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I worked with Steve last week during a studio workshop. Straight away I felt comfortable and at ease. I had taken a few different outfits and together we figured out which to use and in what setting to create completely different looks. The shoot was so much fun and the time just flew by!

Steve is very passionate and enthusiastic about photography which really came across during the shoot. He had great ideas to create unique content and I loved that we could collaborate on ideas.

After seeing the shots I am over the moon with the results! We really created some magic!

Hope we can shoot again in the future.

If you get chance to work with him, do it! I definitely recommend.



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Maryann Crystal

I had a photoshoot with Steve on Saturday in a very well-kept and designed studio for a boudoir session for the first time and I must say I am very delighted to have worked with a fantastic photographer.

Steve was extremely professional and he put a lot of focus on his job. When we suggested the themes for our photoshoot, he was happy to exchange ideas in order to make the shooting enjoyable.

I highly recommend Steve and I am definitely working with him again in the nearby future.

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Rebecca Ray

I worked with Steve at a group shoot in Mainshoot studio - brighouse.

Absolutely loved working with Steve, he is a fantastic photographer and has a real eye for capturing creative images.

Steve is professional, friendly, great to chat to and easy to work with. He had tons of ideas and was keen to experiment with different lighting and sets.

The images we created look fantastic and i definitely recommend him.


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Steve was a pleasure to work with yesterday! There was no awkwardness at all from the get go. I recommend Steve to both newer models like myself, and those with lots of experience.

If you are looking to re gain confidence, and build your portfolio, Steve is your man! 💫

Steve is relaxed, considerate of the model, and the images I have seen so far are great! We did a mixture of boudoir, fashion,uv/light painting. Thanks Steve, hope to work with you again 👍

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Ell Mae

Steve booked on to a session with myself and Stesphotos doing some home studio tuition- what a pleasure it was to have him work long side us. We created some amazing images which I've seen pop already :) Really lovely person to be around, creative and really knows how to get the shots he wants.

Definitely recommended and hope to see you again soon!

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Zoé Margo

My second shoot with Steve was just as enjoyable and productive as the first. So much so, it feels like i'm shooting with a friend now.

Lots of chatting in and amongst the shooting which is always my favourite way to work.

Steve is always full of positive energy and his attitude is one of complete professionalism. Steve is happy to suggest ideas but is also completely respectful and comfortable letting me do what I do best and trusting in my thoughts and opinions.

We shot some boudoir style photography which is a particular favourite style of mine. Working with Steve is always a very relaxed, easy and creative experience where we enjoy experimenting with light and seeing what we can achieve.

Our third shoot is planned for Springtime when i'm sure our work will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Highly recommended.

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Zoé Margo

I had my first shoot with Steve yesterday and what will hopefully be the first of many.

I felt like I had known Steve forever... instantly clicked, as people, as well as creatives.. both very important factors for me on a shoot.

Steve had discussed with me prior to the shoot what he hoped to achieve and was clear and concise with his ideas. He turned up on time and was organised and ready to go. I found Steve very easy to chat to; he's friendly but professional in his approach, very respectful and a consummate gentleman.

Plenty of ideas built around a relaxed, chilling out at home vibe. Fully open to my thoughts and opinions, with a good eye for the details and very much focused on nailing the mood and the lighting.

All in all, an incredibly enjoyable shoot with a lovely person that I shall certainly be repeating.

Highly recommended.

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Gloria Blaze

It was a great pleasure to work with Steve.

Communication prior to the shoot was excellent and he provided clear confirmation of style/makeup/theme he wanted to shoot.

As a person, Steve is really kind, respectful and laid back. I thoroughly enjoyed our shoot together trying different experiments out and I believe he managed to take some excellent shots.

I would highly recommend Steve and I also would love to work with him again!

Thank you,

Gloria Blaze

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Charlie Hex

I modelled for steMTFC at mainshoot photography studio and I was made to feel at ease. Great to work with and easy to talk to. We got some great images, highly recommend

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Francesca Jade

I worked with SteMTFC for the first time during a group shoot in Brighouse, we had a creative, fun shoot working with gels and various lighting set ups.

Steve got some amazing shots, he worked professionally and came across as polite and friendly.

I would recommend this photographer and hope to work together again soon.


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Ballerina Erica Mulkern

I had my first shoot today with Steve and it was a pleasure. We did outdoor fashion and time flew by very quickly. He is friendly, polite and a gentleman.

Highly recommended, can't wait to see the images and to work together again soon!

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Had my first shoot with Steve today and he was the perfect gent .Steve is new to photography but is very keen to learn as much as he can to create lovely looking images.I found his pre comms good arived on time was slightly nervous but he soon got into it and had alot of good ideas on where to shoot he trusted my poses and let me take the lead a bit which helped him to relax and focus on his photography skills great first shoot well done Steve! ..

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