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noa the model

This was my second shoot with Felix but it almost felt as if we had had many more in the past. Its always super relaxed and nice with him and he always makes a point of being very caring and kind.

His communication before the shoot was great, he picked me up and dropped me off and during the shoot the was a great mix of him having ideas, as well as him leaving me to do my thing :)

I definitely recommend working with him, as I find him nice and reliable

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Naked Soul

"Shooting with Felix is always fun and relaxing. this was my second shoot with him, an amazing photographer, and the result is breathtaking. being a great photographer he is also a very good human being. he treats his models very well. Thank you Felix for a great shoot. Highly recommended!!!"

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I had a great time shooting with Felix!

We had a fun down to earth day, where we did some outdoor shoots around the Hague, Netherlands. I completely loved the locations, different from what I've made before, just wonderful. He is a very easygoing , fun and kind man. He is helpful and cares about the model. I felt great during the whole shoot, and he lets the model be creative and a bit crazy and wild, which was so fun 😜

I can definitely recommend Felix to every model, who wants to have fun and explore the wildness during a shoot. Thank you for a great shoot!

Hope to shoot with you again soon, that would be lovely!

Best wishes,


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Drew Suicide

I had a very good experience in working with Felix. He’s a professional photographer but he’s also friendly and kind. He sent me already some beautiful photos from our shooting. I highly recommend him and I’m looking forward to work with him again.

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Was absolutely wonderful to work with. The pictures turned out beautifully and i felt comfortable the entire time! Highly recommend

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Lizzie Elizabeth

I had my my first shoot with Tisign photography yesterday during my tour in Holland. I had a great time shooting with him he’s so friendly and chatty and has very different ideas which I loved. We laughed a lot during our shoot which I think is good as we both had fun. He looked after me very well and made the best coffee with great cookies. I would highly recommend any model who’s coming to Amsterdam to shoot with him. Thanks again for a great day Felix and I hope to work with you again in the future.



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UkCuteGirl Lucy

I recently had my first shoot with TisignPhotography during my tour in Holland. He was so lovely and super organised. The pre shoot comms were perfect making it super easy to arrange everything.

During the shoot he looked after me very well, was friendly, polite and positive.

After the shoot he sent me the amazing pictures he took which was very kind and I loved them!

I would highly recommend working with him if you get the chance!

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I've stayed over for a couple of nights at Felix's place during my Holland tour, and we've also had a really good shooting session. He was really helpful with everything and our shoot went extremely well. He has lots of props and outfits to use which is always goid. Felix is very fun and easygoing and I'd happily shoot with him again in the future. The images I've received so far look absolutely stunning!


A x

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I had a great shoot with Felix on the last shooting day of my Netherlands Tour!

He came to my hotel, and we were able to make use of the natural light from the huge windows. Fun and friendly, but also respectful, he gave ideas in pre-shoot comms and conversation flowed effortlessly, due to his wonderful English. We tried various looks and styles, with Felix getting a work-out too, to capture an array of angles and get the best possible shot! Letting me pose freely, but also providing his own ideas, we worked well and I loved seeing the BOC images.

Many thanks Felix- love seeing the images so far and happy to recommend!

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Naked Soul

Shooting with Felix is always fun and relaxing. this was my second shoot with him, an amazing photographer, and the result is breathtaking. being a great photographer he is also a very good human being. he treats his models very well. Thank you Felix for a great shoot. Highly recommended!!!

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Felix is so easy and pleasant to work with! This is how it has to be with every photographer. Thank you for nice afternoon and pictures we created :) highest recommends! Im looking forward for our next shoot!

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Ivy Rose Gehenna

Just had a two-day shoot with Felix in his studio, as well as outdoors.

I had a wonderful time working with Felix, it was really fun! Felix is great to work with, he's very down to earth, easy to get on with, super creative and very professional. He was buzzing with new ideas on both days, and seemed to be very enthusiastic about everything we did. It is always really nice to see someone who's truly passionate about photography. He showed me many of the photos we got on both days and they all looked great.

Felix works at a relaxed pace whilst still being very productive, so we had time to chat and hang out between sets as well as at dinner time and he's a truly great person to spend time with. He's also a true gentleman - from opening car doors for me, to making sure I stay hydrated and even giving me a lift home (I stayed quite far out)!

I can't say enough nice words about Felix - he's simply a star, and one of the sweetest people I've met in the community throughout 4 years. Looking forward to meeting him next time I'm in Holland! x

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Lily Moonflower

We had a really fun shoot together around The Hague, he arrived on time despite it being really early in the morning.

Felix was kind and easy to talk to, I really enjoyed our shoot together. He sent many images on the first day and I saw loads on the back of the camera - they all looked great and I look forward to seeing more.

I hope we can work together again next time I visit The Netherlands. :)

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Kitty Dawson

I had a great shoot with Felix. Felix is kind, punctual, respectful, professional and creative.

We shot outdoors in a lovely park in The Hague, some shots in a park and nature.I really enjoyed shooting with him, despite the wind being very strong that day. After I embraced the cold, I became even more alive :D !

I look forward to our results.

The results I’ve seen so far are absolutely beautiful!

He was very kind also after the shoot to buy me some potato wedges and a hot drink to warm up from the cold.

Highly reccomended :)

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Thanks for nice and fun shooting with you again:) It was great shooting for me, you are very nice photograph and good person. And we had great time together! I like your photo style:) I hope thah we will be shoot again together:)

Thanks and take care!

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Gabriella Knight .

Another shoot with Felix!

Felix made me feel very welcome at his place and made sure I’m comfortable and happy with everything what we were shooting.

Felix has outstanding sense of humour on shoots! His jokes are great and I can’t never stop laughing:D

His also very creative and professional photographer! I got few edits from Felix which I truely liked!

Thank you again for hosting me and shooting me! It was a pleasure !:)

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Rachelle Summers

Had my first shoot with Felix on my recent trip the the Netherlands, and hope it won't be our last :)

Felix is incredibly laid back and the shoot was really relaxed! We worked our way through a few different looks/styles and then finished the shoot going for a coffee and taking some lifestyle images. He was then kind enough to give me and Nicole a lift to the airport as it was the last day of our tour :)

Felix is incredibly kind and respectful and I would more than happily recommend him to others!

Hope to work together next time I visit!

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Gabriella Knight .

I had a fantastic shoot with Felix! He's very creative ,easy going and super kind! He made me feel very welcoming. He provided lots of drinks and fruits! Really appreciate it!

We shot different sets and styles and felix showed me pictures on the back of camera.. pics looked pretty awesome!

I can't recommended Felix enough! He's such a sweetheart! Would love to work with felix again!

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Quinn Linden

Felix is a wonderful person and truly talented photographer, so easy to work with. I like the results, they're absolutely fantastic and stylish. I am so grateful for the nicest hospitality, caring attitude and great time we've spent together! Looking forward to the next beautiful shooting in the Netherlands:)

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Keira Lavelle

Another wonderful shoot with Felix! :)

We actually split the shoot in two halves this time: partly because of the way my travel worked and Felix's availability but nonetheless: we had a corking time and made some really beautiful stuff! It also meant we could get to a few different places in the evening I arrived and the next morning creating a bigger variety of images because Felix so kindly hosted me again at his place in The Hague during some of my time in the Netherlands on my latest European mega-tour. We managed to snatch the opportunity to do a whole load of location work which was great since it had been a particularly hot spell and Felix knew of some really cool places to go. We got beach shots, woodland shots and even some editorial fitness done! Each set throwing out some totally wonderful imagery. :D Productivity was at it's best for sure!

Felix has always been a fantastic host, on both occasions I have stayed with him! He's really courteous and respectful making the models feel really welcome, feeding them up with yummy food and providing a safe/comfortable base for a night or two on a tour. :) When I had cancellation issues with my booked accommodation on the last night of my tour before I flew home, he showed a lot of concern making sure I wasn't going to be left stranded. I totally recommend him simply as a host because he's a totally cool guy and very easy going. It's also so helpful when you're actually shooting together because all you stuff is there and ready for the next day or you're not having to drag everything out after an evening shoot. Thank you so much Felix just for being a fab host! :)

He's a pretty brill photographer too! :D The light we had over the styles that we did was so variable: it was the back-end of what had been an insanely sunny period so one moment Felix would be battling with strong sun changing intensity by the second, then it was much darker/softer light deep in the woods. He made some truly beautiful pictures of me: from very strong editorial fitness to totally artsy-nymph in nature and the fact that he is so versatile as a photographer means that so many models (with different style preferences) could have a really awesome shoot with him and he'd have no trouble at all creating some lush material. :) The pace was as chilled and relaxed as usual, Felix will always have great visions for a shot in his head once you set up for an idea but he's totally game for hearing the models ideas too. It's always nice to flow straight into it on a second/3rd shoot as well as you already have an idea of how each other work as creatives so you bounce into it quite effortlessly.

A really awesome gentleman to work with for all models who may find themselves in Holland! Completely professional, really courteous and understanding of different models levels. He's fun to work with too and the vibes will be guaranteed to be full of energy and positive at all times. :D It's good to have a laugh as you work. :)

Thank you so much Felix!


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