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Scarlet Jones

Worked with Peter today at Thurston Lodge.

Peters's communications were great with the shoot booked in a matter of messages.

On arrival, Peter was very accommodating mixing it up the themes with both Peters and myself choices. Peter isnt a slave driver, gives breaks and easy to talk to. He knows how to control light and creates some stunning work.

Thank you for a pleasnt shoot. Jessica

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Peter booked me for a second time this time to attend Studland with him.

Pre comms were great knew what was needed and what times we would meet and be at places. He picked me up 5am and drove me there and back.

He always has his ideas of what he would like, takes myself out of my comfort zone with more glamor images.

He very much knows what he is doing:)

Always sends images back super fast.

Thanks again Peter

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Athena Rose

The lovely Tarmoo, had a cheeky little 2 hour shoot with peter at Studland house and the time flew past! But in that time we managed several outfit changes and looks, a duo ballerina shoot, lingerie and some shots outside on the beautiful grounds. Peter is patient and is happy to just let you go with the flow. I definitely recommend peter and hope to work with him again soon. 🌹

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Scarlett Jones

Lovely to meet Peter! Very professional, punctual and gave great direction.

Would definitely work with him again, and cant wait to see some images from the shoot; im sure they'll be amazing!

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Oh where to start!

Shooting with Peter at Thurston Lodge for the second time now! It’s been fantastic!

Had some really great shots & Peter got me out of my comfort zone to actually take some portraits - I hate portraits haha! But his use of lighting, all the technical things and the camera, the shots came out awesome!

Peter is great to work with & always has such an air of calmness about him which makes the shoot flow so well and a great human overall.

Definitely recommended & looking forward to future shoots :) x thanks again Peterrrr


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Amber Tutton

Absolutely recommend Tamroo! We’ve been wanting to shoot together for a while now, and finally got the opportunity! We only shot for 2 hours so we had to get as many looks as possible for the time frame but we nailed it! I found him to be polite, knew lots about cameras and lenses and very easy to get on with!

Shots are another level! Very pleased

Can’t wait to model for him again (hopefully soon)

Thanks so much

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noorie anna

I had such a lovely time working with Peter. He is a really friendly, helpful and talented photographer.

He also has a great energy towards animals and he was great with my dog. :)

I hope to work with him again and I would highly recommend him.

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Thurston Lodge

It has been a pleasure to have Peter at Thurston Lodge over the last 2 years. During that time I have seen some of the best photography taken at the Lodge. A reliable,helpful and friendly presence.

I look forward to seeing Peter again soon!

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Ariel Taylor

Second shoot with the wonderful Peter at Thurston Lodge!

Again, the time went by so quickly as Peter is such a great person to work with. We did a mixture of prom fashion,lingerie and dance. His knowledge about photography, equipment and lighting is very impressive- he taught me quite a few things ;)!

Peter's communication and professionalism throughout our shoot was spot on. The images looked so good on the back of the camera and the results are truly spectacular. I don't know how this man turns images around so quickly- but he can do it!

I hope we will be able to work together again when I am back down his way :)

Thanks again Peter!

Super enjoyable shoot, highly recommended.

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Peter picked me up from my house and drove me to the venue of Thurston Lodge, he was chatty and made me feel at ease. He was a lovely Photographer to work with and knew the location and his lights very well which made the day run smoothly . He was extremely fast at sending me a link with some pictures in which was wonderful to see. Highly recommended.

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Had a wonderful first shoot with Peter on Friday!

We met at the station and travelled to Thurston Lodge - blown away by the place and my first time there too. Peter was such a gentleman and professional with a calming demeanour - the shoot flowed and direction was given where needed to get the best shots!

Ran out of time towards the end but excited to see the work!

Really great afternoon!

Even shot some portrait which I was amazed by how great it looked at the back of the camera as I never tend to shoot this! Made me feel completely at ease and gave me more confident with what I was doing - our ideas combined turned out great.

Coffees, balancing on the staircase and a great shoot.

Peter has a really great eye for powerful images!

Looking forward to be working with him again.

Highly highly recommended !! x

Thank you ever so much Peter!

Until next time :) x

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Ariel Taylor

Had an absolutely fantastic first shoot with Peter today :)

We shot in the beautiful Thurston lodge. What a gorgeous place to shoot in!

Peter's pre coms were spot on. I knew exactly what to bring with me and what we were aiming for. The 4 hours flew by incredibly quickly, however we got a lot done! Blown away by the pictures I've already seen, can't wait to see more. Peter is very professional and kind. His knowledge and precision when it comes to photography is superb :)

We've already booked to shoot again next month which I'm super excited for already :)!

Highly recommended

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Was a pleasure to shoot eith great pre comms and achieved some awesome photos! Very relaxed shoot

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Such a lovely person to work with. A full day with lots of ideas to bounce around. Created some interesting images. Would definitely recommend. Can not wait to work with you again xXx

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Bad Dolly

Today I had my first shoot with Peter at The Villa Studio in Hove and he was kind enough to pick me up from home and drive me to the shoot :)

Peter is a very experienced photographer with a brilliant eye for natural light, he knew what he was looking for from each set and gave plenty of direction so it was very easy for me, and we shot a lovely variety of sets which is always a bonus.

Thanks a lot Peter :) x

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I worked with the lovely Peter for the second time. Peters pre comms were excellent and he booked Thurston Lodge for half a day.

Peter was really relaxed on our shoot, he had brought his lighting which we used alongside the natural light.

We covered a variety of sets, never staying too long on one thing. Peter is polite, friendly and allows for creative posing :)

I really enjoyed our shoot and the images look fantastic.

Highly recommended

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Alenka Va

I was lucky to shoot with Peter today. We have arranged the shoot at my place, he was on time and fully prepared. What can I say? He is an amazing photographer and such a nice person. I really enjoyed working with him, I couldn’t notice time passing. I love the way he works, he created a very friendly environment, it was easy to shoot with him. Peter is very helpful with posing. I hope we will work again soon. Thank you very much for the great day! I would definitely recommend Peter!

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Stella Star

I have just finished my Kent tour where I go to work with Peter.

We had a great day! I even had the pleasure of working along side my good friend and model Hurley.

From the moment we were picked up to when we were dropped of, Peter and I kept up great conversations. Whilst shooting he communicated well of what he was looking for and we used Thurston Lodge's space really well! I have seen some images since and i'm really pleased :)

Pre comms were perfect, images and reference were really prompt too.

Looking forward to working with Peter again!



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I was very kindly invited to join Peter on his shoot with Alexandra Mccue whilst she was touring our ends and it was a really lovely day. He was very attentive to our needs and also has an awesome taste in music! We captured some really beautiful images and I would highly recommend him to any model :D ♥

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Elle Beth

It was wonderful after 4 or 5 years to have a second shoot with Peter this time at Thurston Lodge. Peter is very relaxed to work with, easy going but with the aim to capture a fantastic photos. we captured lots of dance using different lighting set ups and trying out different possibilities Peter allowed me to pose freely and try out my own ideas on the set we where shooting.

I hope to work with Peter again, Highly Recommended!

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