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Daisy Mae

I had my second shoot with John today and again he was on time and so lovely to work with! I always have great fun shooting with John this time we worked completely with natural lighting and he still got such amazing images.

I really recommend working with John and look forward to working with him again in the future.

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Lady Elite

I had another shoot with John and as usual, he comes with plenty of enthusiasm and big smiles

We were shooting for a Retro Magazine so he had some clear ideas of what he was looking for.

He allowed me to improvise and work with my body shape to improve on any shots

Its always a joy working with him.

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Odette Flaur.

On Monday the 16th I had my first shoot with John for Halcyon Blue Bikinis. John is fantastic to shoot with, he is fun and very professional :) The shoot was very relaxed and the time simply flew by !

Highly recommended to all models and I honestly can't wait for my next shoot with John and Paul from Halcyon Blue,

Thank you very much for a fantastic shooting,


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Lady Elite

I always enjoy working with John no matter what the project is.

I gave him the challenge of working totally freely with no lighting equipment and he came into his own.

If you love a cuppa and a giggle definitely give John a go, you wont be disappointed.

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Katie Johnson Hair and Makeup Artist

Worked with John on a recent fashion shoot with model Corbeau LIs.

What can I say other than John is lovely! He was very patient whilst we did the hair and makeup and was very easy to get along with and have a laugh with behind the scenes. Plus he is also incredibly professional and really worked with the theme and overall 'look' of the shoot... And used the small shooting space we were in to it's full potential, you would think we were in a giant studio!

John really knows his stuff, thanks for a great shoot and would highly recommend!

Hope to work together in the future!

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Lady Elite

John turned up bright and early for my shoot with him at my home. Myself and the MUA were still eating lunch haha.

But he was happy to make himself and others tea and chat while i was being styled, and shot the process too.

He made use of the tiny space which i was in awe of, as it really is a squeeze but he did it with class, and even giggled when he kept falling over the bed.

Bless you John, you are always a star :)

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I shot with John again today for Halcyon Blue Bikinis. We had boxes of items to shoot but it didn't feel like work! Its soooo much fun working with the Fox! He is a gentleman! Great sense of humour and fantastic communication! I cant wait for the next time! x

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Lady Elite

I got to shoot with John at the Altostratus Penthouse recently and he clearly knows the space well, as he got a lot done with the 4 hour slot we had.

He kindly picked me up from my home and drove me to the studio and back again, and we chatted like good friends all the way. He always makes it fun for me and he has a cracking sense of humour.

He was happy to let me dig around my huge case to put together the looks for each set. He also doesnt over direct letting me do what i do, but may jump in just to tweak the odd pose here or there.

He also makes the coffee... bonus!!

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I had a long shoot with John today. He was fun to work with and was willing to listen to my ideas, as well as having a good idea of what he wanted from the shoot too. His pre shoot communication was excellent and he is a very professional photographer to work with and made sure I was fed and watered throughout the day!

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Lady Elite

I have known John for a while now, and i finally got to shoot with him on a Friday evening at my home.

He really came into his own when faced with the challenge of shooting in my bedroom with his lighting gear.

but he was excellent, his many years experience really showed, he gave me invaluable tips not only to improve my modelling but also my photography.

I would definitely like to work with john again, as long as he doesnt steal all the custard creams :)

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Yuki Anne said...

I worked with john this morning and it was great, we had a lot of fun and got some great shots. He was great at directing me and working with different ideas. It was easy to relax and get into the shoot and we had a great chat and a laugh while we worked.

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I worked with Fantastic Mr Fox today on a shoot for Halcyon Blue bikinis. The pleasure was all mine. He was early and ready to go by the time I arrived. John is friendly and professional with a great sense of humour, Very easy to shoot with and gives great simple direction. Highly recommend. Looking forward to shooting again in the future. Sammi x

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I worked with John on a shoot for Halycon Blue swimwear and he was a delight to work with.

John is chatty, kind and professional, and made me feel great throughout the whole shoot.

John has a good sense of humour which is always nice when working with someone. As we were shooting quite standard shots for the swimwear range it was nice to have a giggle and we worked quickly and efficiently together.

Look forward to working with John again :)


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