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Monika Lara Smith

I had my first shoot with Andrew in my hired apartment during my modelling tour in London and hopefully we will be able to work together again in the future! :)

Andrew was a real joy to work with and oh wow - we took some mind-blowing pictures!! I knew that Andrew was an amazing photographer before I even met him but he surely exceeded my expectations!

Andrew is such a wonderful person! He is so passionate about his work and he's got so many incredible ideas and at the same time, he's happy to listen to model's ideas which made us work together so well!

Andrew is also really polite, respectful, relaxed and great to chat with! He knows what he looks for and he can communicate his ideas well which made shooting with his effortless! :)

Thank you so much Andrew and can't wait to work with you again! :)

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Met with Andrew last weekend and from the moment we met we had an instant spark.

He had some awesome, creative ideas.

I felt so comfortable, beautiful and sexy in front of the camera with him which was fabulous with it all still being rather new to me.

I can't wait until our next shoot!

Couldn't recommend him more highly.

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Alice lovegood

Andrew is a lovely person inside and out and I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with him even if I was being a bit of a diva. Apparently I can’t take a compliment but Andrew went out of his way to make me feel beautiful and gave me lots of tips. I regard him a friend now and nothing is too much of an ask. He captured some lovely images and I would love to work with him again. Highly recommended

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Morticia Avery

Andrew attended a studio day at The Asylum where we shot together for the first time.

The shoot went swimmingly with ideas bouncing around between all 3 of us ( AL the studio owner too!) making way for a very creative set indeed. Lovely guy to work with and super down to earth :)

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Robyn Byrd

Andrew is a fantastic photographer who knows exactly what to do to get the best out of both his camera and model. From instantly making you feel relaxed and at ease, to constantly considering you’re own modesty and comfort, to his professionalism and provision of creative ideas whilst being willing to experiment and listen, he is a gentleman who can handle a camera with ease. We shot twice over the weekend and I am so excited to see the calibre of images we shot together given the communication and themes we spoke about before shooting. I would highly recommend working with Andrew and know I will be making an effort in the future to do so again

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Angel Black UK

Andrew was a pleasure to work with. He had travelled over 3 hours for a shoot at Dorchester Prison and despite that super long journey, when I arrived he was raring to go. His pre shoot communications were excellent, providing me with a good selection of outfits etc to bring with me as well as being able to add to those myself from the feel of the mood board. During the shoot itself, he was a perfect gentleman, very friendly and very easy going, never having an issue when I needed to bundle up due to the cold, or run to the bathroom and wash my grubby hands haha! The back of the camera shots looked fantastic, and I can't wait to see some of his edits surface.

Andrew was truly lovely to work with, and I definitely wouldn't hesitate to work with him in the future!

Thankyou for an amazing shoot!

Angel x

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Kelly Hathaway

I had a brilliant shoot with Andrew recently at a stylish and modern hotel. For the first few hours we did a 1-1 shoot and then for the final hour Phi joined us for a duo shoot. Pre-shoot comms were excellent and I knew all the details and what to bring with me, including reference images for ideas and styles. When I arrived, Andrew was already there and prepared with his giant suitcase with all of his photography equipment. He's super friendly and relaxed and I felt at ease and comfortable straight away. We did several different looks/sets in the space we had and the photos I saw on the back of the camera were amazing! Andrew is professional and respectful and I had a really great time. He gave great direction but also allowed me and Phi to pose freely and give our ideas too. Highly recommended by me and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again in the future :)

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I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with Andrew twice now, once on a group studio shoot and once whilst duo’ing with another model. Both times Andrew has been an absolute delight, he’s so kind, considerate and really easy to chat to 😀 we have rather similar tastes in music too which always makes shooting a whole other level of fun!

Andrew is an extremely talented photographer and I love the images we have created together 😊

I thoroughly look forward to the next time we shoot together. I would 100% recommend him to anyone thinking of working with him 👏🏼

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I had the pleasure of working with Andrew recently on my tour in Kent and what a great productive shoot it was! Pre comms were excellent.

Andrew arrived full of energy and ideas along with some props we could use with my outfits I had.

I felt comfortable from the get go & we got through so many looks in the time we had!

You can tell the passion and talent Andrew has for photography along with his bubbly personality.

He had lots of different equipment to work with to get those variety of looks for different styles.

Hope to work together again soon. Recommended ! :)

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Sam Dunning

First time working with Andrew and I sincerely hope it won’t be the last. He attended a recent camera club meeting I was modelling at, and he was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. He is incredibly creative and has superb vision for creating fantastic imagery. He made me feel entirely relaxed, allowed me the freedom to pose but also gave me guidance where needed, and was fun, friendly and brilliant to shoot with throughout. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross. Thanks mate, Sam

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I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on his recent visit to Vancouver ! It was only a short visit so I’m even more pleased we could find a day convenient for both of us ! We had a really fun shoot in a hotel, and for a hotel shoot, we had a LOT more variety than what you would expect. We did quirky, tongue in cheek, wild, sensual, abstract.... a whole variety which was seriously impressive and I was loving what I was seeing on the botc. Andrew was so personable, warm and professional, and we had really interesting conversations about life in general, and time whizzed by! Thank you so much for choosing to work with me on your trip ! And I hope we can again in the future :D All the best,

Angharada x

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Where do I begin? Andrew is simply fantastic.

I had arranged a shoot with Andrew and he was so kind enough to invite me to an additional charity group shoot. He picked me up and was instantly very warm and welcoming.

Unfortunately we only had 45 minutes together, but his skill, industry knowledge and style is unquestionable! I would highly highly recommend Andrew to anybody and look forward to working with him the future!

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Naomi Marie

I had been wanting to work with Andrew for some time now. And I have admired his images since I started modelling 3 years ago.

We shot together finally on a short slot at a charity event this weekend.

I can’t recommend Andrew enough.

His direction and skill are both incredible.

He is a wonderful photographer with a style of image you just need in your portfolio.

The ideas we had on the day were wonderful and the images produced even from the back of camera look amazing. I can’t wait to see more.

If you want a shoot to remember look no further than this guy!!! Trust me. You won’t regret it.

Thank you


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Pollyanna Hale

I did a lingerie/glamour shoot with Andy at a charity shoot and would definitely recommend him to other models. He knows exactly what he wants so is very good at directing as needed, is great at coming up with spontaneous creative ideas, and has a great sense of humour! A fun shoot for sure.

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Miss Elsie May

Ive been looking forward to working with Andrew for a very long time now!

We were booked on a 45 minute slot at a charity event, and spent a lot of time refining ideas before the shoot. We settled on a snow white idea and I couldnt be happier with what we achieved today!

Andrew has the most wonderful personality, he is so encouraging and super keen on making sure you feel comfortable throughout the shoot. Honestly could have happily spent all day in the field with him!

Looking forward to seeing the photographs and shooting with him again soon!

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Layla Jean.

So I had the absolute pleasure of working with Andrew on Sunday at a Charity event.

I booked a slot with him and straight away he was so welcoming and warming!

I'm really glad I got to shoot with Andrew because he has such awesome ideas!

He allows you to be yourself and just have fun! which made me enjoy our short shoot so much!

We did have a little mishap whilst shooting too(on my behalf) but nothing stopped Andrew! so thank you for that!

We created some awesome images and I so recommend Andrew!

He's an absolute gentleman!

I hope to do a shoot with you again! take care and thank you!

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Had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Andrew yesterday! He's not only a great photographer, with a creative eye for lighting and composition, but he's also friendly and relaxed, and knows how to get the best out of his model. We had a super fun and relaxed shoot and the photos we got were so beautiful I could barely believe they were of me! I hope to work with Andrew again in future and he gets my highest recommendations

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Aisha Kalahari

Great shoot with Andrew! Beautiful images and very fast turnaround. Easy communication and proper friendly! Thank you!

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I worked with Andrew on a charity group shoot yesterday and he got me balancing not one but two saddles on back (at different moments, not at the same time!) so today my back is killing, but I'm sure it was all worth if for the photos! :P

We also did various lingerie shots amongst the hay bales in the barn, which was good fun and he got me changing my expression and stretching myself to make me look better in the photos which is always a bonus with me when it comes to that. Pre shoot comms were great and I plan on working with Andrew loads now seeing as we live nearby so watch this space!!

Thanks so much for a great end to a fantastic day, cannot wait to see the images and I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough.. if you're thinking of working with him do it as you won't be disappointed!!

Til next time! x

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umm were to start with andrew ive loved his work for ages but alwasy been nerous to message from start to finsih he was amzing and one of ym utter favs to go a long with 4 others i adore and would shoot with again he defo one that i felt confrontable doing bum shots and doing some sexy stuff with it been so long since id done it and felt happy this guy a laugh and now he gonna become a really good friend to and he had music aswell that made things even better and added my gymnastic skills to say i should of streched before hand a undrstandment my body acheing thank you sweet i adore you :)

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