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Amateur photographer, mostly having shot sports/landscapes/still subject matter, looking to work with models for portraits in any style and gain experience working with experienced models. What I've already done: Sports (mostly rugby) Architecture (castles, ruins, cathedrals, etc.) Outdoors shoots (nature, wildlife, sunsets, landscapes, abandoned buildings etc.) Still subject matter (ships, aircraft, cars, motorbikes) Gigs, Weddings.

What I'd like to try in the future: PortraitsAlternative fashionOther sports, particularly extreme sportsQuirky/Bizarre (body mods, piercings, tattoos, alternative culture)Fetish/Nude/Erotic/Glamour etc.

I'm willing to work with anyone, but please bear in mind, my work with humans has been limited and actual experienced models, non existent. So, if you are an experienced model, and willing to work with a newbie photographer, and perhaps guide him in the right direction on his quest to attain the perfect photo, then please, drop me a line with your photo shoot ideas, and who knows, that perfect photo, may be of you.




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