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Abigail Marie

Had an absolutely fabulous first shoot with Carl and I cannot recommend him enough! We shot at Starlight studios (which was new to me) and we had an amazing time using props in fabulous ways. He really allowed me to use my imagination and we worked so well together. This man has a clear talent! I hope to work with him again soon!

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Starlight Studios

Carl used my studio after popping over previously to see the set up, he is a extremely friendly guy and very professional.

A real pleasure and hope to see him again.

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Keira Lavelle

Carl and I worked together on an extremely prolific and enjoyable shoot in Luton where I had organised a “mini-tour” with an apartment location to work from. :) I can’t recall a single set of images/look that we shot that day which wasn’t completely on fire!!!! Carl is an undoubtedly great photographer and he utilised the gorgeous natural light in the apartment in utterly beautiful ways creating photographs which boasted artistic value, edge, elegance and drama all at once in some cases! I’m exceeding chuffed that he got in touch and cannoy stress enough just how game I would be for working with Carl again in the future!! :D

In the communications before the shoot, I had already begun my travels so it was all a little crazy... But Carl was just a saint at getting back to me quickly and in good detail which allowed us to get everything set in stone nice and easy. He’s a very easy-going and nice person but utterly professional both in his pre-shoot comms and on the actual event itself as well, we gelled very quickly indeed upon meeting and got stuck into what would be a very epic shoot whereby we both contributed and bounced off each other as creatives, getting a LOT done, yet the pace was not rushed or anything. We chatted so much, pretty much continuously, from the word go and then flew into insane image production each time we decided what the next look would be. It was just one of those genuinely awesome (and thoroughly enjoyable) creative blasts y’know? Carl is a true gentleman too; his respect for models is out of the roof and he doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to listening to models ideas and getting into a good team/essentially ‘collaborative’ flow.

Carl’s photography is simply fabulous. Apartment locations and other ‘non-studio’ type locations can be one of the hardest places to shoot (sometimes) where you don’t have an environment that has been specifically built up for shooting; so a lot of what you do is, to some degree, improvised. Carl in-particular was going in relatively blind in terms of what he could work from a photographic perspective, and also in terms of light. It turned out - he was flippin superb at rocking all the conditions and pretty much threw out killer images every single time I changed pose, wiping the floor with all of said challenges! :D

Our shoot was nothing short of wicked! Lots of laughs, unbeatable creativity, sensational images and I felt totally at ease during every second working with Carl. He’s someone I would recommend highly to others without thinking twice!

Thank you so much Carl!


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Lucy Muse

A lovely, respectful and creative photographer, with great ideas, great comms and great shots x Definitely recommended.

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Colin H

Great shoot with Carl. All arrangements worked out 100%. Punctual and reliable. Some great ideas. Worked excellently doing duo shoot with myself and Lucy Melumi. Recomended

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Chloe Welsh

What a wonderful, quirky little chappy Carl was during our shoot. Full of brilliant ideas and also really open to any suggestions I had. Had a ball to be honest, such a laugh. Felt like we'd known each other ages. We didn't stop chatting & laughing from the off. Carl was creating some superb images. I can't recommend him enough. You won't be disappointed. Top bloke. Loved it :) x x

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Shot with Carl today at Art of Wonderland Studio. What a lovely guy! Im gutted we didnt have longer to shoot, never the less, im certain that he has captured some wonderful images and i cant wait to see them!! I recommend Carl to anyone! And i hope to shoot with him again in the near future! ;)

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Amelia Mary

Worked with Carl at Art of Wonderland in Watford on Sunday for an hour it was an absolute delight. Carl is friendly, easy going and easy to work with. We did a fair few sets in a short space of time and I would definitely work with him again.

I would recommend other models to work with Carl :-D

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blonde 94

I shot with Carl for the first time at the Art of Wonderland yesterday.

Carl was very friendly and professional and it's great to see someone so enthusiastic to learn :) the pictures looked amazing.

I highly recommend and hopefully we can work together again in the future!

Thanks Kyle :)

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Bethany Morgan

I had my first shoot with Carl @ AW Studios, considering he is new to all of this he's a pleasure to work with. Easy to communicate with and great down to earth guy.

Cannot wait to see the images, we defiantly got some great shots, I hope to work with Carl again in the future.

100% recommended!

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