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Pollyanna Hale

Stefan is a really friendly and enthusiastic photographer who knows exactly what shots he wants to create and came prepared with ideas and mood boards. He was well prepared with his own lighting and made good use of the space we had available to shoot.

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Eli Zah

Had a lovely first shoot with Steven at a recent studio day at Rococo Farm.

He was laid back, easy to chat to and came well organised. I felt quickly at ease in his company.

I liked his use of creative angles which I wouldn't have thought of myself, and once we got going the ideas just kept flowing.

From the back of the camera it looked like we got some amazing stuff! Thanks Steven!

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Camille Alexander

I had a great shoot with Stefan at my place! He replied to a last minute casting I posted and we arranged a shoot.

I felt very comfortable working with him, he suggested some great ideas of creative poses and I’m sure we’ve got plenty of great shots in 2h! :)

Highly recommended and would love to work together again!!


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White Rose

I recently had my first shoot with Stefan and I can highly recommend him! He is very professional and fun to work with :)

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I had my first shoot with Stefan today.It was a last minute thing but despite that he was very punctual,with good comp skills,good directions,very friendly and chatty.I would definitely recommend him.

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Monika Lara Smith

I had my first shoot with Stefan while touring in London and hopefully we will have more to come!

Stefan arrived on time, our pre communication was really good and I know it would be a great time!

Stefan even though has just started photographing models on pp, was really professional, knowledgeable about what he was doing and definitely full of ideas ! He was more than happy to learn new things and for me to suggest different ideas :) Stefan was so easy to talk to, I guess chatting took a big part of our time which was great as we could both get to know each other and that always reflect on images.

It was a great shoot, thank you Stefan!

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I had the pleasure of working with Steve yesterday. He came to my bodyscape group shoot. We had a great communication prior to the shoot and arranged all the important details. Steve turned up on time ready to shoot. He worked alongside two other photographers taking turns and using his own ideas. He was very pleasant and friendly. I would be more than happy to work with him again.

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Brian Lewicki

Stefan attended a bodyscape event I was assisting with and needed a little help with his camera so between myself and another photographer we got him going. He soon got into his stride and proved to be very keen. I saw a number of his back of camera shots and I'm certain he will be delighted with the results. I hope to work alongside him again soon. Recommended.


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