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Little Angel cakes

TJ was extremely accomodating and had one of the comfiest studies I've ever worked in. He had biscuits and drinks and was very warm. Overall lovely guy and I had an awesome time shooting with him :)

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Candi Liquor

Had my first shoot with TJPhotos last week and had such a blast! Even though the time absolutely flew by, we created so many different images and I'm so excited to see the photos. Such a lovely man and photographer, I highly recommend 👌

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I had a good time with TJ,He is very kind and we can communicate about the shooting well.We try many different style and all of them are perfect!I like these images very much!I very enjoy the shooting moment with Tj.Thank you so much!I am very happy that I can work with TJ.See you next time^-^

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Had an amazing shoot with Tj! It was lots of fun and he made me feel really comfortable. Looking forward to seeing the images!

Thank you!

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Chantelle Bradd

Received a message offering a last minute opportunity to shoot very local to where I live. Arrived at 11am, & was made to feel very welcome. The studio if brilliantly done, a great conversion and is kept really well - there are heaters too which really help! Lots of props to choose from as well as different backdrops. Overall really enjoyed the few hours I spent here and really look forward to seeing what we created! Lovely gent that I hope to shoot with again, would definitely recommend. X

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I had a really good shoot with TJ he has a great studio to work in.

Our shoot went really well and we managed to do a lot of sets. He had some great ideas the images look fab!

TJ is respectful, chatty friendly and great to work with!

Thank you! Really hope we can shoot again!

Highly Recommended :-)

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Had one of the best shoots honestky cant wait to get all the photos he made it fun all the time and made me feel comfortable constantly

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Had such a fun shoot with TJ!!

Great communication pre shoot, we exchanged mood boards and ideas, it was the first shoot TJ had done in his studio which was a garage converted to such a good standard (with a lovely stone wall). This was the first time I'd shot with a swing and material hanging down so we played with different ideas and TJ helped me experiment with new and different poses capturing many different positions haha!

TJ was throughout very complementing and ensured I were happy with the images as he snapped and ensured I were comfortable, Tj's wife even brought us out some coffees and offered home made banana bread. Look forward to shooting again and seeing more of the images!

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Really enjoyed my shoot! So many ideas to choose from in his studio.

Made to feel very welcome and comfortable!

Would definitely shoot again

Thank you 😊

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Had a great shoot with TJ!

Had choice of so many props in an amazing home made studio.

The shoot went sadly so quick but I enjoyed every second of it.

Although I felt like I did a full on work out! Haha

Great photographer I actually loved nearly every picture we took! 😁😁😁

Can't wait to shoot again!

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So I have just had a shoot with TJ and would like to recommend him to any other models out there that enjoy working with a professional fun photographer!

TJ spent the whole time praising me and making me feel confident with my poses he is an excellent photographer and very good at what he does

Very chatty and easy going made me feel completely comfterble, his ideas are very different to other photographers he has his on style (it's a good thing) - 10000% recommend :)

Thanks again TJ

Look forward to our next shoot


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Laney Modelle

Had my first shoot with Tj last Friday and although I was unwell he was fantastic and mad sure I was ok to carry on throughout! His studio is also fantastic he literally has everything in it I could have thought of (intact more) .. TJ is very easy going and welcomed any ideas I had .. communications throughout were also great which is always helpful too ☺ .. I would definitely recommend Tj and am hoping to shoot with him again in the near future

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Had a blast with TJ, Great guy, great photographer, we captured some amazing images.

Couldn't recommend him enough and hope to work with him again. Thank you TJ :) x

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Emmie Loo

I finally had my first shoot with TJ yesterday, and I loved every minute. His studio is well equipped and I was made to feel comfortable and welcome.

We worked very well together, and with Tj's impressive direction, we got some great shots!

Can't recommend enough, and very eager to work with him again. Thank you, and I can't wait to see the results

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I had such a fun shoot on Friday. I'm so glad that I got to shoot with TJ.

I would defiantly recommend and I would love to shoot again at some point. :)

Such a lovely man.


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I had a wonderful shoot with TJ at his studio today. I'd been admiring his creative images for a while and was really excited about working with him and he was just as lovely, kind, polite and considerate in person as he was in his messages.

TJ had his lights and a beautiful set all ready when I arrived and lots of ideas using his great collection of props and equipment. After a chat and sorting through outfits, we started with a delicate tunic and shorts for some relaxed art images, then moved onto leotards and sheer dance skirts for some really creative aerial poses. I'd not done them before but I was very keen to have a go and TJ was happy to let me experiment. Every minute was heaven!

I would highly recommend TJ to any model and would love to work with him again. Thank you for a lovely morning x

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blonde 94

I had a really great shoot with TJ Friday. Again, it was a lot of fun and TJ has lots of creative ideas and props.

TJ is very friendly and professional and I love the pictures from the shoot.

I would definitely like to work with TJ again :) highly recommend.

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Hayley Noir

I am completely new to modelling so felt abit nervous before the shoot, however when I met TjPhotos he made me feel very welcomed and comfortable in his studio!

On the day of the shoot we had good communication throughout about what kind of things I wanted to try and had great fun using his props... especially the fan!

I would highly recommend TjPhotos and will happily work with him again :)

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Beth Smith

Had a fantastic shoot with Procapture yesterday.

Absolutely loved his studio, filled with hidden treasures. We had great communication prior to the shoot and had lots of different ideas from swinging to dancing jumps. Procapture was great with input and direction!

I would happily work with him again!

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Jodie Ellen

I had my third shoot with the wonderful Tj last week at his wonderful home studio. TJ has a great kitted out home studio, perfect for models, warm, cosy and tons of props. this shoot was for a certain theme, and I think we aced it! I love working with TJ, hes so friendly and welcoming and just so great to work with! the results speak for themselves :D

100% recommended :D

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