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Black and White Portrait

Black and White Portrait / Model RenAka / Uploaded 17th July 2018 @ 12:54 PM

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DannyBoy1DannyBoy1 said, 1576612262

Beautiful image

IrresponsibleperspectiveIrresponsibleperspective said, 1563837797

This is actually amazing

ThomoThomo said, 1554739787

So good!

Skirts with SocksSkirts with Socks said, 1554158037

Faultless b/w capture

wgwimageswgwimages said, 1546940370


FocalPointFocalPoint said, 1546350074

Stunning !!!!

VectorVector said, 1543716407

Beautifully done.

Lilibeth Lilibeth said, 1543009017

Beautiful shot

NorthmoorNorthmoor said, 1542300024

not ordinary, this is lovely :)

RingoRingo said, 1540656697

Get out of here, that's not you!

Manwards84Manwards84 said, 1540598370


Alan TogAlan Tog said, 1540566531

Wow stunning simply stunning.

GH PhotographyGH Photography said, 1532025452


BrookoBrooko said, 1531865616

Nice work

radar6491radar6491 said, 1531845393

very attractive look, great bw image