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This girl

Townhouse and Tony....

Yes please....

Synonymously perfect

Add some Kezzie kink in the mix


Heady blend of erotica

We went, we had fun (as always) and creative magic and potently hot images were taken.

Always an absolute pleasure to work alongside with Tony Smith, he has a strong work ethic and ability to adapt and achieve success.

Highly recommend this creative soul it is a huge pleasure and privilege to work alongside with class, thank you Mr Smith excellence as usual Thank you 🖤

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This girl

Absolute pleasure to work alongside Mr Smith, one of the best creative minds beginning to end.

Regardless of the location, Mr Smith has a strong drive to work with the concept and while being flexible material must be maintained within the structure.

This keeps the focus and the quality of output at the forefront and aims are always high.

Feel blessed to have been fortunate enough to spend time with this photographer, we work hard and we work to achieve. This girl is super happy and really grateful for such the opportunity. Thank you so very kindly Tony 🖤

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This girl

"Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide" Ben Okri

Tony Smith is a huge pleasure to work alongside with and create art. He has a wisdom and knowledge that is inspirational and motivational, have a goal when set a date to make magic with this creative, and strive hard to be the best can be for this girl adores time spent with this fun yet knowledgeable facilitator. Do say facilitator because Tony has a strong sense of perception for the best way to capture the beauty of the moment without the presence of "Director" and this is so very appreciated for the theatre of fantasy world, erotica. The girl delivers the the theatrical and delights in the energy on camera for the world to see the delicious combination of rascal and passion captured perfectly.

Additional to the display and capturing such must be trust, and respect to ensure erotica looks as good as it can be because it is really a beautiful yet mischievous adventure only ventured into by the bold and the body of individuals for whom share the same cosmic vibration.

Really enjoyed the experience, and feel blessed to have been fortunate enough to have the honour and privilege of sharing this with Tony Smith. Thank you so very kindly for your time and energy, you are a frequency of your own and we achieved beautiful results, my heart is bursting with the glee of the girl who is definitely delighted, thank you so very much, you are appreciated 🖤

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Had my first shoot today with tony I’ve bin wanting a shoot with tony for for a while and finally I got to shoot with this amazing man and I wasn’t disappointed! We got sone amazing pictures I’m a small space of time and what we got I was really happy with and I can’t wait to see the results thank you tony il look forward to working with you again love ❤️ eva 💕

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Urrayy!! Happy New Year, Tony

We finally met after too long time - Tony is one my firsts Photograohers ever in the UK - and I was very blessed for invitation for a sensual duo shoot with Lois.

As always - pre-shoot comunication spot on - all details and ideas given.

Arrived like Switz clock on time- and after confirming the brief, of shooting we went.

Tony has excellent eye for a detail - super sense of humour, which made the shoot at ease and fun.

And as it was home shoot - Tony gladly took challenges and we created amazing bodoir - yet studio look a like images. And that is his professionalism, knowledge and creative thinking that made each set totally different mood and lighting. And our comfort, well being was checked at all times. I’d say, he might come across as even too cautious, but like he said “ better to ask multiple times than being mistaken once” - and that gives you such security feeling for the whole shoot.

Very happy to finally work with Tony- one of many shoots completed and more to come in future.

Ladies - he is “must work with” photograoher - nothing is too impossible for him - he sees your vision, he collaborates with your vision and he has the right amount of craziness to accept your craziest dream shots.

Also image feedback comes back in bullet speed in your Dropbox - person to trust for sure.

Highest recommendation possible - 5star photograoher - don’t hesitate to work with him.

Thank you again, Tony for this brilliant ideas and amazing shoot executed. Hope we work very soon together

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This girl

"It is more important to click with people than to click with the shutter" Alfred Eisenstaedt

This girl can categorically say that from the bottom of her heart, that Mr Smith is a Gentleman with a creative soul. You speak and you will be heard, and sincerely thank this creative man who has listened and facilitated the most safe platform for the girl to enjoy and express herself and what a pleasure it is to be understood and encouraged. Its freedom, joy and happiness. Yesterday Mr Smith made a dream come true and took the girl to The Townhouse photoshoot, it was the fantastic experience of her hopes and by the end of the day the images were moments in time captured of the fun fuelled girl in her element. Thank you so very kindly for your kindness and support and gift of creativity, there's a super happy smile on her face as she recalls the afternoon in the temple of kink. We went out on a mission and objective was absolutely achieved.

If you ever have the chance to shoot with Mr Smith then you should count your lucky stars... What a fantastic time you will have with a genuine creative!

Hugely grateful, thank you so very kindly Mr Smith this girl is super happy and loved every minute, still buzzing, thank you! 🖤

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This girl

Deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with Tony Smith, and if you ever had a chance to shoot with him then count yourself in for a fantastic shoot with a super professional and complete gent of a photographer who strives to make the best of the situation and model before him. Can highly recommend Tony, he does what he says and says what he does, communication is easy and for me I appreciate the information and the fact that you are heard this facilitates understanding and a platform to work with that is safe and clear, completely respect the fact that there is suchlike and trust that you are well looked after and that you can work within your own parameters as agreed in your pre coms and thus embrace your shoot, show your skills and experience knowing that you are working with one of the best photographers in the field. I have completely and utterly enjoyed working with this superb photographer today and was delighted with the shots!

This girl has a huge smile on her face and can't wait to work with @tonysmithphotography again. What an absolute pleasure it is to create with this photography wizard...

Thank you so very much Mr. Smith, this girl is super happy and completely loved every minute of the shoot, the time raced by... So very grateful, thank you for your time and effort so very much appreciated, thank you! Kindest regards as always, Kez

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This girl

Welcome back Tony!

It was the hugest pleasure to be first model before this super talented and well known photographer, he has worked with some incredible models before myself and his references speak highly of this most respected Gentleman, and rightly so too! Thank you so very much for a fun introductory meet, was super excited, to finally put a face to the name! Have admired the port of excellence for a long time, so to be your model today was an honour, Thanks Tony, looking forward to working with you again, think we need to go back to same spot armed to the teeth with latex, chains and other paraphernalia, today we got clapped at and horns tooted...... they wont know what's hit them next time... creative juices flowing and evil smirks, this girls super happy to have met you, thanks so very much Tony!

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Sean Parker

So yet another Nude in Nature day with Tony and as usual he blew us all away with his undeniable talents as a photographer. With his ready wit and seriously funny sense of humour he is a gem on shoots as well as being a truly professional gentleman. Tony is one of my favourite photographers to work with :)

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Eowyn Luna

I had the pleasure of working with Tony on a Nude in Nature shoot day in Wales.

He was a joy to be around and to be creative with. He was always respectful and I was always made to feel comfortable and at ease.

On top of that, he's a very skilled photographer and I love the images we created together. I hope we get to work together again in the future!

Thank you again :)

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And one more amazing day shooting with Tony as part of Art nude nature trip towards Wales .

Fab day - and amazing spirit involved with great sense of humour and amazing shots taken with ease - that’s what you get working Tony .

It’s not our first and most certainly not last shoot .

This time I just sort of let ideas go with flow and tended to more just be out of ordinary - and Tony was amazing to capture that ! He also has become dear friend ( working nearly 3 years together ) - and I trust this person to shoot erotic , sensual style images of me.

He always says - he would never ask models do , what he himself wouldn’t do - so when we ladies were in the water - he himself will not hesitate to pop in the water himself to make sure, right angle is captured . Thanks a lot for such amazing experience .

Highly recommended photographer by me to all level models - he is one of the most respected photographers and your safety and well Beeing as well as confidence of the shots taken are his main priority on the set - always and ever !

Thanks again - and work with you soon .

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Roxanne Rogers

I've worked with Tony more times than I count, he's amazing. You should all shoot with him.

Whenever I'm asked who to work with I also say Tony's name first. His work speaks for himself and I will 200% recommend him to everyone.

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Phillipa Babooshka

I had a fantastic first shoot with Tony and one other model. I truly loved every minute. He make me feel very comfortable and welcome which made the shoot a joy.oh and can't forget he makes a great coffee.

I came away really happy with all our images and I'm looking forward to working with him again very soon I hope.

I highly recommend him .


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Had another lovely shoot with Tony today ! I had a great time , he’s friendly , professional and has some amazing ideas :) the images I’ve seen so far are great ! I would definitely recommend working with him if you haven’t already

An amazing photographer and lovely person

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Have worked with this fab bomb of inspiration several times , but first shoot this year with Tony - at townhouse fetish club and duo with stunning Violet Model .

Pre communication - as always spot on .

And although he had injury few weeks before , he was not complaining even a little bit - cautious At all times of our health and safety and comfort , taking absolutely stunning images .

We managed to create 3 sets with ease , also solo parts .

It was such amazing fun and fab day .

Also images are amazing .

And always looking forward to shoot with Tony again in soon future .

Highly recommended .

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Woop wooop - one more amazing shoot with this fab photographer. He was my first shoot this year and One of the lasts too this year - and what an amazing year with great achievements . And this was again amazing shoot - with passion for new poses and trying out new things, we created magic throughout 3 sets with ease - and thank you so much for assisting in cases needed.

He is down to earth, eager to achieve the best results possible and works with positive attitude, that inevitably lifts your mood up - thank you so much for all the help in developing my portfolio and beeing amazing help and guidance in this industry in general .

Tony comes highly recommended by me to all models - he is versatile photographer, happy to experiment And the results speak for themselves .

Thanks again and hope to see you soon .

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Ivory Callahan

Tony and I have worked together several times in the past and each and every shoot has been a delight!

So when I decided to get back into modeling, I knew Tony was the photographer I wanted to work with for my first shoot and as always he was fantastic. Not only is he incredibly talented as a photographer, he's also the epitome of professionalism with great communication beforehand and very respectful during the shoot.

He really makes every shoot fun and knows how to create beautiful images. I'd absolutely recommend Tony to anyone, if you haven't had a shoot with him yet then you're missing out.

Thanks again Tony, I'm looking forward to next time! 🙂

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Had a great shoot with Tony yesterday, he had great ideas and directed clearly to get the shots we needed. He went above and beyond to get fantastic shots of me hopefully for publication.

He was respectful and professional throughout and we were both able to put our ideas together to create some amazing shots!

I would recommend Tony to both inexperienced and experienced models. I definitely can’t wait to get together again..

Thanks Tony.

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I've lost count of how many times I've shot with Tony now, he's a remarkable person through and through and I'm proud to say he's become a good friend too. His ideas are always fresh and sometimes challenging but who doesn't like a challenge 🙂 (all agreed on of course)

I highly recommend him, you won't be disappointed. Lovely personality and a fab sense of humour. He really is a gem 👌🏻

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I've been following Tony's work for a good few years now, and I've had the pleasure of chatting to him and getting to know him over Facebook, Instagram etc. And I can now say that I've had the true pleasure of meeting him and working with him, after he so kindly agreed to give me some tuition.

I've always had a keen interest in photography, but my lack of confidence, skills and equipment have always held me back. But with Tony's positivity and reassurance, he persuaded me to jump in and have a go, having enlisted the wonderful Lois to be my subject. Tony took care of all the preparatory work, having put me in touch with Lois and having arranged the location and theme of the shoot. He literally planned it all for me. Unfortunately, the wonderful British weather saw to it that our outdoor shoot was scuppered, and so we went back to Tony's studio. I even got a free lesson in driving theory on the way!

Tony spent a good couple of hours talking me through the functions of my camera and how to manipulate all of the variables to the greatest effect. He talked me through the theory and processes that he used to capture some of the many stunning shots that he's taken over the years and he fielded my many, many questions with enthusiasm and patience. His way of teaching and imparting knowledge was absolutely perfect for my capabilities, and he handled sensitive issues like my autism and social difficulties with understanding and compassion. If there is one thing that Tony has in abundance, it's respect for people. I say it to pretty much everyone - Tony is without a doubt one of the kindest, most genuine people you will ever meet.

So then Lois joined us and Tony went through all the basics of lighting and composition with me, whilst Lois helped to guide me through the posing and positioning with the patience of a Saint. Between them, they explained how the subject, the environment and the camera all come together and they guided me through the steps and processes for capturing fantastic images. My word, they know their stuff. Tony's many years of experience really came through, in the way that he navigated and manipulated the studio and set me up to take some pictures that I'm really proud of.

And that's really the biggest take away for me. Not only did I learn some of the skills and theory needed to be a competent photographer - I also came away from the experience feeling great, feeling confident and dying to give it another go. Tony made me feel totally at ease throughout the whole experience and he gave me the confidence as well as the tools to truly believe that this is something I could really do and be good at. His knowledge and guidance was exemplary and his kindness and support was absolutely invaluable.

And Tony continues to support me, guiding me through the maze of Purple Port and answering my many daft questions without any complaints whatsoever. This man is an absolute gentleman, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as a tutor, a photographer or a mate.

Tony, thank you for everything. These words could never explain just how grateful I am to you for this whole experience. You're a legend.

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