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Odette Flaur.

Today I had my first shooting with Tom at his home/studio in Edenbridge. Tom is very relaxed and extremely easy to work with, we've worked on portraits, lingerie and nude gor two hours and time just flew by!!!

I'd really love to work with Tom again and of course he is highly recommended :)

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Toxic Innocence

I had a very good shoot with Tom, he makes me feel relaxed, he is easy to work with and is good at giving directions. Thank you very much and I hope we shoot again.

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Tom was lovely to shoot with. He was very accommodating and we had a nice conversation. The shoot was quite short but I think we got some good images. I recommend him to any models looking for natural shots to add to their portfolio. I look forward to seeing the finished images!

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Lola Day

I had a wonderful shoot with Tom yesterday, His photographic and editing style is very unique and he loves to compose all his shots with care. Also very intelligent conversation! I can't wait to see the shots we produced. Definitely recommend working with him.

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Jelissa said...

Had a great time working with Tom and would recommend this photographer for any one looking to get some great headshots.

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Abi Ivy

Fantastic to work with, photo's looked beautiful and was a very fun an productive day. Would definitely recomend working with him!

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Been a while since I shot with Tom, but I had the best shoot with him when I did, the conversation was great and we had quite a giggle. Tom has some really creative ideas and I like the way he works!

Would Work with him anytime x

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