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Finally we were able to shoot after a long time trying! Sickness, covid and extreme weather got in our way previously!

We'd discussed for a while doing a Halloween shoot (even for the middle of August!) Michael had loads of props to use and lightning too!

Michael is great to work with, chatty, friendly and makes the shoot fly by.

I highly recommend working with him as you'll have a great time! Thank you and I can't wait for the images! :)

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I finally got to work with Michael again after our first shoot together 6 years ago and just like last time it was great!

Lots of communication beforehand, sharing ideas and finalising a plan together. Michael travelled up to where I was staying which was so helpful! The shoot was professional but still very fun and I always look forward to working with him again :)

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Freyja Phoria

I always love working with alucard! The sweetest human as well as being super professional, great communication and bringing good concepts to every shoot we do. Highly recommend to models who work at all different levels and different styles who want a fun shoot with great results.

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Elena Black

This was my second shoot with Michael- first group shoot together.

There was a pleasant and chilled atmosphere and all the models attending were nice and supportive.

Michael organised the whole shoot and he’s been effective in communicating style/levels/themes beforehand also provided snacks and fun mediums to use during the shoot (dry ice, inflatables for the pool, etc).

The day went along nicely and the event ran smoothly as we all managed to get through various sets in a staggered manner.

Michael’s expertise makes him jump from style to style with ease and we managed to go through different themes and styles from latex to fire photography.

It’s been a pleasure working together again, we definitely got some strong work and I can’t wait to see the results!

Special mention of the fact Michael always supports and promotes a safe and welcoming environment for everyone which is awesome!

In this particular occasion I had asked if my partner could tag along to act as my ‘safety guy’ since some fire photography was in our plans and he agreed on that and welcomed him - it may sound not a so special thing to do, but I had weird experiences in the past so I find people as professional and caring as Michael refreshing in this industry 🙏

I definitely and highly recommend Michael and I hope we’ll get to work together again soon!

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Michael is a lovely guy and very safe to be around. We did a hotel shoot and some sets in a few changes of outfit outdoors around Manchester.

Great comms beforehand and I have to say his knowledge and skill stood out to me throughout with him changing various lenses at different points to get better results and even managed some great shots in a glass screen shower standing cubicle to reduce the reflection which came out really well.

Provided great direction and was happy to play about with any ideas I had. Would happily work with again if I am ever in his area or he is near me in Manchester again :D Thanks for a great shoot and wonderful images!

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Naomi Rhiannon

Had a fantastic shoot with Michael. He kept me fully informed with his journey and pre and post shoot comms were fantastic.

He came prepared with lots of props and things to make the photos more interesting, and I enjoyed experimenting with different lights and little bits and pieces.

I received a set of photos really quickly, and the rest came a little later on.

Michael was easy to talk to, and the few hours we shot together went by super quick.

We also met up for a very quick shoot later on in the year at MCM for a cosplay shoot. Due to the weather and lack of signal, there was a slight delay on both our parts, which couldn’t be helped, so considering the small amount of time we had, I’m really impressed with the results we got!

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I had the absolute pleasure of working with Michael with some friends for a witch themed woodland shoot and I could not be happier about the experience the images Michael produced. Very respectful, kind, friendly and chatty and absolutely brilliant at what he does! Very much looking forward to the next time we get to work together :)

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Elena Black

Michael has been fantastic! I had a very pleasant experience, he’s been very nice and enthusiastic since the very beginning. I had a bit of an unorthodox idea, but he played along and helped me see things through making me feel free to express myself. After the shoot we also had a nice chat, chilling and having a coffee. He’s a great guy and an amazingly talented photographer! I really had much of a hard time in narrowing down the selection of photos! He’s also been quick and reliable in responding to messages, arranging the shoot, sending pics to choose, etc. Loved working together, hopefully we’ll get more chances in the future! Thank you so much! :)

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Sara Mirta

I had an amazing shooting day with Michael yesterday.

I wanted to work with him so much, and I was really happy to finally have a cosplay shoot planned.

The atmosphere was really relaxed, and spontaneous.

I felt completely at ease and I am already looking forward to our next collaboration!

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Ivy Vxlentine

Me and Joseph got to work with Micheal today on my London tour! We had a few minor hiccups however Michael had been very pleasant and understanding! We walked around London and got some shots! Communication throughout was amazing and I loved a load of the images during the shoot! 🥰

Thanks again for having us!

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Joseph Hutchings

Had the pleasure of working with Alucard on our London tour, was so friendly and welcoming!

Made us feel very comfortable, found some lovely locations and some amazing shoots! Time flew by, would definitely work with again.

Highly recommend!

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Had an awesome shoot with Micheal on Monday, we went to the lavender farm in Mayfield and he kindly paid for my entry. Micheal knew exactly what he was doing and was prepared with everything he needed for the shoot.

We got lots of fun and beautiful shots, had a good chat and afterwards we got some lunch together!

Would definitely recommend Micheal and would love to work with him again!

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Retreat 🏞

The first weekend shoot of the year just finished, and would completely recommend ALUCARD PHOTOGRAPHY.

This was a trail run for our studio for over night shoots, so for us it was completely enjoyable to have both photographer and model here for 2 days.

Looking forward to see your work and more importantly, looking forward to seeing you return.

Many thanks

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Katty Stardust

A pleasure to work with, communication was excellent throughout and very happy to work with my ideas. Definitely recommended, thanks!

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Beast Awakens

I filled in a last minute availability slot for Michael while he was down, so we had quick and easy pre-comms, and a super flexible and varied shoot day! Shot some fun UV stuff inside, then changed into cosplay, went for a wander around town and managed to create some great shots!

Would definitely recommend :)

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Micheal is a really great photographer, he’s welcoming and really easy to get along with would definitely work with again

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Harley Jay Sear

I worked with Micheal at the beginning of October and had a very successful shoot. We shot on a variety of locations and got a good selection of photos despite it raining quite heavily. It was a pleasure to work with him as he is very easy going and I felt very comfortable when doing shots. I would definitely work with him again.

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I got some very great shots from this shoot. I felt very comfortable shooting with him. I would definitely recommend anyone to work with him.

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I had the pleasure of working with Michael on Tuesday in Central London.

His communication before and after was great. He is a lovely person to work with and very easy to get along with!

Looking forward to seeing the images, 100% recommend him and would like to work with him again in future.

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Michael is really friendly and communicative, relaxed and great at shoot ideas and suggestions. Highly recommended!

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