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This was my first shoot with Stephanie and from initial engagement through to shoot and afterwards she has been a joy to work with. I knew she was a dancer but it was very evident from the start in the way she moved and posed effortlessly for each of the varied ideas we shot at my studio. Stephanie doesn't just turn up to a shoot and expect to be directed, her creative input was a joy to behold. Take a look at her portfolio and you will immediately see how unique and versatile she is. I can unreservedly recommend Stephanie to any photographer or studio, thank you again Stephanie and I look forwards to many more shoots. Regards Mark:)

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Chiaroscoro Photography

Stephanie and I met up for an evening location shoot,we had great pre shoot communication and on the day Stephanie arrived at the location in good time with hair and make up ready to shoot.

Steph was lovely to work with,she is fun and easy going but very keen and dedicated to creating the very best images.She has a wonderful figure and face,takes direction well but also had ideas and suggestions to add to the creative process.

Our time together flew by and we had a relaxed and productive shoot.

I am happy to recommend shooting with Stephanie to any photographer.

Thanks for a super shoot,

Becky :) x

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Alice Kemble

Steph is a wonderful model: she is patient, creative and has an excellent imagination. She is full of ideas. Steph is completely reliable and a pleasure to work with. I completely recommend her.

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Gavin Prest

I had a shoot with Stephanie and it was our first shoot together. Pre-coms where excellent and although directions to the studio were a little confused Stephanie arrived on time. I am not your everyday portrait photographer and we had discussed some ideas before hand and it wasn't until we started shooting that I realised Steph was the kind of model that totally suited my style of work. Stephanie is also a very interesting person and the shoot time passed quickly not giving us time to explore other ideas that arose during the conversations and shooting but I'm sure we will be working together in the future to explore these. A model recommended by myself :)

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Had an amazing location shoot with Stephanie. Great pre-shoot communications and she turned up on time and ready to go with a range of outfits and accessories. Very friendly, chatty and easy-going. She also contributed great ideas and poses that were well-suited to the the theme of the shoot. Willingness to climb up steep, muddy and slippery banks to get the images. Really enjoyed working with her and she is highly recommended :-)

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Shot with Stephanie Sparkles today and it was fantastic. Every so often you have a shoot where you just click with the model and the work you produce together is fantastic. All the credit goes to Stephanie though who really did sparkle. She has an unbelievable body and she knows exactly how to pose it with no direction needed. She was comfortable doing a range of expressions and poses and easily went from innocent, to frightened to sexy. On top of that she is great fun and I could happily have gone on coming up with ideas and taking pictures or just talking to her all week.

I have hundreds of images from the shoot that I want to work up because Stephanie did such a fantastic job of posing. Highly recommended, she is amazing.

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Andrew Clarke

Had a great shoot with StephSparkles, she arrived fully made-up, with a great outfit and a stellar attitude. We had fun, laughs and created some great images. Looking forward to shooting with her again!

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Robyn's Makeup Artist

I had my first shoot with Stephanie it went so well.

Pre shoot communication was brilliant when she applied to my casting. She is such a friendly and great person to talk to and i enjoyed working with her.

we managed to get two makeup looks in the shoot and she worked so brilliantly with the theming and the posing we asked for.

i loved working on her and wish to do in the future, she is a great model to look out for in the future.

- Robyn

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