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Had my 3rd shoot with Steve today he took part in a group shoot with many other photographers and then we stayed and extra couple of house extra to work together.

Steve always comes with many ideas and suggestions.

Its always a pleasure :)

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I had the pleasure of shooting with Steve for the first time on Saturday at Festival Studio and what a great shoot it was! Not only did we focus on getting some brilliant images, we also spent time talking and laughing which really put me at ease.. Steve is a great guy that made me feel really comfortable and I would highly recommend! I look forward to seeing the images and working with Steve again.. Thank you for being so brilliant!

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Had my second shoot with Steve today. Again was a fanatic shoot, he always has ideas on what he would like to try and produce and they are always fantastic. We did half location and half studio shoot today which was super fun.

Excited to see pictures and to work together again in the future.

Absolute pleasure again :)

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Shooting with Steve was wonderful. We had a urban dance location shoot where i live. Steve came up with some great ideas but also let me do my ideas too. He is super caring, offered to carry my things from location to location and always made sure i was okay.

I can't wait to see the pictures as i only saw a couple on the back of the camera as we were on the move most of the time, but what i did see was awesome. Looking forward to our next shoot over your way.

I recommend Steve 100%. Thank you for been kind and having a awesome shoot.

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Another fantastic shoot with Steve. Tried something new involving my horse and the results are absolutely stunning! Steve even helped me catch an escaped Stallion at the stables .. he’s muti talented 😉

Really laid back and easy to get on with too and completely eased my nerves of riding my sports horse in a ball gown! Pre shoot comms brilliant and edited pictures back in a jiffy. Couldn’t recommend him enough 😀

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Shooting with Steve was an absolute pleasure. We planned a shoot down southend seafront and tried to get some amazing distortion images working with lighting and reflection. Steve is amazingly easy to work with, has great humour and is easy to talk to. Steve is great at coming up with ideas and he's Happy to work with any ideas you may have aswell. He is very caring for his models and will make sure you aren't too cold and is always checking up that you're okay. He has a genuine kind heart. I recommend Steve 100% and I can't wait to work with him again sometime. Every model should see Steve at least once! Thank you so much for an awesome shoot!

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Brilliant shoot with Steve. Pre shoot comms spot on. Steve turned up on time with lots of fab outfits to choose from. Mixed these with some of my own clothes. Really lovely relaxed shoot which was great fun and resulted in some fab shots! Steve made me feel really relaxed and chatted loads. Looking forwards to receiving the edits when I’ve chosen which ones I like best .. that’s a hard job as they’re all fab!

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Had my first model shoot today with Steve and what a lovely guy. Completely relaxed, fun and we just chatted the whole way through.

Sorry for the dogs getting in the way lovely!!

I'd recommend Steve to anyone who is looking to get into modelling, hes a total gent.

Cant wait to work with you again.

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theresa louise

Fabulous first shoot with Steve today at my home.

What an amazingly, professional gentleman he is. Super respectful and a great laugh.

The shoot was so chilled and loved the fact Steve came with his own items of clothing. Always makes a nice change.

Highly recommended by me and hope to work with you again soon.


T xxx

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I had a fantastic first shoot with steve at my home.

I knew within the first few minutes that we were going to get on and create fantastic images.

He turned up with a great selection of outfits, was on time and we chatted easily throughout.

I look forward to working with Steve again in the near future!

Kristie x

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Had my first shoot with Steve and it was very relaxed and easy going. He is such a lovely person and it was nice to chat in between shots. I am looking forward to seeing the final images and also working with Steve again. Definitely recommend!

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Had a great first shoot with Steve today, we shot a mix of yoga, dance and fashion around Bank and St. Pauls. Steve was so easy to work with, made great suggestions and was very patient and happy to go along with my mad ideas as well. His communication before the shoot was also brilliant so we both knew what we were out to capture.

He brought a ton of outfits and accessories even though we were working out on the street, which was fab as I love playing dress up.

Steve makes it a very relaxed and comfortable working environment and is super professional in everything he does.

Highly recommend and looking forward to collaborating again soon.

Thank you Steve!

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Lena HK

Easily one of the kindest people I've worked with! Had my second shoot with Steve today and it was my first time shooting indoors with him. One of the things I love about working with Steve is that he really respects the model's point of view and makes them priority during the shoot. It was a super fun & relaxed 6 hours...wish I could have stayed longer(although I believe we've used the space to its full potential) Really look forward to seeing the images & I hope you are happy with what we've created.

Highly recommended!

Much Love


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Chloe Welsh

Was super excited when Steve asked to work with me again. I jumped at the chance... I even moved some others around so I could fit him in. No way could I refuse the opportunity.

Steve brought lots of outfits and accessories again and our ideas were bouncing off each other. Steve is such a keen & passionate photographer. He is the nicest person you could ever meet. We are already in talks of shooting again. I highly recommend him & assure you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much for yet another excellent shoot Steve x x

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Chloe Welsh

What a little delight Steve was to work with. Pre-comms were excellent.

Steve brought loads of outfits, I was so excited haha. Genuine, nice, calm, down-to-earth guy. Not only is his personality fantastic but so is his work x

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Had the most relaxed shoot ever! Steve made me feel very comfortable and provided the necessary directions (chin up! ;) ).

Steve provided some outfits, which is very nice! It all flowed easy and we managed to do lots of different sets. Between (and during) we chatted about all kinds of things, fun!

Definitely recommended! And would love to work with Steve again :)

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Well what can I say about this wonderful chap that hasnt been said already?!

I've been shooting for 6 years and have hundreds and hundreds of shoots under my belt and I have to say my shoot with Steve was one of the most fun and memorable shoots I've had throughout my career, and I cannot wait to get in front of his lens again.

He's got bags of passion (and clothes!!), we had a great laugh from start to finish, he was very respectful and thoughtful and he was generally a pleasure to work with and be around.

Bags of ideas, talented, fun and a true gent to top it all off.

Thank you so much for a wonderful shoot, I can't wait to work with you again!




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Leesha ~ Lou

Had an awesome shoot with Steve! We have been planning to shoot together for a while, as our dates kept clashing but it was worth the wait!

I had so much fun :-)

Steve came to mine for a 6hr home shoot and the time just flew by! He arrived on time with bags of goodies ; dresses, bodysuits, shoes! Our pre comms were excellent & we both had a clear vision of the images we wanted to create. We did a range of fashion shots through to fetish & I thoroughly enjoyed every minute :-) conversation and ideas flowed very well & Steve gives very good direction too.

Steve is a lovely, bubbly guy and made me feel completely at ease.

100% recommend him to anyone

We are even trying to plan our next shoot as I can't wait to work with him again :-) thank you Steve !

Can't wait to see some edits as I am certain we have created some hot shots!

LL x

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On Film Photography Studio

Steve booked the studio last week & he made a great first impression! His communication leading up to the booking was great. He is also a very nice & friendly guy. It was a pleasure having him at the studio & we would definitely recommend models to work with Steve.

Thank you for booking, it was lovely meeting you! :)

See you soon!

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Elle J

Steve is such a lovely guy! We had been in discussions about arranging a shoot with each other for a while. We shot together very early on in our pp journey so we thought it would be a good time after celebrating being on here a year to arrange something.

I had been in discussions with a friend of mine who is a make up artist and she wanted to get some professional pictures for her portfolio on here. I showed Steve some of her work and he was keen for all three of us to shoot together.

We managed to arrange the shoot at On Film Studio and what an amazing time we had!

Steve was professional throughout the shoot, suggesting ideas. He let me pose but at times gave me some direction which was great. The pictures he has sent through are flawless and spectacular. I love them! It's amazing to see how far he has come since we first shot together. Here's to another shoot Steve!

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