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Belle Eve

I have known Em for many years but I've never had the opportunity to shoot with her! so after a day of modelling together we jumped in the car on the hunt for the perfect field at golden hour.

Unfortunately golden hour didnt .... get gold.... but we managed to get some fabulous shots anyway!

I am in love with the shots she captured and we where only shooting for not even 10 minutes!

I highly recommend this fabulous photographer.

Much love,


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Big Shot Studio

Em booked the studio to shoot with Theresa on a workshop with Jon Downs and she is obviously a keen photographer as well as being a superb model. This is the first time I have seen Em in a photographer capacity and she is obviously very keen to learn new skills, she was enthusiastic and also had a great laugh in the studio. They say models make the best photographers, I can imagine Em will be as successful with her photography as she is with her modelling. It will be great to see some of the images up here that I saw on the back of the camera as they looked really good! Lovely to see you again Em :)

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theresa louise

Em booked myself and Jon for a 1-2-1 tutorial at Big Shot Studio and honestly I'm so glad she did.

I've met Em a few times but never had the chance to work with her. Absolutely hilarious from the minute I saw her. I have never smiled and laughed so much on a tutorial.

Em really picked up everything Jon was teaching her. Got some stunning shots.

Highly recommended by me.

Thanks Em

T xxxx

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Jon Downs

Em booked Theresa Louise and myself for a 1-2-1 tutorial at Big Shot. I’ve worked with Em as a model in the past and it she’s always a blast – but even with Em on the other side of the camera the banter kept on flowing.

The tutorial itself went very well and was very productive ... and was also one of the funniest ones Theresa and I have done in a while.

Em was very receptive to the training and put what we what we discussed to good use straightaway. Em got some amazing shots.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Cheers Em :) :)

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