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Had a fantastic second shoot with Russ!

communication pre-shoot was excellent as we bounced ideas back and forth

i was shooting above my usual levels (at my suggestion!) and Russ was so brilliant, nothing but completely respectful throughout the shoot, and made me feel completely at ease.

I genuinely loved shooting with Russ, he is a treasury of ideas and creativity and it's so fun to be a part of the creative process for his art.

can not wait to shoot with him again!

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I reached out to Russ because i love his individual, quirky style and really wanted to shoot with him

I was delighted when Russ agreed to shoot and from the start communication was excellent. Russ suggested some fantastic ideas and we met up prior to the shoot to discuss them.

Russ is so easy to get on with and i felt instantly at ease. he was very considerate throughout the shoot, making sure i wasn't getting too cold. he made getting into a lake at 5am incredibly worth it! Russ is a true artist and has an incredible eye for detail

Russ had his assistant Iona with him who was absolutely wonderful giving me direction from across the lake, she was also super lovely and fun to chat to.

Overall an incredible experience and i truly can not wait to shoot with Russell again!

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Allie Tyler

Russ approached me about a last minute shoot, and I was so delighted that he did! His style is so unique and was excited to work with him, and it was a lovely shoot.

Communication was great from the start, he was very clear on concept, makeup and outfits and I knew exactly what he was looking to achieve. He was considerate, respectful, and kind to both me and my little sister who tagged along (she was waaaay too happy to wave a leaf blower in my face).

Was the perfect balance of professional and laughs, Russ is great fun and clearly incredibly creative and imaginative too.

I can't wait to see what we created, until next time!

Thanks Russ,


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I was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work with Russell today, something that probably wouldnt have been possible if it weren't for remote shooting.

I have been admiring and following Russell since I very first joined purpleport well over 6 years ago and he was someone who I have always wanted to work with.

His imagination and execution of surreal and fantasy images is both outstanding and unique. You could say he has a flavour all of his own!

I noticed an absence of uploads from him many months ago and was rather disappointed, recently however, I saw he was active again so I plucked up the courage and messaged him about a shoot....

:D - that was my face for the rest of the day - can you guess what he said?

Communication was excellent from start to finish, we discussed in depth what I could use, bring, wear, find and how I should set the scene and lighting to enable him to work his magic.

He was absolutely lovely to work with, a gentleman and, he had a list of ideas as long as my arm, which, was no mean feat considering he was working with me. I'm not your ideal willowy, graceful model - far from it in fact, yet it didn't phase him one bit and with his fantastic direction, we got some great and different poses.

I'm so looking forward to seeing the resulting edits :D

Thank you Russell, you were a dream to work with and you are of course 100% recommended.



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Dionne J

My second shoot with Russ and as always was great fun and full of great conversation and giggles. We started outdoors and ended with a few studio shots as well. As always his ideas where to shoot were amazing and he was professional throughout. Such a great talent and a lovely chap too. Thank you

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Well, it had been nearly two years since our first shoot so I was thrilled when we put another date in the diary.

I can't stress enough how well looked after Russ and Stella make you feel in their company, THANK-YOU!!! :D

We shot on location in the morning which was challenging due to the icy wind, but because these two are so organised and prepared, I was able to warm up when needed and we got the shots that Russ had envisioned. In the afternoon, we shot in the studio for some more crazy ideas :)

Absolutely loved seeing them again (and Tally) and sincerely hope we don't leave it so long before our next shoot!!

Thank-you, you two, YOU ROCK!!!! :D

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When I originally read the reviews on here I thought 'what a nice sounding couple' I didn't realise just quite how amazing they are!

I've finally managed to get back to Earth to write this reference and I can't begin to describe how brilliant my experience with them was.

The pre-coms were fabulous with lots of ideas, direction and discussion of what we were due to cover for the weekend, they ensured that I was happy and able to get there and came and picked me up from the station, even when I arrived too early. After getting to know each other a little we went to the local pub for a fabulous meal and to get to know each other better, before a crack of dawn shoot being suspended from the trees in the delightful 'dead womans ditch' (no kidding!) This was followed up by a rest and warm up back at home, with some more time in the studio. Nothing in the day was rushed, and every step was organised and coordinated efficiently and kindly.

The ideas tht Russ came out with were absolutely fantastic and I am madly in love with his whole creative process, the pictures are simply phenominal; I'm lucky to be a part of beautiful artwork.

Overall I couldn't recommend this power couple enough for their kindness, warmth and creativity, as well as the utterly adorable Tally.

I look forward to working with you guys again in the summer, all my love!

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Lelly D

I had a great shoot with Russ who is a very talented and professional guy I was totally at ease throughout the whole shoot and got realty creative bouncing ideas back and forth Russ lovely wife Stella came along which was nice and she was there to help with anything needed to create some beautiful images Stella is very lovely person who makes top notch flapjack I enjoyed myself so much my 2nd shoot is planned I would highly recommend Russ I could work with him over and over again and the best thing of all is he's local so travelling was a breeze especially as we had 7 am start 😋 thanks again for lovely experience looking forward to adding something different to my portfolio 📷📸

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Everly Rose

Well I finally got to shoot with Russ after months of planning and I couldn't be happier.

Russ and his wife Stella are 2 of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met, Without sounding soppy we got on so well and I feel most of all that I have made 2 friends for life :) Also not forgetting Tally one of the cutest dogs in the entire world and who I ended up taking about 200 pictures of because i love his face!

Russ and Stella had planned the most epic beach shoot at dawn for me and had really gone to town making sure every detail was absolutely spot on, we recorded video took many images, everything was perfect and I feel so so spoilt that they chose me to be part of their project.

On our travels we met wild horses and their foals, sheep, cows, skylarks and a prawn! hehe

Russ and Stella treated me to a slap up meal and wine and completely looked after me from start to finish, I loved it so much I have already pestered them to have me back and we are planning weekend no.2.

I really didn't want to leave and felt sad when it was time to go, thanks guys you made my weekend extra special and I can't wait to come back for more epic images and a great big Tally cuddle :)

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Finally shot with Russ and his beautiful partner Stella again for the second time in absolute years, and they're both just as lovely and awesome as ever. Pre-comms were perfect; during the shoot they were courteous and enthusiastic throughout. Stayed round their house the previous night so we could all trek onto the hills at the crack of dawn for some epic sunrise shots, which did indeed turn out epically. I'm 1000% not a morning person but they made the shoot a very happy place and were very understanding of my wimpiness with the cold! Highly recommended, and the images are bloody fantastic too! :)

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My first shoot with Thornback was great! Made extra special by his very lovely assistant, his wife! Who shielded from wind when needed and provided cookies and coffee! The beach was wet and windy, but Thornback knew exactly what he was after, shot flawlessy, with amazing images as an outcome, then back to the warm studio for some inside fun, Brilliant day, very highly recommended! Thank you for a lovely experiance both of you. :) AR.x

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Cassy Marie

Thoroughly enjoyable first shoot with Thornback and his lovely wife. Communications prior were excellent. Location was well thought out and fit the theme. Russ throughout was professional, kind and considerate. I've already received some finished images - I love them. Russ gave the right amount of direction and is highly creative. I would highly recommend Russ and I look forward to working with Russ again in the near future. Thank you :-)

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Polina Black

I was booked by Thornback for a half day shoot in the forest with a progression into a studio shoot. While the conditions we were shooting in were very cold (for me) and windy, he and his assistant made sure I was comfortable and felt secure.

Luckily, it wasn't too long until we got back in the car and went on to shoot at the studio. It was quite a pleasant experience as I was given various concepts to build my poses around.

Overall, I was given great directions and a had a chance to put my own style into the shoot. The pictures came out great and I'm excited to see the book once it done!

Would a 100% recommend and would gladly shoot again!

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Anita De Bauch

I had a great art shoot with Russ and Stella- lovely people and we created some lovely images! 100% recommended :D

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Dionne J

Wow where do I start. Russ and Stella are a truly lovely couple. They made me feel so relaxed from the second I got there. We had a nice cuppa and a chat about ideas then headed off to a beautiful location in Somerset to begin. They brought drinks and snacks and even a towel to keep me warm in between shots in fact they helped in anyway they could.

They were well prepared on the day and pre shoot. I feel so lucky to have worked with them and this was the most enjoyable shoot I have ever done.

The images I have received so far are truly stunning I am so happy with them 😄 Thornbacks ideas and work are incredible this guy is seriously talented!

Thanks both again an amazing experience and the dogs are just adorable x

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Alice Kemble

I was very lucky to work with Thornback and his lovely wife. Communications were excellent and so was preparation on the day. Locations were well chosen and every consideration was given to comfort and creating lovely images.

I thoroughly recommend the experience.

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Horace Silver

I feel very lucky that I could work with Thornback! What a great experience it was : great ideas and concepts, great preparation, great enthusiasm, great locations and how great results!

Thornback was also very open to some of my ideas and we could make some crazy shots in addition to what he had prepared.

He and his lovely wife are the most caring people with their models and they brought everything I might need on the cold and wet location we went in the morning, so that the difficult conditions of some shots were really affordable and didn't prevent me to have fun during all the shoot. Thanks for being so careful!

If you have the opportunity to work with these lovely people, don't hesitate and go running, you won't regret it! See you soon Thornback!

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Russ and his wife, Stella kindly put me up at theirs for a few days - we worked on various stunning locations and in his home studio. He is very quirky and creative, great to work with, and I really like his unique vision - the results are different to anything else on my port, the pix I've seen so far are really fantastic, I am so pleased with what we achieved together. I really enjoyed making challenging shapes and hanging in mid air with a harness attached! Stella was also lovely to have around, very considerate and welcoming, and it was useful having a female assistant on location. Thank you both (: and the dogs were sooo cute.

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I had my second shoot with Russ at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Russ and his wife Stella made excellent hosts, offering for me to stay the night after a wonderful meal to be up for a sunrise shoot the next morning. Russ was very considerate and made sure I was comfortable when shooting on location, and gave great direction both there and in the studio.

It's always a laugh and I'm looking forward to our next shoot - highly recommended

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Where do I start?!!! Recently had my first shoot with Russ and Stella, what an amazing team they make! They very kindly let me stay with them for a couple of nights and made me feel so welcome and at home (I was very grateful for the doggy snuggles too!). Pre-shoot communications were perfect, both Russ and Stella are professional, friendly and brilliant company. I felt so well looked after and Stella is amazingly organised with hot drinks, snacks and always so helpful and on hand to keep you warm or be a look-out.

The shoots were amazing, well thought out from locations to timings and I felt safe at all times despite having to face some of my fears.

I sincerely hope we have the chance to shoot together in the future. I love Russ's creativity and visions and absolutely loved our adventures together!

Highly recommended by me :D

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