Additional Information

Stats and sizes

  • 33yr old Male model
  • 32in waist
  • 44in chest
  • 5'10" tall
  • 199lbs
  • USA shoe size 11
  • Green eyes
  • Short dark brown hair
  • Olive skin
  • White ethnicity

Shoots styles

Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Cosplay, Fashion, Fitness, Lifestyle, Portrait, Promotional, Swimwear and Topless


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Hi and welcome to my Purpleport page!

About me

I'm a semi pro model with a surprisingly large wardrobe for a guy! I can model a large range of styles and I enjoy working up to an underwear level. I've been modelling for over 3 years and love everything about it. I consider myself highly professional but also very easy going and take pride in bring my absolute best to every booking I accept.

Additionally as a high level sports and nutrition coach, I am able to adjust my body fat percentage to suit a booking and within a short time frame. Anywhere from you average healthy looking male to shredded to the bone, so if you require a certain level that can be changed at will, I'm your guy!

Additionally I am verycomfortable doing my own hair and makeup (yes male makeup!) if required but equally happy if a MUA is provided on set.

I've only ever missed one shoot in my whole career (due to food poisoning... We've all been there!) therefore I consider myself highly reliable. 


In my time modelling I've shot with a load of different people from different backgrounds for different projects. The majority of these are outside of the Purpleport community so I'm here to increase my network of artists and work with creative people who have great visions.


My rates vary depending on the type of booking as well as duration and location. Please feel free to shoot me a PM to learn more. 


I work out of St. Albans, Hertfordshire (just north of London) with no objections to travel as long as travel costs are negotiated. 

Do you do TF?

If I feel the project/theme will benefit my port absolutely! Always feel free to PM me and see if your ideas line up with mine! I enjoy modelling so will always say yes to great ideas if circumstances permit!

Social Media

IG - @thomaskay__

FB - @kay.tom



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