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Brilliant first shoot with Tanya on Friday with great communications leading up to the shoot.

During the shoot Tanya was full of enthusiasm and energy. Her communications throughout were timely, insightful, constructive, relevant and unambiguous. She is intelligent and engages in conversation freely, and with a good sense of humour. Whilst shooting she contributed to ideas of which she was able to execute with very little direction.

I think we were both pleased with the results from a relaxed and professional shoot.

I’ll definitely look forward to shooting her again and recommend her.

Thanks for a cool shoot Tanya... you were spot on!

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Tanya was fantastic to work with, full of ideas, pointers and help and very patient with me, personality to match her looks, hope my photos did her justice, I'll be booking up again in the near future.

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Tracey Lain

I have worked with Tanya many times over the years, both as a producer as well as a model alongside her. She is highly professional and always well prepared for each shoot. Tanya must be one of the most efficient models I have ever met in all my time in the business, but also the friendliest. I am lucky enough to call her one of my friends and hope we will work together a lot more. She is always reliable and on time, as well as perfectly organised. Definitely recommend. 😊👍

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Greg Hardy

Must admit was a little nervous about shooting with Tanya, given the depth of her experience but could not have enjoyed the shoot more. Four hours flew by and both she and Cameron could not have been more friendly, to the extent of showing me the best places for a bite to eat after the shoot. Got some great images to take away, plus the knowledge I've shot with such a versatile model. Hoping to shoot with this pocket rocket again as soon as we can arrange a date. Heartily recommend. Thanks Tanya.

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First time with the lovely Tanya... communications were great, showed up with a myriad of outfits, very engaging, really wanted to get the shot I was looking for - amazing!!! Thank you very much for your patience! Recommended 100%!!!!

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Met Tanya for the first time after communications between us about the shoot. We planned a shoot at pear tree studios once there Tanya set about laying out lots of lovely matching outfits.

Tanya’s expierence showed from the first click of the camera her posing was spot on and so easy to work with a very friendly confident lady.

Very highly recommended from beginners to expierenced togs a must to work with.

Thank you Tanya look forward to working with you again.

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pear tree studios1

We had the pleasure of Tanya in the studio today, she came we prepared and was a professional she is very easy to work with for professionals or amateur looking for a fantastic model highly recommend and would welcome back anytime

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Completed our seventh shoot together on Tuesday. You don't do seven shoots with someone unless they are very good. Tanya, a good corresponder, arrived early with a load of kit as usual. Soon into the photography to programme and produced good stuff to both our satisfactions. As ever the fun size model was fun to work with, productive and a real contributor. Highly recommended. Book her.

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LIfe in Print

Recently used Tanya for a series of pastel life studies we are working on. Prior to meeting Tanya inspired confidence with her communication. She is a beautiful model who keeps fit and is extremely good shape, wonderful for the images I required. We were lucky with the light and with very little direction Tanya delivered what I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tanya her experience would certainly be invaluable to amateur photographers, I have no doubt that she would happily help and advise. In terms of what I do I have a lot of experience but I am not a professional photographer and would not pretend to be even an amateur one but I do understand light, shade and composition. Tanya was intuitive in understanding my requirement consequently we worked well and had a relaxed time. When time allows I will certainly book Tanya again.

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Truly terrific shoot with Tanya yesterday in Bolton studio.

With her excellent pre-communication, superb attention to shoot plan with her clothing and style, the half-day passed in a blink of an eye.

A very personable, friendly and enthusiastic model, full of energy and an utter delight to shoot. Very highly recommended and without doubt a repeat shoot is a absolute must, as Tanya is a dream to shoot with!

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After months of corresponding with Tanya we finally managed to find a date that suited us both and boy was it worth the wait.

Tanya’s communication was supreme and once at the studio she had brought sufficient outfits to keep us for a week but more importantly had brought exactly what we had discussed for the shoot.

Tanya's eyes are amazing, I took goodness knows how many head shots.

Tanya is fun, confident, extremely professional and is happy to give her ideas but not pushy.

The time flew!!!

The results (even without cropping etc) are stunning and I could not recommend Tanya highly enough to any photographer.

My only sadness is that it will be a few months before I can shoot with Tanya again due to other commitments but I will be calling her at the first opportunity.

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Jerome Razoir

Tanya is a little pocket-rocket. Had a very productive and easy going shoot. She is very easy to shoot and as laid back as a very laid back thing that is professor of laid-backness at Oxford University. Had a delightful shoot, got finished early and had a good gossip while we were at it. At the photography, norty person. Heartily recommended I will shot this lovely young lady again.

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I have just had a most enjoyable shoot with Tanya after a gap of two years, She looks fantastic, models beautifully and is great fun to be around.

Comm's were excellent arranging this shoot , lovely makeup , brought all the clothing I asked her too, she is friendly & has a lovely personality too

I definitely won't leave it long until our next shoot, we are already trying to arrange it , very highly recommended of course to amateur or professional photographers(Y)

Thankyou Tanya you are a fabulous model, see you soon

Geoff :) x

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Tanya is one of the sweetest girls you could ever wish to meet. She is a great model with a vast knowledge and experience.I hope to meet her again soon. I predict she will be a great credit to this site.

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Let me be the first to recommend Tanya here, and I'm sure dozens more will follow. I shot Tanya so long ago that I had a different profile and she had a different hair colour, but her well deserved reputation as a reliable, versatile and professional performer remains - what's the word? - immutable :-)


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Colin Quiller

Professional, hardworking, punctual and conscientious.

Can't recommend her enough.

Great fun to work with, really friendly.

If you're an experienced photographer, she's been there, done that and she'll try really hard to help you achieve the content you need.

If you're a beginner, she'll guide you along, with bags of patience and encouragement.

I know, I've been both.

Plus she has a vast wardrobe and a suitcase that's nearly as big as her!

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