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Had a lovely shoot! Super chatty and friendly, made me feel so welcome and comfortable. Very respectful of my levels :) highly recommend to new and experienced models!

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Worked with stu on a group shoot at JDL STUDIOS was an absolute pleasure, he’s so polite and professional, yet to see the final images but without a doubt I know we got some great shots from what I saw on the camera. Would 100% work with him again .. highly recommended

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Kitty Quinzell

Stuart invited me for a shoot at dolphin studios, the day before he drove me to my hotel and made sure I had a good meal.

He is a lovely, lovely guy.

Total gentleman on our shoot with plenty of ideas and there were some nice shots on the back of the camera, I hope to be back soon!

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Stu is a fantastic photographer who allowed me to pose without direction in order to create some relaxed images. He is incredible at what he does and I have no trouble in recommending him. Thanks for being so lovely and ensuring communication before and during the shoot was timely and professional. Hope to see you again soon!!


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Just had a fab shoot with Stu... I felt comfortable through out and had a laugh. It was a great shoot and I'd deffo recommend him xx

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Avery Waters

Had a shoot with Stuart and it was great! The shots I cannot wait to see and he was great in regards to poses and positions can’t wait to see the final images and work with him again

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Had my first shoot with Stu today on a group shoot, my first one in a while so was quite nervous!

The guys put me at ease and the hours flew by.

The studio is great with some great sets!

Will enjoy working there again :)

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Absolutely lovely gent!! Had such a laugh through out our first meeting I hope it won’t be the last! Very professional and all round friendly guy :) take care my lovely x

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Stuart came to Mr house for first time today and what can I say? Well I think we have connected straight away not because he is chatty and frendly but so easy going and professional. He has loads of experience with photography. He let me to pose on my own.

Really enjoyed shoot and I can't wait for second one. Thank you Stuart xx

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Rhianna Grey

Had an awesome shoot with Stuart. Pre comms excellent, relaxed, friendly and an all round cracking shoot. Thanks again Stuart!


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Stuart is a lovely peson and photographer. We arranged an imprompu shoot at his friend's lovely cosy and warm studio. He kindly picked me up from my home and dropped me back and also very kindly dropped my handgab back to me the day after, which I accidentally left in his car. A very kind, respectful and professional photographer, who is chatty and a pleasure to work with.

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Claire Mundy

Well you know sometimes when someone walks through the door and you can tell instantly you are going to get on?! That was today when stu walked through my door! -

Stu was down visiting friends from derbyshire ,Lukily for me he asked me for a shoot while he was down my way! Im very glad he did!

Stu was one of the easiest photographers i have met to get on with, we spent the hole time laughing and chatting while getting some great pictures.

A true gentleman that i would recommend to all models 100 percent,

See you soon stu :)


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Alice Mae

I had the pleasure of shooting with Stu at a group shoot in Barlow.

He's a lovely, chatty guy and very professional. I hope to shoot again in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him to any model :)

Thanks again.


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Had a shoot with stu and it really was pleasant to meet him he had car problems but despite that went out of his way to pick me up and although the shoot got shortened a bit I felt at ease straight away with stu and got some great natural shots he was chatty and polite throughout the shoot and I'm looking forward to working with stu again in new year .

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M I S S A - R A E - B E R R Y

So we did arrange a shoot a while back but something happened and finally we have met and I'm so happy we have ! He's the most caring man on this earth !! Always made sure I was okay and really looked after me through the shoot and after!!

We did a 2 hour shoot at Barlow studios and I was amazed with how different / nice the studio is!!

I was made welcome with drinks throughout and good banter !!

Me and Stuart have a lot in common too which was a bonus !!

I will be shooting with this man again I know I will!! :))) friend for life me thinks!!



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I had the pleasure of working with stu today and it was great. He put me at ease really made me laugh and made the whole experience enjoyable. I look forward to working with him again x

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I worked with Stuart at a recent model day at Barlow Studio. He is an absolute pleasure to work with, super relaxed and always respectful. We worked through a selection of sets and I had a great evening.

Would definitely recommend and hope to work with him again in the future



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Cally cally

What can I say great guy to work with , stu actually picked me up and took me home was lovely of him , he nice friendly guy who you can have laugh with, recommend from me 100 percent xx

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Em Theresa

I had a model day at Barlow Studios and Stuart was looking after the studio and me for the day. He was very thoughtful, providing coffee aplenty and helped the photographers set everything up from backgrounds to moving furniture and rigging up my aerial hoop. We shot together (fashion to nude levels) at the end of the day and had a right laugh, he is good fun to work with and directs well. I would be happy to work with him again and recommend him to other models :) Ta Stuart!

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Cally cally

I was actually shooting with another photographer at time and stu took shine to me and asked if he could have me for hour or so great photographer make me laugh,, made me feel comfatable also threw shoot very nice guy and saw sneak peak of pics and wow loved them hoping to sort further shoots with this lovely guy , also as he kept me longer he took me home that was lovely X recommended xx😀

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