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Jordan Melissa

I had my tenth shoot with Steve last week and it was as enjoyable as always! Steve is so relaxed on every shoot and always happy to hear your ideas, as always he’s happy to incorporate his own and he is simply lovely! I will have many more shoots with Steve I’m sure. We actually got to shoot some pictures outside as well which was a first and he works very well in natural light just as well as inside!

Thanks Steve for such a lovely shoot again!

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Iggy 66

I attended a workshop hosted by Steve at his home, with Jordan Melissa modelling.

I was welcomed with a cuppa and a tour of his house and all his incredible photos.

Steve did an excellent Q&A with me to establish my level of knowledge and understanding. Steve had an excellent manor when explaining the fundamentals to me, such aperture, shutter speeds and ISO and when to increase / decrease.

We then went on to practicalities and shot some portrait shots with Jordan. Steve was on hand to offer insights around use of the natural light available, and help me with focus techniques.

Thoroughly recommend to anyone new to digital photography.

A great day, many thanks Steve.

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Had a work shop today with Steve and model Jordan Melissa. Steve was amazing and shared some of his knowledge with me. Pointing me in the right place with the model. Even letting me work with Jordan by myself.

Loved the workshop and looking forward to the next one with Steve.

Highly recommend and again would give Steve 10 stars.

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Katey Model

I had a great shoot with Steve at his home studio.

Upon arrival Steve was very welcoming, we had a coffee and a chat to start off with I was absolutely fascinated to learn about Steve's history in the music photography world - he is a legend!

Steves home studio is very well equipped for lot's of different sets both in his home and outside studio space, we got through so many different outfits during the day and I'm really happy with the results we got together.

I would definitely recommend Steve to other models. Thanks again for a great shoot :-)

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Tree Terzonie

Shooting with Steve is always a pleasure :) Steve is so caring and so understanding. He really goes out of his way to make your shoot with him a positive experience.

Ste has creative visions for shoots and when you join forces with him he really goes the extra mile to bring things to fruition. I have shot some of my most favourite work of all time with Ste. He is also a great friend and would be to anyone.

Looking forward to our next adventure :)

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I had my third shoot with Steve, and he always contributed everything to make the shoot amazing, so I am very happy with it. Steve knows a lot about the photography and due to it we managed to capture very many diverse looks using different light techniques. Shoots with Steve always go in a nice way ,the great atmosphere and good mood are always there. Steve shoots without rush and he always knows what photos he wants to achieve. I think we did really great, all models who have the chance to work with Steve are lucky. Highly recommended to shoot with, 100%

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Jordan Melissa

Steve is simply fantastic, all round superb.

This was one of my favourite shoots to date and well in regards to the pictures, they are definitely in my top 2 favourite ever pictures from any shoot, possibly even my favourite. Steve has grown so much with his framing, angles, lighting and edits I am blown away. He is such a quick learner and he's learnt to adapt so well. He captured me in my best light, knows exactly what kind of pictures I'm looking for and as soon as I tell him an idea I have in mind, he takes it on board and makes sure he captures it. I could have chosen so many favourites from this shoot and it was hard to pick my best ones, I think even now I could go back through the pictures and choose a ton more favourites.

One of my best shoots to date, one of the most creative/inspiring shoots to date and some of my favourite pictures to date.

Thanks Steve, your a gem! 🤗

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Jordan Melissa

I had yet another shoot with Steve yesterday also featuring another model who is also my best friend! Steve was fantastic at working with us both, incorporating new ideas into the shoot, taking on board exactly what we were trying to achieve with our photos, styles and vibes. He is always happy to learn more new things and he is great company! What an amazing day yesterday was, can't wait to do it all over again!

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Tree Terzonie

This was my first time meeting Ste and wow, what a pleasure it was. I felt instantly warm and welcomed by his presence, he is a really warm soul. I stayed for a weekend at his house which he shoots in but also has a studio space in, and had the nicest time. I was treat so well and felt like a princess! Ste is also an awesome cook and host, and makes your time there amazing. Besides this, Ste has shot some of my favourite work to date.

Each set was so strong and I couldn't believe some of the shots we have achieved upon our first meeting; he also gives great direction during the shoot which I hadn't experienced much of before, as I'm often the one calling the shots in terms of poses. His shoot communication beforehand was amazing and he sorted out my travel arrangements, and really cares and has that attention to detail to look after you and to make sure you arrive to the shoot safe and sound.

I feel so excited to work with Ste again and would thoroughly recommend him to any model, new or experienced, to shoot with Ste, who will not only become like a friend but blow your mind with his technique and creativity. :)

I had an amazing shoot with him and Jordan Melissa. An awesome weekend. I feel extremely grateful for it. ♥

Thank you so much.


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Shot with Steve a week ago he was very welcoming and we had a chat and a cuppa before starting the shoot and a tour of where we would be shooting it was a very last minute shoot but knew exactly what we wanted to capture. Shoot went well and we even did a bit of video work. I feel we created some awesome pictures and I can't wait to see the results

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Jordan Melissa

I had my 6th shoot with Steve on Christmas Eve and Steve were as fab as always. He now has a small studio set up in his back garden in an outhouse which is amazing and it returns some great results. Steve is so professional and friendly, he makes me feel totally comfortable every single time we shoot and he has always new ideas just like me.

We covered some lingerie, commercial and portrait shots today both in the studio and in his home and he talents are getting better by the day, he is so keen to learn and you can see his dedication throughout the work he produces.

Thanks steve, see you next year ☺️

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Jordan Melissa

I had my 5th shoot with Steve today and he is as fantastic as always, if not more so... He is the friendliest, loveliest most kindest man in the world! He always makes me feel super comfortable, like I've known him forever, he has grown to be a good friend of mine, not just a photographer. I enjoy every single shoot we have together and he will always be one of my top photographers. He is super creative, thoughtful, spontaneous, always happy to take on new ideas, always keen to learn more and just an all round great guy and photographer. Many many more shoots to come with you Steve, thank you for bringing out the best in me and of course, capturing it.

If your a model and thinking of shooting with Steve, do it now! His talents are amazing and he is a top bloke.

Thank you Steve x

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Jasmine High

I had my second shoot with Steve. All his communication before and during the shoot was spot on. We did a few different creative themes during our shoot. All images were just spot on.

Steve is so easy to work with and full of positive energy. He is a very polite, respectful, easy going and friendly photographer to work with!

The shoot was very enjoyable and productive.

He is an absolutely very nice guy, a great photographer and I would absolutely shoot with him again and again!

I would certainly recommend Steve to other models and I'm looking forward to working with you again!


Thank you !

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I just had my second shoot with Steve and I still thrive with the positive emotions which brimmed out of me.

Steve is amazing to shoot with, his style of photography is really great,he respects the levels of the models and we shoot our favourite Fashion style together. Steve has a great personality and treats me always great. Steve just set great studio which looks amazing and we captured some great shots there. Steve is always professional and he makes the model to look comfortable during the shoot .

I was really enjoying our shoot, thanks Steve, looking forward to working and shooting with Steve again 👍

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Shoot number 2

Steve is a joy to work with, very friendly and laid back.

We shot a few days ago and he also booked on a studio day I was having in Walsall at Aatish Studio.

The natural light on the day wasn’t the best so we improvised and worked on low key lighting instead, I think we got some cracking stuff.

Steve , thank you so much for the last couple of days, you’ve been a joy to work with.

Hopefully our paths with cross again in the near future.

Highly recommended

Debs x


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I had the most amazing first shoot with Steve today at the boardroom studio in Derby.

Such an enjoyable shoot and the back of the camera images look great. Steve was a friendly chappy, very easy to work with :)

We worked through loads of sets today in the time we had together and I’m lucky enough to be working with him again in a few days!

Highly recommended by me, can’t wait for the next!

Debs xx

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Enjoyed a duo shoot with Steve last weekend at Tanya's place in Derby!

Steve's pre comms were excellent and he arrived on time and was very attentive to the job .

Steve made good use of the space and was incredibly enthusiastic and mindful of the models input , allowing tie to be creative and explore .

I found Steve to be polite, patient and productive to work with .

Id happily recommend him to other models



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Jasmine High

Steve applied for my last minute casting call on Friday evening and with his great pre-communication we organised a shoot in just a few messages for the next day.

During the shoot I found Steve to be really enthusiastic, creative and concerned with creating beautiful imagery! He was lovely to work with and we both bounced ideas around and perfected the images nicely! We got some absolutely beautiful images!

I would certainly recommend Steve to other models and I'm looking forward to working with you again!


Thank you !

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Jordan Melissa

Had my second shoot with Steve today and it just gets better, Steve is amazing in all aspects!! He is super professional, super talented, super friendly and an all round super guy. He makes me feel totally at ease and his ideas and creativity on a shoot are very similar to mine. He knows exactly what he is looking for, what works and what doesn't work and he isn't afraid to give a little direction which is perfect for achieving the best shots! His home is perfect for shooting studio like photos, home comfort photos and the garden is great for cute or edgy pictures. It feels like I've known Steve forever, he is an awesome photographer, editor and person.

And yet again, I 100% recommend him to any model and I can't wait to shoot with him again and again and again!

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I am very happy with my shoot with Steve, as it went really great. Steve applied for my casting and we discussed everything very quickly,Pre-communication was on spot.So I was expecting to have a great shoot with Steve, but it turned up that we had a fantastic shoot as Steve treated me really great. I wouldn't be even happier with our shoot. Steve impressed me with his experience with photographing the famous musicians for the magazines cover so I was honoured to shoot with him. Steve applied a great light settings and we had been shooting both outdoor and indoor. Steve shoots without any rush, he is professional and polite photographer. I think we did really great, as Steve created the atmosphere which contributed to it .Thank you very much Steve

Highly recommended to shoot with, looking forward to shoot with Steve again 👍 👌

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