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Figure Nude

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Figure Nude

Added 1419766800 by Tillie Model.

VADAVAVADAVA said, 1520269058

... Perfection ...

PeteBBPeteBB said, 1493110634

Great Image!



Chris CorlettChris Corlett said, 1457387249

Magnificent. Love it.

Ged Carton PhotographyGed Carton Photography said, 1452514900

Absolutely gorgeous

Luismi VillaescusaLuismi Villaescusa said, 1451762872

gorgeous figure

MMMMMM said, 1446413014

Just wow!

PastaCore Alternative PhotographyPastaCore Alternative Photography said, 1427817388

Excellent composition :)

Horace SilverHorace Silver said, 1427791078


Tillie ModelTillie Model said, 1427789707

Thank you from me too for all the lovely comments on this image which I particularly love from this shoot too! Credit to Newschool and K.K :)

newschoolnewschool said, 1427784139

Thanks everyone especially Tillie! and Tim c for suggesting my favourite image from this shot! And k.k for making the image that bit more special

NicoMNicoM said, 1427780765

Agree with Look Deeper

Look DeeperLook Deeper said, 1427763206

Stunning Artistic Nude Photo

Brendan DevineBrendan Devine said, 1427762230

Gorgeous pose and perfect lighting. Especially like how the light has landed on the top of Tillie's bum. Captured wonderfully

MartinMartin said, 1427758967


ByJRByJR said, 1427757091

Captivating, it's that bottom again!!!

TimCTimC said, 1427756858

Congrats on the FPI, I just got the message alerting me my suggestion had been successful. Well done guys.

catchlight45catchlight45 said, 1427178592

Why is this not an FPI so stunning

CocTalesCocTales said, 1423346390

Wonderful work

TuxTux's friend said, 1420151302

Wow, this is beautiful. Well done both. I wish I had taken it :)

Spooky | MeltingPot PicturesSpooky | MeltingPot Pictures said, 1419895306

Faultless - a divine image - gorgeous tones = gorgeous lighting / control of exposure. Fabulous work.

CalandraCalandra said, 1419811468

Great work!

newschoolnewschool said, 1419799607

The lighting was natural light

Pauls-StudioPauls-Studio said, 1419783373

looks effortless and relaxed natural pose perfect well controlled lighting and exposure.

haripaulharipaul said, 1419780585

Thats is a definate wow.

The Scarlet PimpernelThe Scarlet Pimpernel said, 1419779561

Beautiful pose with excellent lighting. What a great figure you have!

luís castanheira | photographyluís castanheira | photography said, 1419778165

All is perfect, Tillie

Matt CMatt C said, 1419776039

Stunning Figure

DavidGBDavidGB said, 1419775697

Very nice image

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1419771580

STUNNING!! Well done to you both!

newschoolnewschool said, 1419769622

If we don't get a fpi for this shot tillie I will be gutted prob my fab from the hole day x