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Maria Paradise

Met Luke for our first shoot at the buckle factory studios, loved the effort he put in with the cosplay costumes. He had such a range of quality outfits to try. Respectful and helpful when it came to outfit changes, instructed the shoot well, built a really good rapporte with each other. Very enjoyable shoot.

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a really great Cosplay shoot during my three day Tour in Bath with AM Photography at Metropolitan Fox’s fabulous apartment in Bath.

Prior to shooting communication was great and we discussed so many cool looks and ideas. I was so excited as I have always wanted to do more Cosplay. Luke showed me various looks that he’s done before with images and examples plus a few images of the costumes that he could provide.

On the day of the shoot Luke arrived prompt with lots of energy and ready to shoot. I was so impressed at all of Luke photography’s fabulous outfits and props that he brought along. We did a Poison Ivy look and he even brought along an Ivy fence with artificial leaves that looked really realistic.

During the shoot Luke really taught me a lot about Cosplay and helped me get into the character of Poison Ivy with by explaining certain details & characteristics about her. The shoot flowed really well and as the shoot went on we progressed and created some really incredible images!!!!!

More than recommended. Just amazing would love to shoot with this photographer again. Such a gun shoot and learnt so much more about Cosplay.

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What a lovely guy!

Luke and I did my first ever cosplay shoot at the incredible Gunpowder Factory location.

Luke was very understanding about the heat and was happy for me to keep putting my hair up in between shots (which meant throwing a clip at him each time!).

The costumes are so comfortable and easy to manoeuvre in, which meant climbing up ruins was a breeze (although Luke is super on it with health and safety!).

Great connection to have made and looking forward to seeing a few of the shots. Thanks so much for travelling to work with me!

Lila x

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Ashleigh Taylor

Me and Luke arranged a fitness shoot after he messaged saying he would like to explore beyond his usual photography. Pre shoot communications were excellent, Luke gave depth detail of the style he'd like, location and duration. Had a lovely warm welcome on arrival, we got a long straight away after realising we had similar characteristics and interests! Like allowed me to pose freely but when having an idea would make suggestions. We would have been able to shoot more, if given, the weather wasn't so nice and it wasn't a Bank Holiday! Luke drove us to another part (which was still extremely busy) and I felt completely safe and comfortable around him. He's polite yet bubbly - kinda like me!

We're already discussing our next shoot which will be great 🙂🙂

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First shoot with Luke and hopefully not the last.

Like replied to my short notice casting and we quickly sorted a location shoot out.

Luke was waiting at the location with an umbrella waiting for me as the weather was not on our side! Luke is a real gentleman and made sure I was comfortable and helped me with my bags and coat as we walked to our shooting spots, he gives great direction and is very creative with getting great angles (climbing rocks or laying on the ground) you can see the professionalism and drive he has to get the shot! Very friendly funny and chatty which made for a fun day, he even treated me to a coffee and waited for my lift to come get me. I felt very safe and happy with the entire shoot!

Thank you Luke

I give my highest recommendation to Luke.

:) x

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Ava Lee

Had a shoot with Luke near me. He is a gentlemen, very considerate and laid back so doesn’t expect too much. Great at direction, knew exactly what he wanted from each picture. It was an easy day, apart from getting the corset on, and walking on walls with heels on which he helped with and again he is just a gentleman and felt very comfortable and safe with him. The pics that I saw on viewfinder look great as well.

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Charlene Joy

I had my first shoot with Luke today in a local forest near me to shoot some cosplay outfits!

Luke’s pre comms were excellent we spoke in depth before the shoot so it was all planned and ready to go come the day of the shoot.

Luke was respectful kind and polite during the shoot. We bounced ideas off each other and just worked together really well!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Luke and can’t wait to shoot with him again soon!

Thank you

Charlene x

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Jodie Ellen

Ohhhh what a wicked day I had shooting with Luke!

Luke messaged me last minute as unfortunately he’s had a cancellation for the following day, and I’m glad he did!

We shot at beltcraft studio the following morning, we shot tons of cool cosplay outfits! It was such an easy flowing day. Great conversation, great costumes, great company. The whole morning was brilliant.

Highly recommended!

Till next time, Jodie x

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Absolutely brilliant shoot with Luke...

100% recommended from Sparkly Sparkles!

We did slow moving cosplay mini videos...Luke provides amazing costumes ranging from catsuits to wonder woman...

Luke is a really warm hearted, down to earth and fun guy...Luke has a lovely personality and is so easy to be around...I felt very comfortable around Luke and have no hesitation recommending him to any model...

Thank you for a lovely shoot...

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Eli Zah

Another great shoot with Luke! This time at Rococo Farm. We only had a short time together shooting some bits for his film project which I'm excited to see the results of!

I've worked with Luke a few times now and have got to know him a bit as a person as well as a photographer. I can definitely vouch for him and highly recommend him - a true gent, a genuinely nice person, and someone with an unfaltering passion for what he does!

We're already planning the next shoot and I feel lucky to be a part of his creativity! Thanks again Luke xx

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Eli Zah

Another adventure with Luke!! For this shoot we were tying up some loose ends for his film. Luke is always kind, respectful, considerate and creative - he brings all manner of cool costumes to a shoot and you’ll never be stuck for ideas :) planning a 2 day shoot next month, always love working with him and would highly recommend :)

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Eli Zah

I've shot with Luke before multiple times but this time we were in the company of one another for 3 days working on a film he directed, I will hands down say this person is one of the loveliest, most conscientious and passionate people I've worked with to date (and I've done this job about 10 years..)

It was my first stay-away job since my return to modelling, and I was actually really nervous, but Luke really went above and beyond to ensure I was happy and comfortable throughout. He also ensured this for the rest of his cast, and even when things could have got stressful for him he remained chilled, positive, and caring towards other's needs.

Lukes photography needs no explanation! He nails cosplay, and offers a very different type of image than many on PP. The costumes he sources are high quality, will fit you well, and you'll feel great in them. There's no half-arsed-ness about Lukes approach to cosplay, everything is covered to the smallest detail. He is also an experienced videographer, having been a part of film productions and now having directed his own.

I genuinely love working with Luke, always feel calm and comfortable around him, and would 100% recommend him to anyone, especially those who might feel nervous or new to modelling, Luke is genuinely kind, has no motive except to create awesome images, and is definitely one to work with!

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Eli Zah

Had a lovely second shoot with Luke at my place. Luke has the best costumes ever, making it really easy to get into character! It's also something really different than I'm used to which is always nice.

Luke is a genuinely really lovely person, always respectful and considerate, easy to talk to, and I feel totally at ease in his company.

He doesn't overshoot for the sake of it either - once he feels he's nailed the shot he moves on to the next amazing outfit!

I always look forward to a shoot with Luke and even more looking forward to filming with him over a weekend at the end of this month, he's also a talented videographer!

If you want something different for your port or just love being a superhero, Luke is one to work with!

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Hannah Ashton

Just had our third shoot together, which alone should tell you how much I enjoy working with Luke. He's a funny, talented photographer, great to work with and just knows exactly what he's doing. He's very considerate (e.g. today we were working in a derelict location with lots of thorns which he made sure to remove before I was posing anywhere near) and is really just a great guy both to work with and in the general sense. Absolutely would recommend him.

Thanks for another awesome shoot! :)

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Eli Zah

Had such a fun first shoot with Luke! We shot Cosplay at two separate locations. Luke had found and planned the perfect locations, and was super organised with outfits that matched the settings.

As a person, Luke was energetic, enthusiastic, and really nice to chat to between sets. He always had my comfort in mind especially with the cold, and did not overshoot for the sake of it - once he'd got what he needed from a set, we moved on to the next one, which kept things fresh and creative.

I love his style which is really unique and not something I've shot before! It really challenged me to be an actor as well as a model, which I loved, and from what I've seen the images came out fab!!

I'd highly recommend Luke for a fun, unique shoot and great company between sets. :)

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Lena HK

Just had my first shoot with Luke, what a guy! Luke is one of the nicest and most fun photographers I’ve got to work with. He is a true professional behind his camera and always prioritises his model’s well being! I had so much fun and I would definitely not hesitate to work with him again.

Much Love


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Miss Anastasia

I had the pleasure of shooting with Luke back in April. We did cosplay and fitness. I had never shot any cosplay so that was new and exciting for me.

I would be more than happy to recommend Luke and and I am very excited to shoot with him again over the summer.

He gives excellent direction and is a funny, friendly and down to earth photographer who made me feel totally at ease.

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I worked with Al recently , we shot cosplay which was really fun!

He was courteous and professional, so the shoot ran smoothly and I really hope to shoot again!

I like to work with people who carry themselves professionally and Al certainly does!

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I met AM photography for the first time on Sunday on my GG duo tour with Roxy Mendez.

He was a lovely, friendly person and put me at ease straight away. He provided all of our cosplay outfits which so fun to shoot in! I really loved his enthusiasm for capturing cosplay images and enjoyed shooting something different to my usual style.

AM photography was super relaxed, laid back and great to work with. The 3 hour shoot absolutely flew by and he coped really well despite a couple of forgotten items that were important.

I really enjoyed the shoot and we have already planned our next solo shoot!

Recommended of course :)

Serenity ~x

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Roxy M

I worked with Al for the first time on my Croydon tour. This honestly was one of the most creative, funniest shoots I've ever done! We did Cosplay so we had the chance to dress up as some truly amazing characters! Al was great, he was creative and knew exactly what he wanted!

Thanks for a really great shoot - Hope to work with you again very soon!


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