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"Sunlight shining through the window in black & white"

"Sunlight shining through the window in black & white"

Added 1419952086 by Sukhi.

#Selfie shot against glass window in the sunlight

SukhiSukhi said, 1432587753

Happy that you like it Tim :)

TimCTimC said, 1432584685

Like this

SukhiSukhi said, 1420014998

Thanks Steve! Always a pleasure receiving your lovely comments :) :) :)

ST3V3 CRAN3ST3V3 CRAN3 said, 1420012365

fab shot Sukhi, you have such talent on both sides of the camera! That light/shadow effect on your face is awesome!

SukhiSukhi said, 1419981622

Awww thank you Photorunner! I have such a passion for the camera! :)

photorunnerphotorunner said, 1419977019

Well done Sukhi, Nice job. :)

SukhiSukhi said, 1419955950

It most definitely is a selfie DanS! I guess I'm just a selfie expert lol :) thanks for the lovely comment :)

Dan SempereDan Sempere said, 1419954055

If that is a selfie, then it's the best I've seen. It's stunningly good.

SukhiSukhi said, 1419953428

Thank you so much Catalina! I like taking my selfies :) xx

SukhiSukhi said, 1419953399

I try to Rich babes :) :)

Catalina LoveCatalina Love said, 1419952484

Bloody good selfie! :)

RichmemoryRichmemory said, 1419952164

My girl looking great again :)