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Studiob1.uk has 13 references; 13 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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came to the rescue a few days before. very reassuring friendly communication prior to the shoot. on the day did everything to make me feel at home. i love my pics i look like a film star. highly recommended

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Tamsin Ashton

I had my first shoot with studio B1.

It was great. The communication was good before hand. He knew what shots he wanted. He picked me up from the station. He offered me lots of tea to drink. He made sure that I could get the train back.

Highly recommended. I would shoot with him again.


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Did my first shoot with studio b1 and had an amazing shoot , a lot of communication both ways and made me feel really comfortable and relaxed, highly recommended 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Hopefully more shoots to come

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Dizzygal Laura

I enjoyed my shoot with studio B1 today, I felt comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. would highly recommend using studio B1 and can't wait to do another shoot

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Had yet another really good shoot with mick and love the pics that was taken. Highly recommend him.

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Had my second shoot with Mick today. Really enjoyed it got some really good images. Would be more than happy to do another shoot.

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Had a really good shoot today was lots of fun. Can't wait to do more work with him. Would defo recommend him. Thanks for a great shoot

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Joanna Stubbs

I absolutely loved working with Mike, fantastic guy, great at what he does and has helped me out within the modelling career out the good of his heart. Top guy, fully recommend and can't wait to work more with him. Thank you :-)

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Had a fun and lovely shoot with Mick today, he made me feel happy and comfortable. Can't wait until next time.

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Michael Mft

Had a great time shooting at studio B. Mick the owner was hospitable and a great help. I was shooting a model and it was great fun. Great one Mick

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On Friday 5th February 2016, I worked with Mick and Daniel, they was both very kind and friendly, they do brilliant Photography and I highly recommend them. We have lot of fun and laughter and they both have great personalities.

Thank you for a great Photo Shoot,


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really enjoyed the shoot and love my images

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lorena said...

I worked with Studio B1 for the first time and it was most enjoyable. :-) prior to the shoot there was great communication and we discussed the shoot and the style we would be doing. studio b1 provided me with great images quickly. studio b1 allowed me to explore different poses in a style I hadn't shot before to see what looked good :)highly recommended :-)

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