk body just loves the gentle light, energetic ,yet a soft gentle soul. Looking forward to our next shoot.

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Topher answered my casting call and I'm so glad he did.

Easy pre-shoot comms.

Arrived on time, ready to shoot.

Fun and interesting to chat with.

Very brave as we did the shoot in a very public place.

Did everything asked a joy to work with.

Highly recommended and hope to work with again

Thanks Topher :-)

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andrew bowman

Lovely chap to work with, very professional, beautiful unblemished skin and bright emerald eyes......and if you do get to shoot, ask Topher to serenade you - his voice is gorgeous!

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Had such a great shoot with Topher !

Pre-shoot comms were great, he’s friendly, open to ideas and really easy to talk to.

Punctual, professional, well prepared and he works fluidly with poses, knows where his light is and really inspired me to pick up the camera.

Fantastic model and someone I’m really glad I had the opportunity to work with.

Looking forward to working together again

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Very lucky to have had 2 shoots with Topher, December last year and January just gone.

Fun, full of ideas, gorgeous skin that looks amazing in the low light situations I prefer to work in.

Highly recommended.

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This was my first shoot with Topher. All the preliminary conversations were clear, and he arrived ready to go.

His acting skills were useful and he was comfortable adopting his own poses as well as those suggested by me. We had previously decided to try some lighting effects and these worked well, giving us some great pictures. Looking forward to working with him again in the near future. I would certainly recommend him highly!

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Men Photography London

It was an absolute pleasure working with TopherLynn. He was on time and with a positive can-do attitude that made the whole session a delight. He takes direction very well and he was eager to collaborate in the creative process. He's also got a beautiful body, which surprisingly he doesn't work hard on. I'm really pleased with the results and can't wait to photograph him again.

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had my first shoot yesterday with this wonderful guy he was well pepared outfits were amazing he got what it takes from when we first met i just got on with him it wasnt like we just met we had aload of laughs and he was very respectful and just so nice to be around i really hope i get the chance to work with him again xxx

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Mirror 🪞 Image'S'

I posted a casting to get a shoot booked in between Christmas and new year and this charming young man applied . I've not shot with a male model before so it was a great opportunity for me to do so.

I decided to get a female model on board as well and Topher wasnt fazed at all, then I added another photographer to the shoot plans too. Topher has a great look, good physic and a lovely charismatic way about him. Hes easy to work with, got on really well with everyone else present and the images are really good. I'd recommend him to anyone and I can see him going places with his modelling. Thankyou :-)

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Parkstone Photography

Had an amazing shoot with Topher just yesterday. Tophers messaging was spot on and we had crossed paths on Instagram. I had a very good feeling about wanting to work with Topher in my studio and when we arranged a shoot, which was very easy to do, Topher turned up with a definitive style in mind.

Communication, Time-Keeping, and Preparation were all flawless as well as modelling skills which needed very little instruction on my part.

I have no qualms in providing a VERY positive reference and highly recommend this model. It was a joy and pleasure to work with him.

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