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Time flew when working with Timmbo today. We managed to use 3 different locations (woodlands, fields and town) to get some different series. Tim gave me a lot of creative control and I really enjoyed bouncing ideas off him.

I hope to work with Tim again soon.

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What can I say about Tim, well considering he only lives round the corner from me, I'm shocked that this is only our second shoot together. But I can assure you it won't be the last. Tim is completely focused on the task at hand, which for this shoot was my legs and heels project. Time wasn't on our side, but i have received lots of great images. Subsequently getting commendation for two of the images within a few days....lovely fella, photographer extraordinaire ...big thumbs up from me

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theresa louise

Had a great first shoot with tim. This was a last minute booking, pre communication was spot on. He's professional, friendly and a relaxed photographer

Would recommended him to any model


Theresa xxxx

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