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Apparition in Black

Apparition in Black

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Our folklore includes accounts of many sightings of ghosts of women, usually referred to by the colour of their attire, such as the Green Lady of Stirling Castle, the Gray Lady of Glamis Castle, and several regions have one or more ghosts each of which is simply referred to as the "White Lady".

I had not heard reports of a "Black Lady" but while out one day with may camera in woodlands near the now ruined Eglinton Castle I came across this creature, motionless and dressed all in black. With no traditions to guide me as to the signficance of such a sighting, I know not if seeing the "Black Lady" is an omen of good or evil, but in case it is the latter I feel I must document this while I am still alive to do so.

AndrewNAndrewN said, 1477211394

Good story